A small bronze statuette of a woman representing Victory
standing holding a laurel wreath, H.190mm.

Realised: $220


A modern classical figure of a standing bull
his head lowered and tail raised, dark patina. L.490.

Realised: $400


A large gilded bronze figure of a standing elephant
his head sand trunk raised, ears back, relief decoration to the Oriental decorated mat to his back and upper head. L.665, H.570mm.

Realised: $260


A polished bronze statue of a man in balanced toe stand pose
arms widely outstretched. Raised on black cube plinth base. Width 860.

Realised: $700


An exuberant Louis XIV style brass stationery compendium
resembling an ormolu embellished bureau, the front falling to reveal a velvet and silk lined interior of stepped compartments. 320 x 170 x 380mm.

Realised: $400


A Victorian brass standish
the elaborate stand decorated with a bearded face, scrolls and flowering tendrils, pen rest and two inkwells, raised on three scrolling feet. 430 x 220 x 140mm.

Estimate: $200


A French gilt metal table centrepiece
an oval two handled jardinière on a mirrored plateau base. W.470mm

Realised: $375


A Victorian brass fireside trivet
column stand with tripod bas. 200 x 300mm

Realised: $340


A pair of Victorian brass doorstops
in the form of prancing horses on plinth bases. 270 x 60 x 260mm.

Realised: $525


A Victorian brass doorstop
profile torso of the Duke of Wellington, raised on plinth base. 150 x 230mm.

Realised: $110


A copper one gallon measuring jug
19thC, with excise seal. H.255mm.

Estimate: $100


A Victorian bronze wall candle sconce
the face of a young male fairy with vines in hair supporting two candle branches. 230 x 250mm

Realised: $175


A bronze box modelled as a monk
his robe hinged and opening at the cowl, on green marble plinth. H.160mm

Estimate: $125


A rare vintage New Zealand Insurance Co. enamel sign
decorated with a portrait of Potatau Te Wherowhero Tawhiao and inscribed ‘New Zealand Insurance Company Limited Fire Marine and Accident, Capital £1,500,000’. 910 x 600mm

Realised: $1,450


A good vintage tin sign for D.H. Brown & Son
Brookfield Roller Mills, Christchurch, lithographically printed in colours with the business name above, an image of their five storey brick building and associated 'Grain Store', steam train with carriages and tall smoking chimney, all further above relief pressed image of two women wearing white aprons displaying a large sack of 'Peerless Flour', the base detailed with the maker's name 'Geo. Hadfield, Advertising Contractor, Wellington, N.Z.', some minor rusting and paint loss to the base to the base. Overall in very good condition. 740 x 510mm.

Estimate: $2,200


A good Victorian walnut stick barometer
with milk glass panel marked 'A.Gundersen, Christchurch', and with scales in 'English inches' and 'Centimetres', further glass panels to the trunk back a mercury thermometer and a 'storm glass'. H.1080mm.

Realised: $470


An antique instrument for comparative measurement of two liquids
with adjustable scale readout of split index lens reading. H.560mm

Realised: $120


A Kellogg's Edwardian period black enamelled metal candlestick telephone
Pat'd. Nov. 1901, March 1907 and April 1908. (Pre auto exchange model). H.290mm

Estimate: $300


A brass three draw pocket telescope
with leather sleeved body and lens cap. Extended 500mm

Realised: $160


A Swiss Mermod Frerès music box
playing 12 airs, with tune indicator, change/repeat and parachute safety. 590 x 250x 270mm.

Realised: $1,200


A 19thC Anglo-Indian quality ebony writing slope
the fitted interior with dark velvet inlaid writing surfaces and various compartments including three secret drawers. 430 x 250 x 155mm.

Realised: $220


A Victorian boxed decanter set
the mahogany Tunbridge Ware decorated box contains four gilded decanters and two small glasses. 245 x 160 x 200mm.

