This auction features Part 1 of the estate of Lucy Tui Hampton Aitken QSM (née Flower
23 November 1925 – 15 August 2017), generally known as Tui Flower,who was a pioneering New Zealand food writer. In her retirement Tui lived in Mt. Eden in the home owned by her maternal grandparents. It appears that Tui was not the only collector in the family with her parents and grandparents especially her grandfather William Mincher(1861-1944) being avid collectors with a discerning eye for quality they amassed amazing collections of snuff boxes and bottles, fine Oriental jade, cloisonné, ivory, Satsuma, Maori artefacts, walking sticks, furniture including Anton Seuffert and more. Most of these collections remained intact and untouched in their home until now. The collection of William Mincher is written about in 'Te Karere' 1939 by Elder Warren s. Ottley describing William's collecting as 'from his infancy he has yielded to his inborn desire to collect things...' It is with great pleasure that we offer Part 1 of this incredible estate collection in this catalogue with items provenanced: The Flower Family Collection. Part 2 will be offered in our July 17th Antique & Art Auction...... CLICK ANY LOT NUMBER AND IMAGE WILL ENLARGE


A whalebone cane
the shaft with metal ferrule the top with four marine ivory discs and five horn discs, a small silver plate cartouche with dog to the front, handle absent. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 830.

Realised: $475


A short whalebone cane
the shaft with metal ferrule, the marine ivory handle in the form of a dog's head, glass eyes and engraved silver collar. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 660.

Realised: $950


A whalebone walking stick
the shaft with metal ferrule the marine ivory handle in the form of a Turk's knot. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 885.

Realised: $7,250


Two walking sticks
both with rounded handles, one of wood from the HMAS Sydney commemorating the destruction of the German warship 'Emden, 1914', the other of wood from the pre-historic Arapuni forest. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 900.

Realised: $475


A walking stick
the shaft with metal ferrule, two bands of coloured Tunbridge ware decoration to the top, the handle rounded form inlaid with various timbers in varying patterns. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 935.

Realised: $625


An old horn walking cane
cylindrical sections made to simulate bamboo, threaded on a steel rod, the handle of a stylised dog's head, metal ferrule. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 840.

Realised: $550


A wood and bone walking stick
with silver collar engraved 'Ship Boyd - sunk 1809' referencing the burning of the Boyd, in Whangaroa Harbour, the bone handle with carved leaves to the front. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 870.

Realised: $925


An old horn walking stick
the shaft of sections of horn, silver collar and a horn curved handle, metal ferrule. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 940.

Realised: $380


A walking stick
the ebony shaft fitted to a silver collar and china handle, decorated with a woman in formal dress, gilt embellishments. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 950.

Realised: $250


An important NZ walking stick
the shaft made from jarrah timber from James Busby's Residence which later became the Treaty House. The plain wood shaft topped with a pounamu band, a wide silver collar engraved with 'This Stick is Part of the House wherein the Treaty of Waitangi was signed 1840' with a polished piece of pounamu to the top of the collar. Length 930. The Residence fell into disrepair in the 1890s and was not restored until the 1930s when it was bought and gifted to the nation by Lord Bledisloe. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 930.

Realised: $5,500


An ebonised walking stick
with horn handle and a silver collar. London 1898.

Realised: $210


A vintage palmwood walking stick
with 9ct. gold mount by B.M. & Co. Old repair. $150

Realised: $190


A hazelnut walking stick
the tip carved with the head of a hound, the end with metal hiking spike.

Realised: $280


An early 1900s walking cane
the silver handle with Art Nouveau designs, stamped 800 and maker's mark.

Realised: $380


A vintage walking stick
the silver plate terminal in the form of a dog's head, with glass eyes, metal hiking spike to end.

Realised: $400


An early 1900s walking cane
the WMF silver plate handle with restrained decoration, ostrich mark, deer hiking badge to the front, metal ferrule.

Realised: $250


A hazelnut walking stick
the handle terminating in a silver wild boar's head, metal ferrule.

Realised: $500


A Victorian mother-of-pearl and silver card case
with concertina interior. L.110mm.

