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A watchmaker’s regulator long case clock

silvered 14” and engraved circular dial with minute hand at centre, prominent seconds circle above centre and curved aperture below centre showing hours on anti-clockwise turning dial slip-mounted on the barrel arbor and visible behind a fixed pointer. Blued steel hands. Dial elaborately signed 'Regulator, Mills’s Remontoire Esceapement [sic], Caerleon'. Finely figured mahogany case with architectural hood and glazed trunk door. Temperature compensated glass jar mercury pendulum with polished steel rod suspended from steel bracket mounted to case back, impulsed by opposing angled crutch sides tipped with adjustable ivory rollers. The weight line is led over a wooden guide pulley at the left side to a finely crossed-out weight pulley supporting a brass-cased weight of only 2.3kg. The winding square is an idler wheel which is pressed back by the winder to engage a wheel mounted on the end of the barrel opposite the great wheel and maintaining power wheel. Mills were a family of clockmakers working in Caerleon, Wales from 1822 to 1871 and makers of their patent deadbeat pendulums. (c.f. Clock and Watch Makers in Wales, Iorweth C. Peate, 1960, p.61). Height 2070. c.1840.

Realised: $8,000