Estimate: $180


An Edwardian oak three-bottle tantalus
the square section crystal bottles with cushion-cut engraving, ball stoppers, some chips, held in a case with small green glasses and a concealed drawer with playing cards and cribbage board. W.340mm

Realised: $620


A near pair of early 19thC mahogany tea caddies
oblong with slightly domed hinged lids, one with undivided interior, the other with three compartments and a well concealed secret drawer to the base. Slight losses. 205 x 120 x 120mm

Estimate: $240


A Regency mahogany tea caddy with satinwood stringing
oblong, the interior with two compartments flanking a well for bowl. 290 x 145 x 145mm

Realised: $140


A Regency burr walnut tea caddy
of sarcophagus shape, the interior with two compartments flanking a cavity for bowl. 330 x 180 x 200mm

Realised: $110


Emanuel Bowen 'An Accurate Map of Hampshire divided into its Hundreds'
18thC engraving, with hand colour in outline. 420 x 520mm

Realised: $140


John Speed 'Hantshire described and devided (sic)' (Map of Hampshire)
from Speed's Atlas, 17thC engraving by Jodocus Hondius, with outline colour. 400 x 530mm.

Realised: $200


'Les Environs de Londres...' 18thC map of the vicinity of London
with the imprint of Pierre Mortier, from an atlas, with body colour. 480 x 550mm

Realised: $140


A pair of miniature paintings on ivory
two women painted in 18thC Gainsborough manner, indistinct signatures to each, framed in elaborate brass frames with strut back.

Realised: $275


Miss H. Joyce Pocock
A.R.M.S. (Mrs John Stewart), 'The Pink Balloon', miniature painting, initialled, named, detailed, entitled and price on reverse £7-7-0. 41 x 41mm, gilt framed under glass.

Realised: $190


A pair of Indian miniature paintings on ivory leaf
each depicting Shah Jahan and consort. Each 110 x 90mm

Estimate: $120


A framed set of nine small 19thC Baxter type prints
featuring gilt edged 19thC scenes.

Estimate: $80


An uncommon hand coloured lithograph of Napoleon
on board the Northumberland on his voyage to incarceration on St Helena. After a sketch by Daniel Ibbetson, 1815.

Estimate: $100


An embossed leather cased daguerreotype photograph
of Victorian gentleman, framed by a gilt metal slip. 95 x 80mm.

Estimate: $100


An embossed leather cased daguerreotype photograph
of two Victorian women, framed by a gilt metal slip. 95 x 80mm.

Realised: $70


Three large format glass plate negatives
advertising Hawaiian Print shirts and Highland Tartan slippers. 430 x 350mm.

Estimate: $50 - $100


A fine Berlin beadwork evening purse
floral decoration with bead fringe, Dutch silver heavily embossed frame.

Realised: $150


A Berlin beadwork evening purse
flowers on a blue ground, silver plate frame.

Realised: $90


A Victorian beaded portrait 'Girl with Umbrella'
with conservation report to reverse, in oval frame. 390 x 390mm (including frame).

Realised: $150


'Notable New Zealand Thoroughbreds'
ATP 1980, No.1203/2000 and 'Notable English and Irish Thoroughbreds', ATP 1983, No.1203/2500.

Realised: $100


'Tapestry of Turf A History of New Zealand Racing'
Moa pub ed. 271/1200, and 'Notable New Zealand Thoroughbreds', ATP 1980, No.220/2000

Estimate: $150


Three Raymond Ching books
'The Bird Paintings' (Collins 1978) ed. 96/360 signed, leather in slip case, 'Studies & Sketches of a Bird Painter' Lansdowne 1981 and 'The Bird Paintings' (Collins 1978)

Realised: $150


Raymond Ching
'The Bird Paintings' (Collins 1978) ed. 97/360 signed, leather in slip case, and 'The Art of Rei Hamon (Collins 1980) ed. 567/600 signed.

Realised: $160


A C.F. Goldie book
'Prints, Drawings & Criticism', in original Solander case, pub Alister Taylor 1979. No.1314/1600

Realised: $425


'John Kinder Paintings & Photographs' Dunn
SeTo pub 259/750 and 'The Life & Art of William Strutt' Curnow, pub ATP 1980, 1350/1500.

Realised: $150


'G.F. von Tempsky Artist & Adventurer'
ATP 1981, ed. 210/1250 in Solander case, and 'Captain Cook's Artists in the Pacific 1769-1779' Avon 1969.