Estimate: $100


Two silver and tortoiseshell piqué inlay cases
one for cigars, the smaller for vestas, both decorated with birds and trees. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Length 140 and 65.

Realised: $360


An Eastern silver filigree card case
decorated with flowers. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 50 x 85.

Realised: $300


A 19thC tortoiseshell visiting card case
the hinged lid opening to reveal ivory clashed edges. 105 x 75.

Realised: $150


A collection of 10 small antique boxes
horn, papier-mâché, wood, lacquer, etc., snuff boxes and others.

Realised: $180


A collection of 11 small antique boxes
papier-mâché, lacquer, wood, horn and tortoise-shell, etc., mostly snuff boxes.

Realised: $230


A collection of 10 small antique snuff boxes
lacquer, horn, wood, etc.

Realised: $140


A collection of 10 small old boxes
mostly for snuff, wood, horn, lacquer, brass, etc., together with original, sealed Hedges 'The Snuff' 5gm tin.

Realised: $230


A collection of six banded agate items
includes silver snuff box, salts, etc. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $330


Three Victorian needle cases
two bone and one vegetable ivory, all three carved and decorated. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $220


Four old needle cases
one painted milk glass, the other silver plate, and two painted celluloid. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $170


A collection of ivory and bone sewing accessories
includes tape measure, thread holders and sewing clamps. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $250


A small carved ivory lidded basket
the top profusely carved with fruit and flowers, basket weave pattern to the side and base. Diameter 55.

Realised: $305


A Victorian tin box
filled with exquisitely and finely worked lace and worked samples. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $320


An unusual gilt metal mesh miser's purse
decorated with three rings set with coloured stones and coloured and gilt drops, possibly a copy of a medieval purse, one ring engraved 'Hilary Le Vaile 1450'. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $330


A Victorian Tunbridge ware work box
the exterior with traditional decoration, the interior with fitted compartments with various interesting contents. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 270 x 200 x 125.

Realised: $200


A Victorian walnut dressing case
with mother-of-pearl escutcheons and a concealed drawer in the base together with contents, lidded jars, inkwells, etc. with key. Width 310.

Realised: $280


A good quality early 19thC English rosewood writing box
with plain mother-of-pearl escutcheons, gadrooned borders and fitted interior complete with two inkwells. Width 410.

Realised: $430


A late Victorian quill cutter
plain tapered bone handle, the steel blade named Sabin & Richardson, Sheffield, a spike fitted to the handle butt end. Length 168, in original card case.

Realised: $140


A quality Victorian mahogany brass bound travelling vanity box
recessed brass strapping, corners and handles, enclosing an interior fitted with various bottles, boxes and trays, a mirror enclosed to the hinged lid. 310 x 225 x 135.

Realised: $450


An Anglo-Indian ebony desk standish
drawer to the front, the top with various compartments for office accessories. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 360 x 260mm.

Estimate: $120


An bronzed spelter novelty monkey vesta
of a monkey prising open a giant clam, removable permanent match to his head, striker to his left forearm. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Height 100.

Realised: $110


A 1930s Meccano clockwork 'Two-seater Sports Car'
with box and key, original Meccano branded rubber tyres, introduced 1933, non-constructional, clockwork motor drive at fault. Length of car 215. The original box with printed lid.

Realised: $675


A vintage cast iron Greedy Boy money box
red jacket, made in England. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $450


A vintage cast iron money box
a smiley face on legs, 'Save and Smile Money Box'. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 110 x 120.

Realised: $140


An old unusual silver plated Swanee slide saxophone
with reeded mouthpiece. Last patent date 1927. Length 330.

Realised: $190


An antique concertina
a small hexagonal concertina in original rosewood box, mother-of-pearl keyhole escutcheon. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 200 x 120.

Realised: $260


A vintage walnut concertina
the octagonal form concertina by C. Wheatstone & Co. and in original leather case. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 210 x 210.

Realised: $500


A Swiss walnut cased orchestra music box
playing eight airs, on a single cylinder, three bells and a drum. 295 x 565 x 275.

Realised: $2,600


John Quincy Adams Ward (1830–1910)
bronze portrait statuette of Henry B. Hyde a notable American businessman. From an edition of approximately 81, c.1901. H.515mm.

