A large antique handmade copper pan
with two brass handles. Height 130, width 310.

Estimate: $130


A rare Scottish Georgian copper quart haystack measure
with brass dovetail seam and verification lead seal. Maker John McGlashan & Co., Glasgow together with a copper ⅛ gill measure with verification lead seal. Heights 180 and 80.

Realised: $160


Two heavy gauge Victorian copper ring moulds
one with maker's mark: W.S. Adams, the other engraved C.S.C Jersey. Diameters 150 and 130.

Estimate: $175


A set of six early Victorian miniature copper dariole moulds
with brass seamed tops.

Realised: $170


An unusual antique copper pipe mould
with six rounded turrets rising from an hexagonal base. Model No.250.

Estimate: $200


A large and heavy antique copper oval ring mould
ornate triple level model, maker: Benham & Froud, Model No. 155, workman's star mark. Height 80, width 190.

Realised: $200


A large and heavy antique copper oval mould
ornate triple level model with solid top. Model No. 51C. Height 110, width 170.

Realised: $200


An antique tin box for spices
with distressed paint finish. Six interior compartments containing round lidded boxes with gilded labels for spices, nutmeg, etc. One box missing (lid only)

Estimate: $150


Three copper St Clair kitchen pans
consisting of two graduated side bowls both with brass suspension ring and labels, together with a two-handled lidded pan, mark to base.

Realised: $150


Four copper St Clair kitchen pans
two graduating size skillets with long brass handles and a tarte tatin pan with two brass side handles together with an oval two-handled pan, all with the St Clair mark to base.

Realised: $400


Five copper St Clair cooking pots
four of graduated size with brass handles, three with lids, together with a small sloping sided pan.

Estimate: $350


A collection of 19thC vintage butcher's steels
the nine steels with various turned wood and metal handles.

Estimate: $350


A pewter quart tankard
converted with a spout to form a jug, owner's details engraved to side. Height 160.

Estimate: $100


A collection of 16 vintage and antique corkscrews
presented in a case under glass. 500 x 540.

Realised: $500


A cased 19thC champagne tap and two corkscrews
the screws with turned wooden handles.

Realised: $240


A gentleman's small tool chest
in oak, fitted with two layers of various tools, with original paper label, brass keyhole escutcheon, side handles and presentation shield to top. 470 x 260 x 130.

Estimate: $250


An antique dark stained beech walking cane of unusual tapering square section
silver mount. London 1914 engraved with armorial.

Realised: $160


A vintage hiking stick
the unusual willow shaft with a deer antler handle, metal spike to tip.

Estimate: $150


A Tyrolean mountaineer's ice pick
with axe and pick head, spiked tip to end with badge, made in Austria by Aschenbrenner.

Estimate: $250


A malacca cane and ivory handled walking stick
age crack to the handle, bone ferrule.

Realised: $240


A Japanese bamboo walking stick
the shaft profusely carved with geometric motifs and samurai warriors, metal ferrule.

Estimate: $250


A vintage dog's head walking stick
glass eyes with horn ears, decorative copper collar.

Estimate: $325


A vintage cane walking stick
carved dog's head handle, glass eyes, metal and rubber ferrule.

Estimate: $350


A rosewood walking stick
with a curved silver handle, stamped '800'.

Estimate: $180


A rosewood walking stick
the handle set with a silver gnarling wolf's head, with decorative silver initials to the shaft, stamped '900'.

Realised: $700


A vintage walking stick
plain shaft, the handle in the form of a suited gent with bowler hat, old paint finish.

Realised: $320


A vintage walking stick
the silver handle terminating in a horse's head, with glass eyes, stamped '835' with maker's mark.

Realised: $450


A vintage N.Z. walking stick
the handle in the form of various mixed N.Z. woods in a geometric pattern.

Realised: $350


A vintage walking cane
ebonised finish, ivory collar with horn top.

Realised: $280


A vintage walking cane
hazelwood shaft, the handle of a deer antler and carved in the form of a long-nose gentleman.

Realised: $140


A vintage walking stick
ebonised finish, with decorative silver inlay to the handle and shaft.

Realised: $180


A vintage black walking cane
the handle and shaft with decorative silver banding.

Estimate: $150


A vintage walking cane
hardwood shaft with silver handle, stamped '800' with maker's marks.

Realised: $240


Four glazed double-sided display frames of butterflies and grasshoppers
a single and group of butterflies, and two single grasshoppers.

Realised: $250


An impressive large hippopotamus tusk
dramatically curved and with natural wear at the tip end, some repair to rim at opposite end. Length 360, weight 2.15 kilos.

Realised: $650


A small old hippopotamus tusk
plain natural curved form. Length 200.

Realised: $80


An old semi-polished Fijian tabua (sperm whale tooth)
the fine hole to the tip end broken through, the other end solid. Length 134.

