Ian Firth crackle glazed pouring vessel
organic oval form with compressed ball stopper, impressed potter's mark to base. Height 345.

Realised: $260


Ian Firth metallic gold glazed bottle form vase
speckled pale interior top, impressed potter's mark and paper label to base. Height 365.

Realised: $275


A rare early Ian Firth Crum Brick Works glazed bowl
the manganese slip giving lustrous copper glaze effects, incised and banded decoration. Impressed mark to side. Height 133, diameter 175.

Realised: $600


Two Ian Firth pottery items
the specimen vase with sang de boeuf glaze, the spherical jug with variable wood fired glaze effects, both with impressed potter's mark. Heights 195 and 155.

Estimate: $160


An early Ian Firth pottery lamp base
six crescent forms applied to the shoulder, grey green glaze over lustrous red brown. Impressed potter's mark. Height 345.

Realised: $120


A large Ian Firth bronze glazed vessel of tall tapered lozenge form
metallic deep gold glaze. Incised signature to base. Illustrated N.Z. Potter magazine. Height 540.

Realised: $700


Ian Firth baluster square section vase
pale fine crackle glaze. Incised signature to base. Height 215.

Realised: $80


Ian Firth red glazed spherical vase
the chun with blue highlights, impressed potter's mark. Height 190.

Realised: $70


Ian Firth attributed large jug
rich brown glaze effects, firing flaw to top of handle. Unmarked. Height 345.

Realised: $120


Ian Firth mountain form vase of mildly tapered lozenge form
incised and sculpted decoration, green and mustard glaze highlights, incised potter's mark to base. Length 240.

Realised: $70


Ian Firth large vase 'Spirit of the Mountain'
incised and sculpted decoration, pale green and grey variable glaze, incised full signature to base, c.2000. Width 550, height 435.

Realised: $200


Ian Firth 'Kotiate Bowl'
1970, large ovoid form with kotiate edge forms to the rim and a central koru scroll, unglazed iron spotted rim, brown/oatmeal spotted glaze to the interior. Impressed potter's mark to the back. Illustrated in the N.Z. Potter Magazine No. 3 1996, 'Ian Firth: 50 Years a Potter' by Howard Williams. 570 x 420 x 200.

Realised: $650


Ian Firth
'Multi-Pot, Landscape Form 1978, the five swollen lobed forms each connected with a spout, variable dark and mid-brown glazed tones, impressed potter's mark, some firing flaw repairs, two spouts broken and re-stuck. 430 x 375 x 265.

Realised: $220


Two Ian Firth lustre glazed specimen vases
narrow tapered form with metallic type glazes, both with incised potter's signature to base and paper label. Height 235.

Realised: $210


Ian Firth tall matt blue glazed vase
waisted rectangular section, incised potter's signature to base, c.1993, exhibited Invercargill gallery. Height 415.

Realised: $420


Ian Firth
'Still Life Blues' sculpture, matt blue with dark lineal blue highlights, incised potters signature to base and paper label 'NFS'. Height 360. Illustrated 'N.Z. Potter No. 3 1996' in the article 'Ian Firth: 50 Years a Potter' by Howard Williams, Page 14.

Realised: $475


Two Ian Firth matt blue glazed vases
one of narrow lozenge form. Height 270, the other of flattened ovoid form with sculpted shoulders, firing crack to body. Height 195.

Realised: $260


Ian Firth sculpture
'Temptress', red brown and dark encrusted glazed effects, green highlights, mounted on a wooden plinth, entitled and signed in pen and with potter's paper label. Length 216. Exhibited at The Pumphouse 'Nothing But Nudes' exhibition, May 2000.

Realised: $110


Three Ian Firth vases
one spherical with dribble green glaze to the shoulder, incised signature. Height 155, the others each with an impressed potter's mark. Height 155 and 120.

Realised: $80


Ian Firth double vessel sculpture
mother and child, the 'mother' with necklace, incised decoration to the unglazed base of each. Impressed potter's mark and with paper label. Height 485.