Estimate: $700


A pair of spelter statuettes
after Shakespearean Elizabethan characters. H.385mm.

Estimate: $350


A bronze model of Tragan's Column
completed in AD113 and located in Tragan's Forum in Rome. Height 320.

Realised: $350


A pair of 19thC gilt ormolu stands
suitable for trumpet shaped glass or china vases, the ornate base of a horse and cherub holding a shell form dish with mythical beasts to each side, acorn and leaf frame to hold the vase. 200 x 280.

Realised: $300


A bronze replica miniature cannon
the three ring barrel with a star insignia, raised on a spoke wheeled carriage. Length 330.

Realised: $250


A cast metal figure
a classically dressed woman holding a basket of flowers. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. Height 270.

Realised: $150


A pair of Italian Pietra Dura tiles
one of a musician, the other a woman dancing, both in old oak frames. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 230 x 115.

Realised: $1,200


A Hong Kong stamp collection
includes older issues.

Realised: $170


A large United States stamp collection
held in a Lighthouse album, includes older issues.

Realised: $400


A large postcard album
with international cards, greetings cards, film stars and early N.Z. postcards. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $1,100


A postcard album
containing 26 rare vintage illusion postcards as well as many film stars, battleships and native people, together with a centennial newspaper of Mt Eden 1868-1968. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $500


A large postcard album
filled with vintage coloured postcards featuring Asti beauties, biblical scenes, copies of Old Masters, as well as many old black and white travel postcards. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $400


An autographed The Beatles Christmas Show (Brian Epstein) programme. The souvenir programme from the 16-night 1963/1964 Finsbury Park Astoria show with signatures of John Lennon
Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to the cover, we consider these signatures to have been made by Neil Aspinall, the group's roadie, driver, manager. The inside pages with bios, editorial and photographs of the accompanying performers in the show, each image with autographs of Billy J. Kramer; Rolf Harris; The Dakotas (Tony Mansfield, Mike Maxfield, Robin MacDonald and Ray Jones); The Fourmost (Mike Millward, Brian O'Hara, Dave Lovelady, Billy Hatton); Cilla Black; Tommy Quickly; The Barron Knights (Duke D'mond, Peter 'Peanut' Langford, Butch Baker, Don Ringsell, Bill Sharkey). We consider these autographs are more likely to be by the artist's themselves. The extraordinary complete autograph collection of all 21 Merseybeat and chart-topping performers at this show leads to the presumption that the autograph collector was associated with the Astoria Theatre thus gaining access to all performers. The programme was discovered slipped inside a copy of 'New Zealand The Beautiful - Microwave Cookbook', purchased at a garage sale by our vendor.

Realised: $1,000


Clarice Cliff 'The Bizarre Affair'
together with a Christie's 1995 Clarice Cliff catalogue.

Realised: $50


A book of Mohammed Racim's Algerian miniature paintings.

Realised: $120


'Mapplethorpe' photographs (prepared in collaboration with the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation) and Arthur C Danto (essayist)
published Random House, NY, 1992, hardcover with slipcase, 382pp. 325 x 300.

Realised: $300


Stanford's Chart of the Thames Estuary
framed and glazed, overall 790 x 775; along with a Stanford's chart, 'The River Thames', framed and glazed. 190 x 565.

Realised: $125


An early/mid 20thC medical wall chart
detailing eyes, ears, nose, tongue and hair follicle, printed in colours. 675 x 950.

Estimate: $250


An early/mid 20thC medical wall chart
'American Frohse Anatomical Charts Plate No. 8, The Digestive System', printed in colours and detailed 'Original Drawings By Max Brodel, Completed By Betty Browning'. 1600 x 1025.

Estimate: $650


A glass dome on stand
containing a wax fruit arrangement and kauri gum pieces. 250 x 390.

Realised: $375


Four pieces of coral
includes boulder, star coral, etc.

Realised: $375


An African ivory bust of a young girl
supporting a cylinder shaped vase, with a deep relief carving of village figures. Height on wood stand 255.

