Six ventifacts
wind eroded faceted stones.

Realised: $130


Seven ventifacts
wind eroded stones, the largest of conglomerate material.

Realised: $150


Five ventifacts
wind eroded faceted stones, one large one suggesting adze form.

Realised: $130


Six ventifacts
wind eroded faceted stones, of various forms and type.

Realised: $160


A large clam shell

Realised: $250


Two large clam shells
W.300 and 230mm

Realised: $250


A piece of white bamboo branch coral

Realised: $130


Ten taxidermy insects
all set in Perspex tablets, various species, some named.

Realised: $105


Three 19thC mother of pearl carved counters
decorated with Chinese domestic scenes.

Realised: $160


A vintage Indian Vizagapatam box
the exterior inlaid with tortoiseshell and bone with painted foliage and bird decoration, the interior with mirror to lid and velvet lining. 155 x 115 x 80mm.

Realised: $200


‘The Changing Maori’ by Felix M. Keesing
pub.1928; and ‘The Story of Aotea’ by Rev T.G. Hammond, pub. 1924.

Realised: $65


'Pacific' and 'New Zealand'
two books by Peter McIntyre.

Realised: $50


Two Peter McIntyre books
'Peter McIntyre’s N.Z.' by Reed, signed, 1964 and 'The Painted Years' by Reed, reprinted 1967.

Estimate: $60


‘In Pursuit. An Autobiography’ by Sir William Russell Flint
pub. London: The Medici Society 1970, limited edition 998/1050, signed by Flint's son Francis, folio, crimson quarter morocco in slipcase.

Realised: $140


A selection of NZ art books
including 'Flowers into Landscape, Margaret Stoddart 1865-1934'

Realised: $80


A selection of NZ art books
including 'Garth Tapper, New Zealand Painter'

Realised: $110


A selection of art books
including 'The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms'

Realised: $60


A selection of NZ art books
including 'Photography in New Zealand, Hardwicke Knight'

Realised: $70


Two Garth Tapper 'Prosecution' screenprints
220 x 150mm.

Realised: $70


Two Victorian ambrotypes
an LNW one-armed railway signalman at Loates Lane level crossing and a portrait of two men seated in a field.

Realised: $120


A pair of large Victorian engravings
'The Death of Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar' and Wellington and Blucher meeting after the Battle of Waterloo' after the original paintings by Daniel Maclise, engraved by Chas. W. Sharpe, and detailed 'Art Union of London 1876'. Gilt framed and glazed. Each 300 x 1140mm (image).

Realised: $360


Génie Funébre - drawn by Granger
engraved by Avril Fils, from 'Musée Francais; Recueil Des Plus Beaux Tableaux, Statues, et Bas-Reliefs'. 350 x 260mm.

Realised: $110


E. Hesketh Hubbard woodblock print 'The Pilgrims Way
also signed by Francis H Whittington, c.1930s. 140 x 230mm

Estimate: $90 - $160


Two children's illustrations by Nancy Eccles
ink and watercolour, each signed. 190 x 630mm and 340 x 240mm.

Realised: $80


E. E Milner (after Gainsborough)
two portraits of H.R.H Duke of Sussex and H.R.H Princess Sophie, coloured artist's proof mezzotints by the Fine Arts Trade Guild 1926, signed lower right. Each 375 x 295mm.

Realised: $85


A framed watercolour of Charles Kingsford Smith
of Southern Cross and first Pacific and Tasman crossing by air fame, watercolour, with original CK Smith signature plate. 225 x 175mm

Realised: $110


Two George Baxter prints in single frame
'Prince Consort, 1858 and Queen Victoria, 1860', patent process colour print. Each 105x 75mm.

Estimate: $60 - $100


George Baxter
'Lord Nelson', 1854, patent process colour print, in period frame. 105x 80mm.

Realised: $90


An early 20thC Russian icon
St George killing the Dragon, oil on wood panel. 255 x 190mm.

Realised: $80


A 19thC oval portrait miniature hand painted on ivory
the young red headed woman wearing a Mediterranean orange coral necklace, the velvet frame in partial leather case. 70 x 55mm.

Estimate: $140


A vintage American medical wall chart
'Skeleton and Musculature, Back View, on roller blind fixing. W.1230mm.

Realised: $150


A 19thC marine ivory carving of a seated hound
head raised, glass bead eyes, solid section oval base, good cream tone. Possibly a walking stick handle. H.78mm.

Realised: $320


A 19thC S & A Calderara of London ivory backed travelling thermometer
the mercury filled tube in good order, the scale for Centigrade and Fahrenheit, in original Morocco leather case with top suspension hanger. L.178mm.

Realised: $180


A 19thC carved and turned bone pedestal pin cushion combination thimble holder
the thimble holder top with pierced bars, the spherical form body with worn red velvet pin cushions. H.90mm. Minor damage.

Estimate: $80


Two vintage needle cases
one a Mauchlin ware barrel and a plated cylinder.