Realised: $210


An old sperm whale tooth
natural unpolished finish. Length 150.

Realised: $180


An old sperm whale tooth
similar to above.

Realised: $170


An old sperm whale tooth
the rough exterior with calcification. Length 155,

Realised: $85


An old forged iron whaling harpoon head
the arrow tip with pivoting sprung flanges, captured ring to the shaft, tapered socket end to receive the pole. Length 635.

Realised: $525


25 taxidermied insects
all set in perspex tablets, various species.

Realised: $160


An American black bear skin with head
bearing an old label under the chin: 'Joe's taxidermy, Winnipeg, Manitobu', the paws with claws.

Realised: $700


A Python snake skin
approximately three metres long.

Estimate: $100


A taxidermied male peacock
standing on a substantial gnarled tree branch with its tail falling almost to the floor. Height 2020.

Realised: $2,000


A small kauri gum boulder
hand polished with one side in a rough state, in a dark golden syrup colour. 940gms.

Realised: $290


Three polished pieces of kauri gum
dark brown golden colour. Total weight 960gms.

Realised: $225


Three hand polished pieces of kauri gum
a deep golden hue, total weight 855gms,

Realised: $200


Two pieces of hand polished kauri gum
one opaque with clear golden swirls, the other in an opaque pebbled golden colour. Total weight 1.18kgs.

Estimate: $250


A large and impressive part amethyst geode
the tall section with an uncommon ribbon of extra-large crystals running the length, natural exterior to the back. Height 410. On fitted wood stand.

Realised: $700


A sculpted alabaster parrot on amethyst geode base
the long tail, comb and beak with banded dark quartz highlights, raised on fitted wood stand. Height 540.

Realised: $1,200


A polished natural rose quartz sculpture
pointed ovoid standing flame form. Height 268.

Realised: $220


A small rare and collectable ivory and ebony figure of a black child with a plate and large spider
seated on a slice of African elephant ivory. African-American memorabilia. Width 100, height 55.

Realised: $280


A Victorian tortoiseshell inlaid card case
the silver inlay with rectangular vacant cartouche and floral and leaf framing, the watered silk and sectional interior with ivory trim. 108 x 78.

Estimate: $380


A cased set of six early 20thC banded agate individual salts
various tonings, various shapes, square, rectangular and triangular, each with canted corners, in a fitted plush and silk lined case named 'Fairfax & Roberts Ltd, Hunter Street, Sydney'.

Realised: $300


A Regency rosewood tea caddy
sarcophagus form, the interior with two lidded compartments and an old glass mixing bowl. A.F.

Realised: $170


An Edwardian Sheraton Revival mahogany oval tray
shell inlay to the centre, the gallery in alternating panelled timbers, brass handles. Length 565.

Realised: $230


A good Regency tortoiseshell tea caddy
rectangular form with hinged panelled lid, ivory trim, two tortoiseshell covered interior lids, raised on compressed circular bone feet. 185 x 100 x 120.

Realised: $1,000


A Victorian Coromandel wood writing box
brass bound, the interior with tooled leather slope, secret drawers, compartments, etc., the lid with presentation plaque, requires some attention to interior. 500 x 270 x 180.

Realised: $300


A Victorian brass casket
the exterior with profuse embossed decoration, the domed lid lined with rouged satin, with conforming satin to cavity, on brass bun feet. 265 x 210 x 180.

Realised: $150


A collection of eleven pieces of treen
including; glove powderers, equestrian multi-tool, a watch holder etc.

Estimate: $150


Four various snuff boxes
two of shoe shape, one of tortoiseshell (some faults), and one of Bakelite.

Realised: $90


A 19thC European jewel box
squat sarcophagus shape raised on gilt metal feet, decorated in coloured inks and pen work with Arab figures to the lid and stylised leaves and flower heads as borders patterning the cavetto and walls. 305 x 250 x 120.

Estimate: $250


A late 19thC Black Forest type epergne stand
the quail family upon a trunk section, the original glass trumpet replaced with an irridescent green and frilled trumpet. Some damage to beaks. Height 355.

Realised: $120


Two Black Forest carved decanter stands
c.1900, carved as bears carrying wood baskets on their backs, each basket supports a small decanter and glasses hang from protruding branches, the larger bear with musical mechanism (decanter absent), both with some branches broken or missing. Height 250 and 270.

Realised: $660


A New Zealand timber desk stand
the upper section of burr totara fitted with two large glass inkwells flanking a brass handle, and with silver presentation mount dated 1906. Width 360.

Realised: $170


An antique paperweight with silver plated kiwi standing on a greenstone slab
together with a heavy antique inkwell, lozenge shaped, star cut base, the lid surmounted by a silver plated fox.

Realised: $180


A Victorian gilt gesso and wood demilune wall bracket of ornate French style
decorated with bird garlands, shells, leaves and scrolls. Width 390, height 460.