Realised: $460


Two Ian Firth pottery pieces
includes a double section specimen vase and chino glazed teapot, both with impressed potter's marks. Height of teapot 145.

Realised: $90


Three Ian Firth pottery pieces and another
the two dishes with pooled glaze and a sculpted bear, each with impressed potter's mark together with a small winged form, minor chipping, impressed with other potter's mark.

Estimate: $100


Ian Firth yellow glazed interior bowl
heavily grogged unglazed exterior. Diameter 270.

Realised: $110


A large Ian Firth yellow glazed spherical pot
textured finish, a dribbled glaze over the black raku type lower glazed body. Height 560.

Realised: $370


Ian Firth bowl
pale grey glaze over the red/brown body. Diameter 290.

Realised: $40


Ian Firth large wing handled vase
mauve glaze, textured coned highlights, incised signature and paper label to base. Height 405.

Realised: $80


Ian Firth spherical vase
speckled grey/green/blue glaze to the top, grey/green to the base, impressed potter's mark. Height 285.

Realised: $130


Two Ian Firth jars
graduating size, green ash type glaze dribbling over the umber type base, multiple looped handle to each, impressed mark to the smaller. Heights 350 and 150.

Realised: $80


A large Ian Firth tapered vase
blue glaze with red/pink highlights, tapered narrow slab form. Height 405.

Realised: $130


A large Ian Firth spherical vase
chun glaze with blue highlights to the red/brown dribble glaze. Impressed potter's mark. Height 490.

Realised: $650


Ian Firth large bowl
circular form with dark glazed highlights over the grey/green crackle glazed body, potter's mark to rim. Illustrated N.Z. Potter magazine. Diameter 560.

Realised: $380


Ian Firth tapered vase
geometric flower handle, incised signature and paper label to base. Height 270.

Realised: $60


Five Ian Firth pottery items
includes: a wax resist teapot, a small loop handled jug, other small near flat-sided jug and two blue dishes.

Estimate: $120


Five Ian Firth pottery items
includes a spherical vase, speckled red/yellow vase, etc.

Realised: $60


Six Ian Firth pottery items
includes three jugs, tapered narrow spout coffee pot, lidded jar and salt pig.

Realised: $180


24 Ian Firth mainly small pottery items
includes: six unomi, small dishes, etc.

Estimate: $120


A collection of 132 various N.Z. pottery pieces
from the Ian and Lorraine Firth Pottery Collection.

Realised: $50


A collection of mainly N.Z. Studio potter's work
includes a seven-piece bowl set, etc.

Estimate: $120


Len Castle ceremonial pourer
speckled grey glaze on tenmoko ground, impressed potter's mark. Height 220.

Realised: $230


Barry Brickell sculpture
the three joined elongated pods each with a spout form top flanking the taller to the centre, unglazed, some flake chipping. Height 580.

Realised: $800


Barry Brickell jug and plate
stylised bird form spout, green glaze to the top, lustrous brown glaze effects to the base, impressed mark. Height 145. Together with a Barry Brickell dish. Diameter 232.

Realised: $210


Three Peter Stichbury pieces
includes: two plates and one larger shallow bowl, poured sand decoration on tenmoko ground. Impressed potter's mark. Diameters two at 235 and one at 320.

Realised: $120


Nancy Beck slab vase
sculpted floral decoration, dark brown, mustard and red-brown glaze effects, square form top, impressed potter's mark. Height 340.

Estimate: $150


A set of four Nicholas Brandon tall bottles
variously glazed, tapered form with rolled necks. Height from 485 to 665.

Realised: $625


Chris Weaver tapered oval teapot
pale blue glaze, pegged rimu overhead handle. Impressed potter's mark and labelled to base.

Realised: $520


Nicholas Brandon flagon
dark tenmoko glaze with angular ribbed panel highlights in red/brown. Impressed potter's mark. Height 320.

Realised: $150


A large salt glazed lidded pot
potter unknown, bird mark to rim. Height 380.

Realised: $140


Two John Green figured pottery pieces
includes: a winged bearded gent, possibly Jonah upon a whale and a stylised bird, some damage.

