With a network of specialists covering all fields of militaria we are able to maximise potential return on medals, badges, bladed weapons, firearms and associated collectables from all wars, periods and nations with a particular interest in historical diaries, photographs, paintings and ephemera.

D010 - 0022

A replica muzzle loading black powder fireable deck cannon

suitable for signalling or salute. 1½" bore, 24" tapering body encircled by chase rings terminating with a filleted breech and knob and at the mouth with a swollen muzzle; raised on trunnions and mounted on a naval style gun carriage. With 22 - 10oz lead cannon balls. A companion gun has been used as the starting signal for the Rotorua Marathon for many years. Believed to be New Zealand made c.1980. Cf. provenance and technical notes.

Realised: $3,200
E006 - 0029

A 19thC flintlock blunderbuss,

the mahogany stock with brass butt plate, trigger guard and ram rod capture fittings. Steel flared barrel and under barrel captured ramrod, the steel lock plate engraved 1810 and with lion rampant. L.650mm

Realised: $1,900
E005 - 0019

The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire

C.I.E., Companion’s 3rd type neck badge, gold and enamel, extremely fine, with full neck riband and in Garrard & Co. case of issue (1911-47). Provenance: Awarded to an Inspector General of Police for Indian Central Provinces.

Realised: $1,500
E005 - 0020

Rare and desirable Waterloo/Military General Service (Toulese) (Vittoria) Miniature Medal pair

unusually each miniature has a glass lunette on the obverse and reverse (12mm). These medals were modified by a jeweller, possibly Hunt and Roskell (late Storr & Mortimer) at some expense to the owner. In leatherette box, gilt stamped 'War Medals'

Realised: $1,500
D009 - 0042

A German WWI Bavarian pickelhaube

with white metal fittings including Kaiser crest, with ' In Treue Fest ' motto to base and pikie with twist-off bayonet housing, original nine tongue leather liner. Together with leather belt, the brass buckle white metal centre 'Gott Mit Uns'.

Realised: $1,500
D009 - 0041

A rare Day's patent under hammer percussion walking stick gun by Hubbard

c.1830, with brass escutcheon on the grip with coat of arms and engraved ‘Day's Patent, Hubbard 126 Newgate’. Hubbard worked at Newgate Street, London between 1827 and 1831. The wood with old repair. L.845mm CONDITION REPORT: Appears to be approx 26 - 28 gauge. The 44cm turn off barrel (screw joint is stuck) has overall even surface oxidation, a few surface scratch marks near the breech. Overall barrel and breech length is 56cm, it is fixed by two shaped tongues of steel to the crooked wooden butt (shaped as a walking stick). The wooden butt is pierced by a hole surrounded by an escutcheon for attaching a cord, the crook of the butt has been broken and reglued. Additionally there are the remnants of the "DAY'S PATENT JR" mark on the top of the breech, opposite the cap lock nipple. The sprung percussion hammer is pulled out and (stiff) and exposes the cap nipple and engages with the hidden fold-down trigger (the trigger action works).

Realised: $1,400
E003 - 0020

A rare Australian pre-Federation New South Wales Militia Officer’s service sword and metal scabbard,

with gilded brass guard with a stepped pommel and ornamental back strap, the fish skin grip with wire wrap. The two-branch guard features the colonial militia badge. Proof star to forte, with both sides of the blade showing acid etched design of foliate patters, N.S.W. militia logo and royal cypher crown. Guard slightly bent. L.1020mm overall

Realised: $1,300
E004 - 0020

A good Enfield Pattern 1853 percussion musket, muzzle-loading, three barrel bands, .577" calibre

lock stamped '1860 (indistinct) Tower' and Victorian crown, brass trigger guard and butt plate unstamped. With original ram rod. In very good condition. No firearms license required.

Realised: $1,300
D011 - 0034

A Victorian General Officer’s sword,

an untouched example in steel scabbard. The brass hilt with crown over wreathed, crossed sword and baton motif, brass stepped pommel and back strap, wire bound fish skin grip. Finely etched blade retaining nearly all of the polished finish with crowned mirrored VR cipher to one side and sword and baton to the opposite; proof slug and retailer's mark Hawkes & Co, London at the ricasso, serial number 1874. Blade 840mm, overall 995mm.

Realised: $1,200
E004 - 0018

A mid-19thC brass barrel blunderbuss by Barnett of London

the walnut stock stamped "BARNETT/GUNMAKERS/LONDON" in an oval on the right side of the stock. (John Edward Barnett & Sons), the lock stamped Woodcock. 15½" brass barrel octagonal at breech, turning to round with flared cannon muzzle, British proof marked on left flat (loose in stock). Action requires attention. Overall L.820mm

Realised: $1,200