Fine Art

Bringing New Zealand historical, modern and contemporary art, sculpture and photography together with a wide rage of international art covering many disciplines and media we present monthly a selection of work from sought after and celebrated makers through to decorative pieces at accessible prices. Under this section we offer paintings, watercolours, etchings and engravings, bronzes, limited editioned prints and photography.

F0005 - 0078

Dale Frank (Aus 1959-),

'Wanking with your Inner Idiot, the real you/jump start your body's fat buster/New Plymouth Landscape', varnish on acrylic on canvas, signed, entitled and dated 2004 verso. 1800 x 1800mm. Provenance: Purchased from Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland. Note: Dale Frank is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists. Best known for his large vibrant, abstract paintings, his work also includes sculpture, installation and film.

Realised: $32,500
F0008 - 0083

Ann Robinson (1944-), copper cobalt Blue (Aquamarine) Scallop Bowl,

cast glass (45% Crystal Glass), signed, numbered #41 and dated 2008. With signed certificate and artist's pamphlet. H.375mm. Dia.245mm. Provenance: Private Auckland collection since purchase from Te Rau Moko gallery, Karekare, March 2008.

Realised: $27,000
U0029 - 2001

Ann Robinson (1944-) Red Curving Vase #1,

cast glass (45% Crystal Glass), flared diamond form, signed, numbered #1 and dated 2002. With signed certificate. H.468mm. Provenance: Private Auckland collection since purchase from Masterworks Gallery, August 2002.

Realised: $17,000
F001 - 0105

Pat Hanly (1932-2004),

'Cyclop & Bouquet', oil on board, signed and dated '60; title inscribed, signed and dated and inscribed The Gallery, 64 Symonds St, Auckland, Cat No. 16 verso, 530 x 838mm. Illustrated: Gregory O'Brien, Hanly (Ron Sang Publications, 2012), p. 32. Provenance: Collection of Dr Allan Godfrey, Golden Bay. Private collection, Auckland. Note: Cyclop & Bouquet is from Hanly's Fire Series: painted while Hanly was living in London at the time of the Cold War. Produced in reaction to the possible threat of nuclear war. The bouquet formed as a nuclear explosion is watched by the one eyed ‘cyclop’ figure. The yacht of hope, an 'Escape Vessel'.

Realised: $16,500
F001 - 0116

Peter McIntyre (1910-1995),

'The Whakapapa River', watercolour on paper, signed, labeled and entitled verso. 515 x 705mm. Provenance: Purchased: from the original McGregor Wright Gallery exhibition c1980 by our vendor.

Realised: $14,500
F0008 - 0100

Sydney Lough Thompson (1877-1973), 'Lime Quarry Cave',

oil on canvas. signed, entitled and signed verso. 530 x 640mm.

Realised: $6,000
F00011 - 0157

Peter McIntyre (1910-1995), untitled, Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy,

watercolour and ink on paper, signed, c1966. 530 x 750mm. Note: The dominant fountain in this image is the famous landmark, Fontana del Moro (Fountain of the Moor). It is located at the southern end of the Piazza Navona and depicts a nautical scene with tritons, dolphins, and a conch shell. It was originally designed by Giacomo della Porta in the 1570s with later contributions from Gian Lorenzo Bernini in the 1650s. Its function was to hold water from the Acqua Vergine aqueduct.

Realised: $5,000
ETHNO - 0003

a c.1900 Māori portrait oil on canvas,

the gent with moko and wearing a tag cloak, initialled M.B. 245 x 195mm. Wide oak frame. Initialled in red,

Realised: $4,900
F0006 - 0126

Patricia France (NZ 1911-1995),

'Innocence', oil on board, signed, entitled, dated and presentation inscription verso. 260 x 365mm.

Realised: $4,800
F0006 - 0104

John Weeks (1888-1965),

'King Country Landscape', oil on board, signed, information verso. 400 x 490mm.

Realised: $4,600