Realised: $60


Potter unknown
multi-cylinder section sculpture, a pale glazed figure evident within. Height 400. $160

Realised: $250


Peter Hayes pottery sculpture
rounded tapered form with incised textured dark glazed body with circular applied patinated type disc to the top, incised potter's name and date '95 to base. Height 205.

Realised: $100


A large lidded square form water jar by potter unknown
pale crackle glaze with red/brown firing effects to the base, raised on four lug feet, a handle to either side of the circular lid. Height 275.

Realised: $360


A collection of N.Z. Studio pottery
from the Ian and Lorraine Firth Pottery Collection.

Realised: $60


A collection of four N.Z. Studio Pottery pieces
includes three larger circular dishes (one by Jill Totty) and one small dish.

Estimate: $100


Five N.Z. Studio Pottery orb form pieces
includes pieces by Steve Fullmer, Shane Wagstaff, a small red specimen vase and two works by 'edw'.

Estimate: $150


Three N.Z. Studio pottery items
includes Graeme Storm vase, Charles Holmes textured slab sided vase and unknown potter shino jug. Heights 175, 210 and 200.

Realised: $120


Three N.Z. Studio Pottery pieces
includes Peter Gibbs tall salt glazed stoppered bottle, small 'Poison' type jar and rich orange and dark toned crackle glazed spherical vase. Heights 260, 115 and 100.

Realised: $100


Two Ian Firth pots
includes; one with incised and blue splashed glazed highlights over the salt glaze, singular lug handle. Diameter 230.

Realised: $50


Three old frames
suitable for miniature portraits, one of birds-eye maple and two ebonised.

Estimate: $140


A George Cruikshank (1792-1878) pen and ink drawing
of Bill Sikes and his dog, from Dickens 'Oliver Twist'. Signed lower left. 205 x 120

Realised: $160


A Victorian tapestry
later framed, of a spaniel seated on a cushion. 290 x 390.

Realised: $200


Two early 20thC postcard albums
with over 400 postcards of primarily New Zealand subjects, including 'Ngaporo, Wanganui River, the New Zealand Rhine', 'A Galaxy of Maori Beauties', NZ International Exhibition and the Pink and White Terraces.

Realised: $1,600


A collection of over 50 early/mid 20thC postcards
of mostly New Zealand subjects including tourist locations and shipping.

Realised: $190


An Indonesian painting on cotton
depicting a scene from the Ramayana.

Estimate: $100


A vintage Kelvin & Hughes Ltd of England brass cased ship's binnacle compass
the brass cover with hinged oval plate revealing a glazed panel for viewing the gimballed compass, maker's details to the compass plate including 'Type No. 72958', raised on a mahogany stand with brass fittings. Provenance: Imported for Mason Bros. for the Stewart Island ferry 'Wairua' when the purchase fell through, it was used as a display at Fosters.

Estimate: $1,800


A c.1940 scratch built model racing yacht 'Secret'
blue and white painted hull, chromed keel with weighted base, long bowsprit and tall mast with rigging, on kauri stand. Was raced at Orakei Basin. Old label associated 'length 2' 6", keel weight 6½lbs. Owner: Stead Ellis'. Together with a vintage hand coloured black and white photo of 'Secret' racing, silver plate trophy cup engraved 'Wilson Cup 1944-45 Won by S. Ellis "Secret" ' and a trophy shield with silver plaque engraved 'Martin Shield O.B.M.Y.C. Junior Points S. Ellis 1945-46'.

Realised: $600


A vintage mid 20thC life ring from the Auckland Ferry 'Kestrel'
rope stitched to the exterior. Diameter 670.

Realised: $250


An old carved kauri ship's name plaque
'Ngoiro', detailed in gold and black. Length 1520.

Realised: $190


An old silver-plated ship's binnacle compass
by Saur, Japan, with fixed handle. Height 270.

Realised: $160


A pair of bronzed spelter heavy fishing themed bookends
each with a panel in relief of a fisherman landing a fish. Height 140.

Realised: $140


A late Victorian large brown leather fly wallet with flies
line tooled detail, over 200 small flies included, good finish.

