PNG Trobriand Islands large Massim kula “Soulava” trade object

Estimate: $600 - $800

Lot Description

PNG Trobriand Islands large Massim kula “Soulava” trade object, fashioned from a large piece of pearl shell, beautifully adorned with Glass Beads, cowrie shells, banana seeds and plastic substitutes for Bagi Shells. These objects are important in the complex KULA “trading” system, throughout parts of the Milne Bay Province. The reverse side carries two names. One is the name of the maker and the other one must be the name of a previous owner. Collected in 2007 on Wamera Island in the Amphlett Group. The previous owner’s name was Aiden Wadeiba of Dom Dom Village. He belonged to the Nieuwai Clan, which translates to ‘Black Crow’. The string of shell beads and Dolphin teeth is not original, but made by the seller. The shell at the end is Paua.