Tribal Artefacts & New Zealand Historical

Maori and Pacific artefacts are especially in demand. Cordy’s team of in-house experts can assist you in maximising the best results for rare and special pieces as well as complete collections. We have a combined expertise of over 70 years handling many of the best collections and single pieces ever to come to the market. Additionally, New Zealand historical items such as ephemera and photography are keenly sought after. New Zealand’s relatively short history sees pieces which relate to our growing nation being sought by institutions and private collectors who form our client base.

ETHNO 3 - 0001

A Māori pre-European pounamu hei tiki,

Type II, of female form, well carved with head turned to the left shoulder, displays small recessed ring eyes, chin and ear projections, the counter sunk suspension hole dominantly drilled from the reverse One hand to the chest with wear to the three fingered hand, the other hand to the left thigh. Pale to mid green tone. Possibly heat treated. This practice is recorded as being under taken to improve the appearance. Provenance: Inherited from vendor's father who farmed in Northland and Auckland area. L.106mm. Registered Y22247.

Realised: $8,000
F002 - 0017

A New Zealand historic 1910 fine shipbuilder’s presentation mirror back half model of the steamship ‘NGATORO‘ built for the Blackball Coal Mine,

(Yard No. 413) built by A. RODGER & Co., SHIPBUILDERS & ENGINEERS, PORT-GLASGOW in 1910. To the account of the BLACKBALL COAL MINES PROPRIETARY LTD., Christchurch & Wellington, New Zealand. With cutaway masts and funnel. Deck detailed with silver plated fittings including auxiliary helm, located on poop deck directly above rudder stock, handrails, cowl ventilators, steam winches, raised wheelhouse on open flying bridge deck, binnacle stand, and pedestal telegraphs (port and starboard), auxiliary binnacle stand in evidence on monkey island. Lifeboats in the falls / blocks secured from radial arm davits. The model is fixed in original glazed mahogany display case with silvered mirror / mirrored angle ends to facilitate imagery of the ship’s bow and stern. Builder’s plaque (technical details) displayed, fixed under starboard bow of model. The case L.1778 mm. H.490mm. D.200mm. approx. Provenance: Captain P.H. (Paddy) Pallin (Assistant Marine Superintendent, Union Steam Ship Company) facilitated, on the demise of the U.S.S.Co., sale of the ‘NGATORO ‘ model to R.T.S.Berthold (ship-owner) Wellington,1968. (The Berthold family had earlier connections with Blackball Coal Mines Proprietary). R.T.S. Berthold loaned the model to Jack Churchouse, who was appointed Curator of the Wellington Harbour Board Museum in 1974. R.T.S Berthold passed away in 1979, M.G. Berthold being the inheritor of the model, and a friend of Jack Churchouse, left the ‘status quo ‘, with reference to the model ‘NGATORO ‘ remaining on loan in the Harbour Board Museum collection. Jack Churchouse passed away, the Harbour Board Museum morphing into the Museum of City and Sea under a new curator, progressively changing emphasis and direction. Consequently the model was now considered irrelevant and returned to M.G.Berthold.

Realised: $4,000
ETHNO 3 - 0078

Rarotonga (Cook Islands) old stone bound and wood hafted adze,

the tapered blade with V-form detail, finely woven and plaited sennet cord binding, mildly tapered oval section handle. L.660mm

Realised: $3,800
ETHNO 2 - 0039

A 19thC or earlier Māori carved wooden taiaha with feather and dog hair wrap,

traditional carved mask with entwined spiral carved tongue, plain tapered shaft. The old, patterned fabric wrap with feather and dog fur remains. L.1480mm. Registered Y22245.

Realised: $3,400
ETHNO - 0058

A 19thC Māori kete kiwi,

the woven muka purse entirely covered in kiwi feathers, with two pairs of muka tassels below the handles, one handle requiring attention. 240 x 160mm approx. Registered Y14955.

Realised: $3,100
ETHNO 3 - 0011

An old Māori mere pounamu,

the handle with four concentric grooves and tapered suspension hole to the pronounced oval butt, short, reduced grip. The large blade mildly tapered with mildly curved end. Probably kawakawa variety with slightly yellow veining and pale flecks. L.360mm. Registered Y21280.

Realised: $3,000
ETHNO 2 - 0037

A large Māori carved tekoteko stylised figure,

spiral carved detail with all-over adzed detail. The fingers carved in a similar style to those carved by Rangi Redman. An 'S' carvers mark to the reverse at the base. H.1220mm.

Realised: $2,900
ETHNO 3 - 0012

A 19thC or earlier Māori whalebone patu,

traditional spatulate blade tapering to the edges, the reduced tapered grip with single groove to the small butt. L.353mm. Registered Y21215.

Realised: $2,800
ETHNO - 0050

An early/mid 20thC lidded waka huia treasure box,

carved with two seated stylised figures each supporting the box in their outstretched arms and legs. The ovoid heart form box carved with rauponga decoration. Paua insert highlights. The fitted domed lid with conforming carving. Original dark stained finish. L.230mm. H.140mm.

Realised: $2,700
ETHNO 3 - 0043

A Māori carved whalebone patiti (hatchet) by Charlie Raponi Wilson,

the traditionally carved handle with stylised mask to the butt, curving lineal and notch detail to the back, a pierced and carved mask to each side below the old steel trade axe blade. L.300mm.

Realised: $2,600