Estimate: $120


A late Victorian oak cased brass set of travelling balance scales
the beam balance with knob rise and fall, the single drawer including various weights. Height 355.

Realised: $210


A pair of old brass fish based candlesticks
their open mouths supporting the nozzles, verdigris of age.

Realised: $190


A cased sextant by J. Coombes
the arc engraved with maker's name and owner's name: M. Farquhar, RN. Exam Cert dated 1912 affixed inside lid.

Realised: $450


A 19thC bronze of a classical Grecian woman
standing attending to her robe. Height 225.

Realised: $200


A vintage cast aluminium bear money box
the brown bear standing and with coin slot to head. Height 140.

Realised: $220


An old cast iron money box
in the form of a red postal box. 65 x 60 x 135.

Realised: $360


Four Victorian Pratt pot lids
some repairs and chips. Bear baiting etc.

Estimate: $140


A Mamod steam tractor
in original box with steering extension, burner tray, filler funnel and two packets of solid fuel tablets. 255 x 120 x 175.

Realised: $220


A model of a piston driven fly wheel
on oak base. 330 x 120 x 170.

Realised: $190


A Stirling 'solar' engine
original paint work, etc. 190 x 100.

Realised: $190


A vintage Schuco Studio 1050 1936 Mercedes Benz Grand Prix green racer
working order, complete with original workshop parts. Length 140.

Realised: $260


A box of old wooden printer's type
letters and numbers, plain and coloured. Box size, 300 x 200.

Realised: $180


A Victorian engraved mother-of-pearl card case
engraved floral decoration.

Realised: $80


A Regency rosewood tea caddy
sarcophagus form, the interior with two removable hinge lidded compartments flanking the engraved mixing bowl.

Realised: $320


A vintage taxidermy armadillo sewing basket
in golden/brown tones and unlined. Length 170.

Realised: $210


Two pieces of Victorian tartan-ware
a box decorated with the McLean tartan, together with an egg shaped cotton reel holder decorated with the MacBeth tartan.

Realised: $130


60 mother-of-pearl gambling tokens
various shapes and with decorative engraving.

Realised: $80


A Victorian rosewood dressing case
with brass capping and binding, opening to reveal a fitted interior with jars, bottles and manicure implements. Escutcheon absent. Width 280.

Realised: $160


A late Victorian oak smoker's cabinet
with brass capping and binding, the glazed top with two glazed covers opening to reveal compartments for tobacco, cigarettes and matches. Width 305.

Realised: $180


A Victorian black walnut dressing case
the hinged lid opening to reveal a fitted interior with silver plate lidded boxes and bottle. Keyhole escutcheon absent. Width 290.

Realised: $140


A vintage taxidermy leopard skin
canvas backed with shaped baize border, some distress, most claws present.

Realised: $600


Two large impressive coral pieces
a brain coral and a fungia (mushroom) coral, in cream/grey tones. Diameters 120 and 170.

Realised: $425


Two large cream-coloured Fijian Melo amphora (bailer) shells
lengths 290 and 400. Some wear to edges.

Realised: $210


Two quality pairs of vintage shark jaws
wired together for display. Widths 230 and 330.

Realised: $280


A taxidermy 10 pointer stag's head trophy
mounted to a kauri shield.

Estimate: $900


Five Riker-framed large butterflies
four Morpho didus (Giant Blue Morpho) and one Papilio tydeus (Black swallowtail).

Realised: $160


A large Hereford cow hide floor rug
1600 x 1600.

Realised: $100


A mainly N.Z. stamp collection
contained in four albums and one stamp sheet stock folder, includes 'Early Issues 1893 to 1980' including 1898 Pictorials, 1935 Airmail, Health, etc., together with a large collection of N.Z. Mint sheets and part-sheets.

Realised: $300


A Victorian novelty china dog with fly tape measure
the fly sits at his tail and extends to show a fabric tape measure. Height 43.

Realised: $110


An ornate Edwardian walnut banjo wall barometer
white enamel dial beneath a trunk set with a thermometer. Height 530. Small area missing from milk glass temperature gauge.

Realised: $160