With a network of specialists covering all fields of militaria we are able to maximise potential return on medals, badges, bladed weapons, firearms and associated collectables from all wars, periods and nations with a particular interest in historical diaries, photographs, paintings and ephemera.

F002 - 0008

A WWII naval officer's dress sword,

gilded brass guard with shagreen and brass hilt, blue and gold sword knot and tassel, the blade engraved with the G.R. cypher, decorative embellishments and maker, Wilkinson Swords, London, with leather and gilded brass scabbard and the waterproof cover. Provenance: From the vendor's father who was an anti-submarine officer on British destroyers escorting convoys in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Pacific and Indian oceans. In 1949 he was appointed a RANVR Lieutenant Commander.

Realised: $2,800
F0007 - 0034

A WWI and early 20thC five medal group plus six miniatures to Lieut. D.G. Watson,

includes 1914-1918 War Medal, King's Police Medal, India Distinguished Police Medal, King George V Silver Jubilee Medal 1935 and George VI & Elizabeth Coronation U.K. silver medal together with their associated miniature medals plus The Order of the Indian Empire miniature medal.

Realised: $2,400
U0021 - 0553

GERMAN WWI M16 CAMOUFLAGE COMBAT HELMET w original leather lining

Provenance: Returned from WWI with the vendor's grandfathers effects.

Realised: $2,200
F0004 - 0020

A Japanese WWII katana sword in scabbard,

woven cord binding over the shagreen grip, standard military fittings, four floral mons to each side of the tsuba. The leather covered scabbard with separated at the single brass hanger. The blade showing temper line, the tang signed. Length from tip of blade to handle end 933mm.

Realised: $1,900
F0003 - 0014

A 17thC Italian steel cabasset helmet,

traditional peaked domed form with central ridge with riveted bosses towards the base, short flat rim with rolled edge. 235 x 270 x 200mm.

Realised: $1,600
F0005 - 0010

A Victorian artillery 17mm bore percussion cap rifle,

walnut stock, brass trigger guard and steel ram rod, marked 1858 Tower, crown and VR, two banded stock with sling hangers to each band. No license required. L.1003mm.

Realised: $1,100
F00011 - 0021

A late 19thC British Grenadier Guards sword,

lion head pommel, brass grip, Grenadiers' bomb flash on the guard, decorated blade, original leather scabbard, makers mark W.K.&C. to the blade. L.970mm.

Realised: $880
F001 - 0025

A mid-19thC Châtellerault 72cal percussion musket,

dated 1860 to barrel, original bluing with scattered oxidization. Ramrod. Strong action. Overall L.1145mm. No license required.

Realised: $850
F00011 - 0022

A 19thC British cutlass,

shaped pommel with decorated bone grip, square brass handle and hooked guard/quillon, plain curved blade. L.820mm.

Realised: $800
F00010 - 0023

An old Chinese 17th/18thC style Yanmaodao sword,

with decorative scroll engraved brass fittings to the shagreen (rayskin) scabbard and handle, some losses. The steel blade with double fuller. L.690mm.

Realised: $500