Realised: $230


pub Blackwood 1966, spiral bound folio of 48 drawings by Toss Woollaston, 770/100.

Realised: $80


'Men in White
The History of New Zealand International Cricket 1894 - 1985', ed. 339/1200, Moa Publications 1986.

Realised: $100


100 Years of All Black Rugby', Moa Publications, 1984, ed.1117/1200

Realised: $140


A screenplay script copy of Goodbye Pork Pie (1981) for the co-producer Nigel Hutchinson (1931-2017)
103 pages A4 duplicated typescript, annotated front cover 'Nigel Hutchinson', back cover '1 Nigel'

Estimate: $500


An 18th/19thC painted and carved wood figure of a saint
with finely detailed features including glass eyes, wearing a traditional robe with pleated detail, original paint showing craquelure in soft red, mustard and darker tones. Provenance: the Douglas Wright estate. H.920mm.

Estimate: $800


A c.1900 painted plaster crucifix
mounted on an ebonised back board, showing some distress. 625 x 445 x 110mm. Provenance: Douglas Wright Estate.

Realised: $80


A large antique wooden statue of St. James The Greater
painted in muted polychrome, some faults. H.860mm

Realised: $850


A vintage chalkware (plaster) religious statue of St Anthony of Padua
he stands accompanied by the Infant Jesus, some faults. Provenance: the Herzog Nightclub (K-Road) Collection. H.920mm

Realised: $600


A vintage painted wood statue of Jesus
with hand raised in blessing. H.620mm.

Estimate: $350


A naive carved wooden statue of St John the Baptist
painted in muted tone, modelled standing wearing an animal skin robe, accompanied by a lamb. H.440mm

Estimate: $200


A vintage German clockwork tin toy
a bellhop pushing a suitcase, by Gescha, with key.

Realised: $60


Three Schuco clockwork toys
a dancing mouse with partner, a violinist pig and an acrobatic tumbling mouse.

Realised: $340


A 19thC/20thC Prisoner-of-War carved bone domino set in wood box
the inlaid box with sliding lid containing a domino set with black stained highlights. Box W.180 x D.42 x H.45mm.

Realised: $160


A Myanmar/Burma articulated wood puppet of a monk
with painted face with glass eyes. Approx. H.650mm

Realised: $100


A Greedy Boy money box
cast aluminium by H.C.U. Ltd, Ch-Ch. H.160mm

Realised: $100


A vintage standing taxidermy tortoise
head raised. L.340mm.

Realised: $150


A Burchell's zebra skin
Length excluding tail 2300. Maximum width 1780.

Realised: $650


A reindeer hide rug
the winter pelt of soft brown and white tones, well-tanned.

Realised: $320


A pair of Elk antlers
mounted on a white painted board. L.1000mm.

Realised: $170


An old Meerschaum and amber pipe
in the form of a winged cupid leaning on a large arrow, small bowl to head. In fitted box. Old repair to one wing. L.130mm.

Realised: $160


An older 'Australasia' stamp collection in album
includes Australia, New Zealand including Second side faces, Health etc. Together with other island groups.

Realised: $80


A vintage album of a Chinese stamp collection
the album 255 x 210mm.

Realised: $420


An old world stamp collection
in a 'Pacific Stamp Album'.

Realised: $140


A collection of South African stamps
mainly decimal, housed in a Lighthouse album.

Realised: $160


A George VI M.B.E.
in original box, presented to Chas F. Bennett.

Realised: $150


Three Roman coins
in an old vesta box.

Realised: $500


'Government of Fiji' £5 bank note
in near unused condition, serial # C2 24413.

Realised: $800


A N.Z. £10 Fleming 1945-1967 N.Z. banknote
with Security Thread, numbered AE 120127, in good condition.

Estimate: $250


A vintage Siebe Gorman and Co. diver's knife
in original bar scabbard. L.350 (overall).

Realised: $250


A sturdy turned mahogany walking stick
ebonised handle, an earlier presentation plaque attached detailing 'Presented to A. Henderson on his Enlisting for Active Service..... 15.2.18'. L.850mm.

