A Shirvan runner. c.1902-13. 395 x 173cm

Estimate: $2,800 - $5,500

Lot Description

A Shirvan runner. c.1902-13. 395 x 173cm, A closely packed design of considerable complexity incorporates large crested and quill throated birds amongst nine horizontal rows of giant palmettes. The date in the upper white medallion 320 and 31 can be interpreted as 1320 or 1331 in the Hijri calendar, equivalent to 1902 or 1913. Designated by Professor Letif Kerimov in an appraisal as (1+) 'Of great historical and cultural value and very rare'. Literature: Azerbaijani-Caucasian Rugs (The Ulmke Collection, Switzerland) Cat. No. 63/ page 278