Within Aotearoa New Zealand

We can organize the shipping of small items (some size and weight restrictions apply). Please contact when you have received your invoice. Once your items are paid for, we will pack, measure and weigh your parcel and invoice you for postage exclusively via Aramex (formerly Fastway Couriers) or New Zealand Courier Post. We do not pack for collection by other couriers - should you wish to book your own courier you must choose a company which includes packing services. We do not organise the packaging or postage of larger items, dinner or tea sets, rugs and box lots.

For all Auckland customers: please note we are not able to offer courier services at this time. Anything larger than jewellery will need to be collected by the customer, a person they have nominated with valid I.D. or a courier who will also pack.

Please note that Cordy's does not accept responsibility for items while they are in transit, and they are not covered by Cordy's insurance once they leave our premises. We are not a professional packing and shipping company, therefore if your item is fragile or valuable you may want to organize your own packing and couriering with a company which provides insurance of items.

For items that we will not ship due to size or weight, we request that you organize packing and shipping with a company of your choice. You must organize this directly with your chosen company, and then inform us of the day and company name via email at

We can recommend below some companies which collect without packing (recommended for furniture and less fragile items) and some companies which both pack and send* items (recommended for antique furniture and fragile items).

Regular furniture movers:

Packing and courier services:


The same size and weight restrictions apply to shipping overseas. There are restrictions on sending any items that are plant (including wood), animal (including taxidermy, ivory and tortoiseshell) and Taonga T?turu (registered artefacts which cannot leave Aotearoa New Zealand).

Any restricted items that can be shipped out of Aotearoa New Zealand must be organized by the customer, including the procuring of any CITES documentation and import/export licenses needed for customs purposes. We can recommend the following professional international shipping agencies: