A 20thC classical bronze male torso
standing upon a circular base and octagonal plinth, dark brown patina. H.730mm.

Estimate: $300


A contemporary bronze sculpture of a bull
raised on a black plinth base. W.350mm

Realised: $120


A small spelter bronzed statuette
of William Tell and his son. H.165mm.

Estimate: $100


A pair of parcel gilt bronze candlesticks
with columns sculpted as Roman youths. Mismatched nozzles. H.220mm

Realised: $140


Six vintage Indian bronze deity sculptures
includes one playing a flute beside an ox, another smaller figure upon a horse, two with snakes, Ganesh and figure with drum. Fine wirework construction to some. The tallest 240mm.

Realised: $170


A bronze Art Nouveau door knocker
with female head forming the main plate. H.150mm

Realised: $110


Two Roman Republic bronze arrow heads
along with a military bronze buckle and stud.

Realised: $150


A Persian bronze phiale
with omphalos to the centre, heavily patinated and small irregular hole to the side, possibly Achaemenid Period c.550-330BC. Dia.180mm

Realised: $750


Three bronze age Luristani arrow points
various shapes, all tanged. Longest 145mm.

Realised: $100


Three silver drachms
of the Alexandrian period.

Realised: $150


Four coins of the era of Alexander the Great
including a Persian silver siglos, Macedonian bronze, silver drachm, etc.

Estimate: $150


Three ancient bronze coins
including Agrippa I, Herod I and Alex. Jannaeus.

Realised: $110


Eight coins of the era of Constantine the Great
Julian II, Constans, etc.

Realised: $120


Four coins of the Roman Republic
various denominations, denarius, semis, etc.

Realised: $110


Five coins of the Severan dynasty
Caracalla, Elagabalus, etc

Estimate: $100


Four Roman silver and bronze denarii
relatives of Commodus.

Realised: $130


Four silver coins
of the Elizabethan period.

Estimate: $50


A mahogany coin collector's cabinet
the interior with fourteen thin drawers with various sized depressions for coin display. 310 x 250 x 250mm.

Realised: $240


An 1840 1 Penny Black
on cover, four margin example lettered RI, cancelled by a red Maltese Cross.

Estimate: $800


A rare N.Z. £5 Fleming bank note with printing flaw
the note showing diagonal blank line created by crease when printed, displaying front and reverse, the note in good condition bearing serial no. 11L 809126.

Realised: $240


A famed French Revolution medallion
of King Louis XVI arriving in Paris before their execution; inscribed on band above 'Arrivee du Roi a Paris' and in exergue “le 6 Octobre 1789', signed [Bertrand] Andrieu. Dia.85mm

Realised: $160


Two vintage Australian tokens/passes
one silver gilt of bell form engraved and detailed 'Our Albert/ Sydney Ferries Ltd 1684' and set with jewel, the other detailed 'Press Club Sydney 1 Shilling', with maker's name 'Miller & Morris' in silver gilt frame, the top garter engraved 'Our Albert'.

Realised: $90


A vintage Hardy ‘Crown Houghton’ three piece fly rod with spare tip
the two tips in 'Hardy Bros. Ltd' bamboo case with brass fittings, the rod also with maker's details, all in Hardy's canvas sectional bag.

Realised: $130


A Hardy ‘Marquis’ No.7 fly reel
3⅜" in original case and with box.

Estimate: $160


A vintage Hardy 'Perfect' 3½" duplicated Mark II fly fishing reel
ventilated spool and brass foot. Small crack to rim.

Estimate: $150


A 19thC large 4¾" Malloch brass salmon reel with another smaller
the large example with ivory handle, the smaller 2¼" Malloch brass reel embossed with maker's details, both in good working order.

Realised: $230


A late 19thC quality 4" brass salmon fishing reel
Malloch style, horn handle and in working order.

Estimate: $110


A late 19thC 3¼" brass fly fishing reel by D. Watson & Co. of Inverness
horn handle, stamped with maker's details.

Estimate: $110


A vintage brass salmon reel
4” with ebonite handle, made by J. Bernard & Sons.

Estimate: $360


A wood and brass fishing reel
7" by Allcock.

Realised: $100


A good 15" wide body Red Head duck decoy
early 20thC, stained one-piece body, glass eyes and with keel.

Realised: $280


A c.1920 carved wooden 13½" duck decoy
the three-piece layered body secured by staples, remains of original paint.

Realised: $290


A late 19thC carved wooden duck decoy
14½" solid wood body with keel, remnants of original paint and glass eyes. Noted as a beach find.

Estimate: $150 - $250


A vintage walking stick
the briar shaft with a German .800 silver Art Nouveau handle. L.880mm.

Realised: $400


A vintage walking stick
the wooden shaft terminating with a silver handle with Art Deco designs, .800 standard silver.

Realised: $240


A vintage walking stick
the Malacca cane shaft fitted to a monogrammed ivory handle and embossed silver plate collar. L.860mm

Estimate: $350


An Indonesian simulated bone walking stick
finely engraved with meteorological/harvest record details. In display stand. L.890mm.

Realised: $110


A vintage cast iron money bank
in the form of William Tell shooting the apple, by J & E Stevens, USA 1896 Patent. L.270mm.

Realised: $380


A vintage European spelter money bank
in the form of a standing stag, opens at the chest to release money, original paint finish.

Realised: $140


A vintage cast iron money bank
in the form of a seated lion, by John Harper & Co. UK 1911 Estimate:

Realised: $170


A vintage Dinah cast iron money bank
original base plate, by John Harper & Co. U.K., 1911.

Realised: $310


A collection of 16 vintage Dinky die-cast military vehicles
all in camouflage paint, includes tanks, tank carriers, lorries, etc., mid-20thC and later.

Realised: $200


Two vintage Fun Ho crawler tractors
one with disc harrow and remains of paper label, the other with trailer, paper label.

Realised: $90


A vintage Fun Ho bulldozer and tractor
the bulldozer with scoop, remains of paper label, the tractor with small scoop and remains of paper label.

Estimate: $120


A vintage Fun Ho army truck
with large trailer, remains of green paint.

Realised: $160


A collection of vintage postcards
all Victorian and Edwardian ‘beauties’.

Estimate: $150


An early 1900s tabletop stereoscope
on turned stand, together with a collection of cards from all around the world.

Realised: $140


A box stereoscope viewer
the double card viewer with adjustable eye pieces, original label. 170 x 90 x 140mm.

Realised: $260


A small box stereoscope viewer
the single card viewer with adjustable eye pieces, original label. 130 x 70 x 80mm.

Realised: $100


A tabletop stereoscope viewer
with a large single glass lens and a smaller double glass eye piece, adjustable to three height levels. 220 x 140 x 150mm.

Realised: $160


An Edwardian oak and silver plated framed three bottle tantalus
with the original square section decanters. W.360mm.

Realised: $320


A George II tortoiseshell tea caddy
sarcophagus form, mother-of-pearl escutcheon with original key and working lock opening to reveal a tortoiseshell lined interior with double lid compartments including small bone lid knobs. 225 x 130 x 120mm. Provenance: The estate of a Manawatu military gentleman.

Estimate: $1,100


A good George III rosewood Tunbridge inlaid carved box
octagonal form, the lid with central design of multiple playing cards opening to reveal two early printed packs of card together and numerous Chinese finely engraved mother-of-pearl tokens of various forms. With original key and tag inscribed 'Antique Sheraton Card Case with Hand Painted Cards & Mother-of-Pearl Counters. George III Reign'.

Estimate: $550


Three vintage technical drawing sets
two 19thC in rosewood boxes with multiple instruments including some with ivory handles and other an 'Excelsior' set.

Realised: $100


A Victorian walnut jewellery and dressing case combination
the hinged lid opening to reveal a jewellery tray, the front with wing doors opening to reveal holders for perfume bottles and small drawers. 175 x 175 x 175mm

Realised: $170


A mahogany small proportion bowfront jewellery chest
three drawers, raised on bun feet. 280 x 220 x 290mm.

Realised: $240


A 19thC mahogany apothecaries’ box
tall rectangular, the hinged lid opening to reveal an interior previously divided to hold six small bottles, above a drawer divided to hold instruments. 185 x 120 x 180mm.

Realised: $80


A calabash gourd and meerschaum inset bowled pipe
(Sherlock Holmes style), in later case, with reamer.

Realised: $80


A meerschaum bowled pipe with amber stem
with flower head carved detail. Along with a pipe reamer.

Estimate: $120


A boxed collection of five pipes
including miniature briars, a brass mini ballpeen hammer shaped example, etc.

Estimate: $100


A fitted box holding a meerschaum pipe
another pipe and a vesta.

Realised: $110


A collection of six pipes
all cherry wood with natural bowls and stems.

Estimate: $120


A collection of five pipes and accessories
including two Chinese smoking sets, two Tyrolean meerschaum pipes, a silver vesta case, etc.

Realised: $110


A white mink hat
Anna Karenina style, lined and in excellent condition.

Realised: $160


A black mink hat
lined and in excellent condition.

Realised: $80


A polar fox fur hat
lined and in excellent condition.

Realised: $70


A vintage wood hat block
‘bucket’ hat shape. 250 x 240mm.

Realised: $150


A vintage pastel mink coat
straight sleeves, shawl collar, fully lined and in excellent condition.

Realised: $600


A full length fur coat
the pelts with striped and mottled patterning, shawl collar and fully lined.

Realised: $250


An arctic fox jacket
fully lined and in good condition.

Realised: $280


A mink opera jacket
with three-quarter length sleeves, caramel tones, lined and in good condition.

Estimate: $250 - $350


A silver fox collar
complete and in good condition.

Estimate: $150


Salvator Ferragamo vintage silk scarf
various fruits and florals on dark grey ground. Approx. 850 x 850mm.

Realised: $90


Five vintage silk scarves
includes Jacques Fath of Paris, 'Zara Accessories', one finely embroidered with leafy tendrils and two others.

Estimate: $140


Three 'Pashmina' shawls
each 100% cashmere from India, various colours, tassel fringe to each.

Realised: $130


A 19thC ‘palais royal’ opaline glass étui of egg shape
with gilt ormolu frame suspended on chains and original finger ring, a gilt ball suspended from the base; opening to reveal a small fitted compartment with thimble, scissors, needle and case.

Realised: $320


A Victorian travelling vanity set
the interior with various compartments holding silver plate topped glass pots, manicure accessories and clothes brushes with handles of ivory and bone, the exterior of maroon leatherette with brass carrying handle, some old repairs. 230 x 220 x 130mm.

Estimate: $120


A vintage large silver miser's mesh purse
double chain link drawer handle, lower tassel fringe.

Realised: $180


A c.1900 Tibetan fire steel 'Chakmak' belt-hung tinder pouch
the leather body with silver, brass, steel and coral mounts, relief decoration of birds and scrolls.

Realised: $240


An old Tibetan coin silver multi-tasselled perfume flask
the engraved flask festooned with tassel drops.

Realised: $140


A. Kippis (James Cook) 'A Narrative of the Voyages Round the World...'
pub. Bickers, London, 1878, 8vo (22cm), blue leather with gilt spine, 404pp. Together with Elsdon Best 'The Maori', [Memoirs of the Polynesian Society], pub Tombs, Wellington 1924, 8vo (22cm) grey cloth, ex library.

Realised: $160


Twelve miscellaneous New Zealand publications
including ‘A Weird Region’ [New Zealand Wonder Land - Lakes, Geysers, Terraces] by Thomson W. Leys and ‘Washday at the Pa’ by Ans Westra. 1964. Ex library copy, with Publishers Note (Caxton Press) following the controversy, 8pp. See further details online

Realised: $130


Silius Italicus (c.28 – c.103AD)
was a Roman consul, orator, and Latin epic poet of the 1st century. His only surviving work is the 17-book Punica, an epic poem about the Second Punic War and the longest surviving poem in Latin at over 12,000 lines. This volume published in Holland in 1717 with commentators, edited by Arnold Drakenborch.

Estimate: $150


'The Picturesque Atlas of Australasia' Vols I & II by Andrew Garron
1st edition, 1886, including multiple black and white engravings and colour maps (including North Island and New Zealand). Spine and other damage.