Estimate: $200


A good taxidermy Burchell's zebra head
ears raised, head turned slightly to the right, wall mounting. Depth from nose to wall 765.

Estimate: $5,000


A vintage taxidermy armadillo
with glass eyes and tail raised. Length 560.

Estimate: $600


Twenty-five taxidermy insects
all set in Perspex tablets, various species.

Realised: $340


A good taxidermy red stag trophy mount
with impressive 13-point antler spread. Width 720.

Estimate: $600


An early 20thC substantial carved ivory paper knife
plainly carved from a tusk section, the tapered blade with medial rib. Length 356. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Estimate: $250


A large old sperm whale tooth
in good polish. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 900gms. Length 205.

Realised: $1,500


An enormous old sperm whale tooth
good polish. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 1295gms. Length 240.

Realised: $3,700


A 19thC large scrimshaw whale's tooth
finely lined and dot engraved, a classical woman in formal dress with floral swags, a bird perched upon her raised left hand, a handkerchief in her right. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 970gms. Length 230.

Realised: $2,600


A full length Arctic fox fur coat
alternating rows of fur and suede, fully lined, some wear around pockets.

Realised: $450


A French full length black fur coat
blouson sleeves, fully lined. Size 12.

Estimate: $400


A full length red fox fur coat
large shawl collar, chevron pattern to the pelts, fully lined.

Realised: $500


A grey mink jacket
blouson sleeves, fully lined.

Estimate: $450


A full length racoon fur coat
fully lined.

Realised: $450


A racoon fur jacket
large shawl collar, the sleeves with alternating brown suede panels, fully lined.

Realised: $250


A racoon fur jacket
blouson sleeves, the pelt sewn in a chevron pattern, large shawl collar of a different fur, fully lined. A generous size 12.

Estimate: $400


An ocelot fur jacket the sleeves with small cuffs
fully lined, together with a matching hat.

Realised: $550


An ocelot fur jacket
large shawl collar, fully lined, together with a matching hat.

Realised: $425


A caramel brown mink jacket
fully lined.

Realised: $400


A full length jaguar fur coat together with matching hat
black trim to the coat possibly bear fur, fully lined and in good condition.

Realised: $1,600


A hand carved and polychrome painted wooden duck decoy
with painted ring eyes, c.1950s. Length 380.

Realised: $240


A pair of hand carved and painted wooden NZ green winged teal display decoys
in actual size. Length 240.

Realised: $410


A large wide-body canvasback red-head wooden duck decoy
hand carved from heart white cedar, lead belly-weight and anchor tie, incised maker's owner's initials under tail. Length 360.

Realised: $220


An alloy and brass telescopic extending and folding trout landing net
with belt clip, priest end and original netting. Length 850.

Realised: $100


A rare and authentic Heatons 2½" brass reel
with impressed fishing scenes to both sides.

Realised: $150


Three vintage brass reels
a tiny 1½" bone handled brass reel with original finish, a 2" Birmingham bone handled brass reel and a 2" brass reel with 'dog bone' style winder.

Realised: $130


A Hardy Bros. leather fly wallet
with felt and parchment pages, full of old Hardy sprays of wet flies along with many other styles, embossed maker's details, c.1920. 6½" X 4".

Estimate: $225


A small 'waistcoat pocket' Hardy Bros. japanned metal fly box
complete with a good selection of small Hardy flies (some named), c.1890. Affixed maker's label. 4⅛ " x 2¾"

Realised: $110


A Wheatley 'Silmalloy' fly box
with decal for Tisdall's, containing 41 NZ wet flies, c.1940

Realised: $50


An Ogden Smith japanned metal fly box
with cast compartment to the lid and opening to reveal ten windowed compartments with flip lids. Affixed maker's label to the interior. 5" x 3½".

Realised: $160


An early Allcock alloy fly box
opening to reveal 16 window lidded flip up compartments and a felt pad opposite, complete with approx. 100 old flies, c.1920s. 6½" x 3½".

Estimate: $120


An English oak fly box
of hinged sections with dovetailed corners opening to reveal cork bars set with approx. 200 flies, c.1890s. 5½" x 4".

Realised: $160