Realised: $80


A sterling silver pill box and a 1920s silver plated baby's rattle
in the shape of a doll.

Estimate: $90


Two vintage ivory hair combs
one carved with roses, the other a Chinese garden scene. H.160mm and 120mm.

Realised: $280


A Victorian mother-of-pearl and silver card case
diamond panelled, the silver inlaid panel with vacant shield cartouche framed by florals.

Estimate: $140


A 19thC European (French) enamel and ormolu box
circular, the body and flat hinged lid with yellow toned angel mark panelled decoration on blue ground. Dia.95mm.

Estimate: $180


A Victorian ivory and abalone panelled card case
engraved inlaid silver cartouche to the front, original blue sectional interior. 110 x 80mm.

Estimate: $160


A 19thC Coromandel wood faced desk folder and matching circular stand
both embellished with decorative brass and malachite set bosses.

Estimate: $200


A 19thC European country fruitwood turned wooden bowl
fine ribbed bands, age evident. Dia.360mm.

Estimate: $90


A Victorian quartered oak decanter case
oblong with brass strapped corners and bale handle to the lid, the front opening to reveal an interior fitted to hold three decanters and glasses, replaced with three later claret jugs. 370 x 220 x 270mm.

Realised: $280


An Edwardian rimu smoker's cabinet
with mirror door opening to reveal two drawers.

Realised: $130


An Edwardian oak three-decanter tantalus
with square section cut glass decanters, held in a locked frame with hinged lidded compartments and concealed drawer. W.350mm.

Realised: $475


A Continental wood glove box
the exterior carved with florals, oak leaves and belt strapping. 320 x 100 x 700mm.

Realised: $80


Attributed Mary Baker Mother and Child bronze
monogramed and with foundry mark/date 85. H.255mm.

Realised: $140


A 19thC small bronze of Narcissus
he wears a goat skin slung over his shoulder, his hair is gathered in a grape vine band. He is captured glimpsing his reflection in a pool. After the original from Pompeii, now in the Musée Nationale, Naples. H.305mm (marble plinth faulted)

Realised: $300


An early 20thC Besson & Co. 'Class A' 'Zephy' slide trombone
in original leather case, engraved details to trumpet, silver plate brass construction, no mouthpiece.

Realised: $150


An old pingao kete
irregular rectangular shape with two handles. W.430mm.

Realised: $110


A rare George III painted police truncheon
with coat-of-arms and royal cypher on a black ground, ribbed handle. L.330mm.

Estimate: $650




A 19thC Wool work picture of the sailing ship 'H.M.S. Orpheus'
displayed under sale and worked in ivory, red, brown and blue dominant wool tones, an embroidered label to the base, some damage. 730 x 540mm.

Realised: $500


A George III embroidered sampler
featuring biblical verses, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden surrounded by various animals, etc, embroidered by Martha Smallwood, aged 12 years in 1812., under glass and in mahogany frame, some old staining. 530 x 410mm.

Realised: $400


A small Tibetan thangka
framed. 250 x 195mm.

Estimate: $150 - $300


An Australian made brass menorah candelabra
marked Dwyer, Melbourne, c.1920s. H.680mm

Realised: $230


A cased Stanley (Great Turnstile Holborn London) Amsler type planimeter
for measuring irregular 2D area, serial number 22289, c.1895, in German silver, calibrated for measuring in square inches.

Realised: $80


A Malloch & Sons plough plane
screw stemmed.

Realised: $100


An Edwardian Ericsson Commonwealth wall phone
the walnut frame with twin bells, early type handset, ebonised battery door.

Realised: $280


A Western Electric Co candlestick telephone
with ringer box, patent 1913. H.300mm.

Realised: $210


A Thornton-Pickard Imperial Triple Extension half plate mahogany field camera
with Thornton-Pickard shutter with cord release, Meyer & Co. Aristotigmat 180mm brass lens, damage to ground glass back.

Realised: $260


A W. W. Rouch Patent portable half plate mahogany field camera 1880 -1885
with Dallmeyer Rapid Rectilinear 6×5″ brass lens lacking stop. Labelled: ‘Rouch's Patent Camera, Manufactured by W. W. Rouch & Co., 180 Strand, London’.

Realised: $220


A Dr. Gerald Macaura’s patent 'Pulsocon' self-help blood circulator/massager
c.1900, functional mechanical vibrating instrument in original box with booklets.

Realised: $60


A Victorian period medical 'Magneto-Electric Machine manufactured by S Maw
Son & Thompson London, housed in mahogany box and with original manufacturers label and instructions. L.260mm

Realised: $170


A tin plate advertising desk top perpetual calendar
for Kepler Cod Liver. A.F. H.190mm

Realised: $120


A Worthington's Pale Ale pub mirror
700 x 960mm overall.

Realised: $220


A Georgian brass trivet
the top decorated with mermen creatures around a large vase, a wire grill to the base. 380 x 280 x 265mm.