Estimate: $150


A pair of C.F. Goldie books
'His Life & Painting' and 'Prints, Drawings & Criticism', in original Solander cases, pub Alister Taylor 1979. No.725/1600mm.

Realised: $420


A collection of rare French Art deco period wallpaper samples
produced by the French manufacturer Isidore Leroy. Some of the work probably by the well-known French painter and entomologist Emile-Allain Seguy. Most still in book binding, a quantity loose. Each sheet 720 x 670mm.

Realised: $500


A N.Z. Department of Health poster
'Daily Dietary Pattern', printed in colours by R.E. Owen, Government Printer, Wellington. 740 x 500mm.

Estimate: $150


Friedensreich Hundertwasser print
(823 Sapiens Omnium Secum Portat [She Carries All Knowledge Within Herself]. 510 x 650mm.

Realised: $120


Four various original comic strip drawings
- Johnny Hart 'B.C.' 31/7/62 three panel strip 140 x 450mm; Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor 'Alex' undated four panel strip 110 x 365mm; Hank Ketcham 'Dennis the Menace' 13/9/74 one panel 200 x 165mm; Jim Burns 'Jane' #1116 9-17-88 (Daily Mirror, 1988) two panel strip 110 x 380mm.

Realised: $250


Five original comic strip drawings
- Brant Parker and Johnny Hart 'The Wizard of Id' 13/7/65 three panel strip 140 x 445mm; Chic Young 'Blondie' 5/6/58 four panel strip 130 x 450mm; two by George McManus 'Bringing Up Father’ (aka Maggie & Jiggs) 13/12/26 and 24/4/42 three panel strips approx 110 x 450mm each; Peter O'Donnell 'Modesty Blaise' 558 three panel strip 140 x 500mm


Two pen and ink drawings by Larry Bloss
'The Organ Grinder' and 'California Quack', both annotated verso 'Published in Canadian T.V. Guide'. Each 150 x 175mm.

Realised: $60


Original Superman daily comic strip art
attributed to Win Mortimer and Stan Kaye, c.1955, dated 24/1, numbered 5652, four panel strip, slipped in frame showing editor's blue mark-up annotation 'most perplexing'. 145 x 490mm. Together with Stan Lee and Larry Lieber 'Spiderman' 18/11/1993 two panel strip 105 x 330mm; and Russ Heath art for The Lone Ranger Daily dated 1-26-83 images of the Ranger and Tonto and General Custer. 110 x 380mm

Realised: $180


Four N.Z Herald cartoons by Gordon Minhinnick (1902-1992)
Election Business 495 x 390mm; Sun and Rain 410 x 480mm, dated '28; Sam - On His Metal 150 x 480mm, dated 1/4/61; Popular Models 230 x 350mm dated 2/5/74.

Realised: $120


Two original Murray Ball cartoons (unknown publications)
one of Wal in All Black gear (1985) 265 x 350mm, the other 'Ya Dopey Roman!...', undated 190 x 245mm.

Realised: $170


Denis Knight Turner (1924-2011)
original pen and ink illustration from Barry Crump's 'One of Us' (1962), signed in felt tip 'Barry Crump'. 280 x 185mm.

Realised: $240


A wrought iron kitchen pot hanger
together with a graduated set of four vintage copper pots, kettle, meat cover, lid, jugs, etc.

Realised: $740


Three quality copper and brass chef's pans
includes two ‘Cop-R-Chef’ brand USA, stainless steel lined with riveted brass handles with maker's mark together with another lidded frying pan of similar quality made by 'Coventry Coppers' of Canada. The largest diameter 283mm. Note ‘Cop-R-Chef’ are highly regarded as a quality cookware brand with three-ply bonded construction and lifetime warranty against defects.

Realised: $480


Two 'Coventry Coppers' of Canada copper and brass quality cooking pots
heavy construction, one lidded, brass handles, maker's mark to base. Dia. 185 and 165mm, sizes noted to underside of handle '18' and '16'.

Realised: $300


Two quality 'Coventry Coppers' copper and brass brazier pans
the copper bodies with large brass side handles, one with lid. Dia.245mm, maker's marks to base.

Realised: $260


Two vintage copper shallow oven dishes
tin lined, oval form, brass handle to each end. L.460mm.

Realised: $120