Realised: $70


A walking stick of horn discs
of various tones mounted on a steel shaft. Some losses. L.860mm

Realised: $110


Three primitive country wooden spoons
one with a decoratively pierced bowl. L.600mm.

Realised: $100


A Peter 'Rabbitman' Heap oak cheeseboard
(an apprentice of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson). L.340mm

Realised: $100


A c.1980s Louis Vuitton briefcase
gold monogrammed exterior with gilt brass studded fittings, push-button release catch revealing suede interior with captured flap compartment to lid, interior maker's label, stitched leather handle. 405 x 325 x 165mm.

Realised: $900


A piece of natural botryoidal chalcedony (grape agate)
from Sulawesi. 2525gm on stand.

Realised: $120


Two Art Deco chrome and risqué printed panel cigarette cases
each with a large photographic print of a woman in a revealing costume.

Estimate: $120


A large album of Auckland postcards
approximately 200 cards, mainly photographic type, many with tinted colour.

Realised: $775


A collection of NZ postcards
approximately 60, mainly photographic type.

Realised: $120


A collection of NZ postcards
approximately 60, mainly photographic type. Includes one Trevor Lloyd postcard

Estimate: $200


A collection of NZ postcards
approximately 25, mainly photographic type.

Estimate: $100


A collection of NZ postcards
approximately 25, mainly photographic type.

Estimate: $100


Nazi Ordnungspolezei shoulder patch
Nazi Kriegsmarine bullion cap badges (2), RNZAF cloth cap badge, Rhodesia Staff Corps collar badges (2), circular cloth services insignia, Nazi and Soviet cloth cap badges (2), WWII service ribbon bars (2).

Realised: $120


John Chrisp
'U-boat Killer', watercolour, signed by the artist and Wing Commander Mick Ensor DSO, DFC, AFC; a depiction of Ensor's direct depth-charge hit on U-259 and resulting damage to his Hudson aircraft 1942. 360 x 470mm

Realised: $320


A Moroccan Jambiya Koummya dagger
curved brass and silver metal embellished handle, wide pommel and hook ended sheath; the curved part of the blade double edged. L.410mm (incl. sheath).

Estimate: $150


An Indian Dahl
the circular hand shield with domed steel, brass edge ring and four bosses. The face engraved with lions and tigers hunting goats and deer, the central panel decorated with the face of the sun god for strength. Cloth lined interior with hand hold. Dia.300mm.

Realised: $170


A late 18thC Indian tulwar
hand forged, curved, laminated, fullered, single edged with last section forming a double edge spear point kilij style blade. The one piece steel hilt decorated with all-over silver koftgarli of small crosses, saucer shaped disc pommel, dome ended cross guard with knuckle bow. No scabbard. L.890mm.

Estimate: $220


An East Indies Golok
with heavy 260mm blade, fitted to a teak hilt, with teak scabbard with metal bindings.

Estimate: $80


A set of three Indian knives of graduated sizes
with T-back blades, set in ebony hilts with gilt damascene ferrules. Longest 350mm

Estimate: $90


An East Indies small parang
with 215mm long blade fitted to a horn hilt and with horn scabbard.

Estimate: $70


A late 1800s Afghan Khyber sword
Regulation 1893 - 1903 pattern, arsenal of Maiga-i-Sharif usually with his mark stamped to forte, the blade slightly curved, bi fullered, single edge, spear point, with short sharpened back edge. The hilt all steel with wooden grip scales and 3 bar knuckle bow, the wood scabbard with leather cover, with steel chape, locket and suspension ring. L.800mm.

Realised: $425


A scimitar
with horn hilt and aluminium guard, leather scabbard. L.600mm

Estimate: $150


A 19thC Indo-Persian bazu-band (forearm armour)
with tapered curve shaped steel, cloth lined interior, engraved outer face with sun-god face within a circle of radiating lines over a panel of man surrounded by animals, script to the perimeter. Some rings from the chain-mail gauntlet remain along with strap buckles. 380 x 115mm.

Estimate: $280


A 1900 Javan kris
with serpentine blade, some staining, timoho wood scabbard and hilt, with two small red natural stones to ferrule. Blade L.325mm.

Estimate: $175