Realised: $180


A pair of gilt wood Rococo style wall brackets. Height 275.

Realised: $150


Three Italian gilt wood Rococo style wall brackets. Height 220.

Realised: $100


An 18thC map of Kent
by Robert Morden, c.1753, with hand colouring. 380 x 655. Framed.

Realised: $90


An 18thC strip map
'The Road from Cambridge to Coventry', by John Ogilvy c.1675, published in Ogilvy's Britannia'. Hand coloured. 350 x 425.

Realised: $130


An 18thC English map
'The North Riding of Yorkshire', by Robert Morden, hand coloured outline. 355 x 420.

Realised: $160


Four old silhouettes
three painted, one cut, all of women.

Realised: $130


A pair of Georgian painted silhouettes
the husband and wife in classic profile, in black ebonised frames, together with a traditional silhouette of a young girl, framed under glass and in a mahogany frame with gold slip.

Realised: $150


Three Victorian silhouettes
two young boys in sailor suits and a young girl, framed under glass. 120 x 130.

Realised: $130


Two 19thC portrait miniatures
hand painted on ivory of two Regency period ladies, one signed in verso 'J.H. Jones', both in ebonised frames with gilt metal mounts.

Realised: $190


Two portrait miniatures
hand painted on ivory of Robert and Ann Alexander, inscribed verso, ebonised frames with gilt mounts.

Estimate: $220


Two hand painted miniatures on ivory
a portrait of Mrs Loscoe Bradley, signed with artist's initials and in round metal frame, together with a framed miniature of a young Edwardian girl, artist's signature to the side, in oval metal frame.

Estimate: $250


Two hand painted miniatures
both on ivory, one of a young angel, the other a pensive young woman, both signed and unframed.

Realised: $150


An early 19thC 14ct gold framed portrait miniature
a distinguished gentleman, by Edward Robertson a noted portrait miniaturist, named and dated verso, under glass and in original velvet lined leather case.

Realised: $450


A Victorian 1847 sampler entitled 'Sympathy'
and with verse, flowering forms, birds and buildings and detailed to the base 'Hannah Smith's Work 1847'. 495 x 395, framed under glass.

Realised: $220


A 19thC sampler
depicting Adam and Eve surrounded by geometric motifs and surmounted by an epithet, named 'Clegg Elizabeth' and dated 1823. 400 x 400.

Realised: $180


Three botanical prints from 'The Garden of Pleasant Flowers'
by John Parkinson (1567-1650). Each 290 x 190 (image), framed.

Realised: $350


Two aquatint engravings
published 1809, 'Eruption of Mt. Etna in 1669' and 'Eruption of Vesuvius in 1769'. Each 620 x 460 (page size).

Realised: $200


Four 18thC botanical copper plate engravings. Each 375 x 230.

Realised: $650


A collection of over 100 vintage N.Z. and other postcards
includes humorous, etc.

Estimate: $150


A collection of signed celebrity photographs and sketch
includes John Travolta and an ink sketch by him of a jet plane, Michael Jones x 2 and others. Provenance: Given to our vendor, a charitable organisation to raise funds.

Estimate: $140


A c.1940s Auckland resident's autograph album
including the signatures of Yehudi Menuhin, dated July 1951, the famous violinist and his sister Hephzibah Menuhin, a renowned pianist. Our vendor was an aspiring young musician when he met and secured these signatures.

Estimate: $125


A large green glass fishing float
encased in green netting. Diameter 380.

Realised: $90


A c.1900 German violin and bow
two-piece back, with certificate of purchase from Edward Withers Ltd of London, 6 November 1957, in later case.

Realised: $550


A 19thC European small horn powder flask
curved form, the panelled top with interior cork fitting and chain suspension, includes dispensing spoon. Length 130.

Realised: $80


A late 19thC powder horn
the polished tapered horn body with wood plugged end and brass fittings. Length 165.

Realised: $80


An Edwardian inlaid mahogany banjo barometer
the large aneroid barometer with exposed mechanism, plain and stained inlaid scrolling highlights, a crack to corner face plate of thermometer. Length 815.

Realised: $250


A bundle of vintage keys
ten large gate and house keys.

Estimate: $80


Two Jaguar car mascots
one small one large, 1960 and 1970, attached to wooden plinth base.

Realised: $175


A Rolls Royce 'Spirit of Ecstasy' car mascot
gold tone on marble base. Height (incl. stand) 200.

Realised: $150


A boxed collection of various vintage teddy bear and other glass eyes
a range of sizes and colours.

Realised: $60


A vintage brass door stop
in the form of the British Coat-of-Arms. 290 x 80 x 255.

Realised: $100


A United Fire Brigade's Assn. long service medal
on ribbon with three bars.

Estimate: $160