Realised: $120


A vintage cameo shell lamp
carved with the image of a winged woman playing the harp, on traditional tripod winged beast base. H.225mm.

Realised: $250


A c.1930 Meccano constructed model of Sir Malcolm Campbell's ‘Blue Bird’
hatch blue and nickel printed panels. L. 565mm. Note: This 1933 ‘Blue Bird’ was sleeker and more aerodynamically superior to the earlier prototype. In 1935 it reached 301.337 miles per hour breaking the 300 mph barrier for the first time, crowning Sir Malcolm Campbell's record-breaking career.

Realised: $160


A cast iron money bank 'Every Copper Helps'
in the shape of a police officer, Sydenham McOustra, 1910 England. H.155mm.

Realised: $360


A Greedy Boy money box
green jacket with white collar and yellow tie, cast aluminium by H.C.U. Ltd, Ch-Ch. Original base. H.160mm.

Realised: $170


A vintage cast iron money bank
in the form of a football player shooting a goal, by John Harper, UK. Registered No. 247326 1895. Comes with coins. L.255mm, H.110mm.

Realised: $1,550


A large Georgian mahogany writing slope
decorated with cut brass borders on black lacquer ground, brass clashed edges and handles. Fitted interior. Some losses. 505 x 270 x 200mm.

Realised: $275


An olive wood souvenir album from Jerusalem
containing scenic prints and pressed flowers from 'The Holy Land'. 290 x 220mm.

Realised: $100


A Bellestone crocodile skin handbag

Realised: $60


A pair of vintage English hand-made riding boots
in brown leather and with wooden trees. British mens' size 8 (sole L.305mm, boot H.480mm).

Realised: $400


A large Louis Vuitton vintage 100% silk scarf
in original box, c.1980s. 1400 x 1400mm.

Realised: $260


A Victorian Paisley shawl
Jacquard loomed decorated with large paisley designs and small floral details. 1600 x 3240 approx.

Realised: $450


A Victorian Paisley shawl
Jacquard loomed decorated with large paisley designs and serpentine panels. Central velvet circular patch. 1600 x 2860mm approx.

Estimate: $250


A large Senufo korhogo cloth panel
northern Côte d'Ivoire, mid-20thC (c.1945), decorated with animals and figures.

Realised: $310


A large woven Akan Kente cloth
Ghana, mid-20thC (c.1945), in predominant maroon, green and gold colours, cotton and silk cloth strips hand stitched together.

Realised: $300


An African (Niger) large ground loom woven textile
geometric wool weft patterned on cotton warps, c.1960. 2560 x 1500mm

Estimate: $220


A Mongolian goat hide
with long lustrous blonde fur. L.1000mm.

Realised: $220


Four vintage pocketknives and one mini greenstone axe
one pocketknife with greenstone panels, the other three of mainly bone construction.

Realised: $260


A selection of USSCo brass buttons

Estimate: $90


An old split willow fishing creel
c.1920s/30s, bound in leather and with pigskin lure pouch and leather harness. W.380mm.

Realised: $160


A carved antler cabinet piece angler's 'priest' by Taupo master carver Des Baker
carved as a dragonfly nymph alighted on a stick, c.2004. L.260mm.

Realised: $450


A late 19thC carved wooden duck decoy
14½" solid wood body with keel, remnants of original paint and glass eyes. Noted as a beach find.

Estimate: $150 - $250


A large 14" x 7" wide body wooden duck decoy
flat underside and hollow body, fitted with large wooden keel and original glass eyes. c.1940's.

Realised: $200


A good 15" hand carved wooden display duck decoy
dark stained, attractive form with glass eyes.

Realised: $180


A pair of wooden teal duck decoys
displayable modern style and with '1st edition, A.P. Sutch/C. A. Benfield, Boyds Collection 1980-85' to underside.

Realised: $110


An early vintage fine weave canvas duck decoy
c.1920 kapok stuffed and shaped, with glass eyes.

Realised: $140


An early vintage wooden teal duck decoy
c.1920-30s, handmade, with flat underbelly, swivel head, tack eyes, in original order.

Realised: $230


An old 15" wooden two-piece duck decoy
c. 1940s.

Realised: $130


A vintage brass two-draw lady's gaff
stamped 'Made in Great Britain' and with remnants of logo to base. L.345mm (900mm extended)

Realised: $80


A Hardy St. George 3¾" fly reel
c.1940-50s, with glass agate guide, good line and blue Hardy zip case, in near mint condition.

Realised: $200


An old 7" Oakwood Ruben Heaton’s Scarborough-style sea reel
aged oak, ventilated spool with David Slater quick release spool, 'RH' stamped inside brass upright.

Realised: $100


A rare large Allcock Smith fly box
top quality English with leatherette finish, detail to inside. With contents.

Realised: $100


Three N.Z. vintage banknotes
includes two 5 pound by Fleming and one 10 pound by Hanna with faults.

Realised: $70


13 vintage N.Z. ₤1 banknotes
includes six Fleming, six Hanna and one Wilson.

Realised: $120