Teuane Tibbo

Estimate: $3,000 - $6,000

Lot Description

Teuane Tibbo, 'Hibiscus', oil on board, signed, entitled on reverse. Note: Tibbo (1895-1984), a self-taught Samoan artist rose to art stardom in the early 1960s when her primitive folk style was critiqued as 'a special case, a charming primitive'. Her works were exhibited alongside those of McCahon, Hanly, Illingworth and others, it is recorded that 'the Auckland art community of the period created a space for her painting within the domain of Fine Art because folk art, such as that produced by Tibbo, in all its unpretentious, unlearned splendour. fed directly into the anti-establishment, anti-capitalist mood of the times', taken from Art New Zealand 'Between Fine Folk, The Paintings of Teuane Tibbo' by Bronwyn Fletcher, published summer 2002-03 #105. Provenance: From the estate collection of Joy and Denis Hanna. 560 x 685, original frame.