A copper fish poaching pan
with cast brass handles, tinned interior with lifting platform. L.450mm across handles.

Realised: $200


A Victorian copper kettle
with acorn finial to the lid. Dia.200mm.

Realised: $80


A Victorian street vendor's copper chestnut roasting pan
with wrought iron suspension handle and extension with wooden grip. Dia.330mm

Estimate: $250 - $350


An Edwardian oak and silver plate tantalus
three decanters, half hobnail decoration, chip to one, with key.

Realised: $400


A Regency mahogany sarcophagus tea caddy
with restrained inlay decoration, the interior with two lidded compartments flanking a cavity for a mixing bowl, ruched velvet lining to the lid, on brass bun feet with one ring handle to one side remaining. 325 x 160 x 220mm.

Estimate: $300


A Victorian police truncheon
tapering handle terminating in mushroom shape club. L.310mm.

Realised: $260


An old album of mainly early New Zealand postcards
includes 'Maori Children Diving for Coppers. Whakarewarewa.' And other Maori subjects, 'The Crater, Waimangu Geyser, New Zealand.', waterfalls, trains, Towns etc 145+ cards

Estimate: $400 - $600


An Indo/Persian steel sword stick with niello decoration
the curved handle with animal head and traditional inlaid decoration, unscrews to reveal a dagger, tapering shaft. L.950mm.

Realised: $480


A framed musical diorama
celebrating the formation of the Swiss Confederation in the 15thC, a porcelain figurine with the leaders of the three founding cantons framed under glass with key wind for the musical movement to one side. 500 x 640mm.

Realised: $280


A framed musical ecclesiastical diorama
similar to above but featuring a porcelain figurine of the birth of Christ, key for musical movement absent. (borer to the frame). 500 x 650mm.

Realised: $190


A bronze FINISHED RESIN statuette of a bulldog
with dark brown patina, mounted on slate plinth base. L.250mm. Note: On closer inspection we believe this to not be bronze and probably a modern resin production.

Estimate: $300 - $400


A pair of rococo ormolu candelabra
each with sinuous twin branches raised from scroll sculpted bases. H.165mm.

Estimate: $200 - $300


A Georgian mahogany banjo barometer
with silvered dial, the lower dial named F. Ciappessoni, Hastings, the trunk with a thermometer with a silver scale and surmounted by a 'dry-damp' dial beneath the swan neck pediment. H.950mm.

Estimate: $450 - $550


Victorian brass theodolite by Troughton & Simms London
in mahogany case with leather cover, additional lenses and fittings included, tripod brackets absent. Case is 350 x 380 x 200mm.

Realised: $800


A mid-length ocelot fur coat
split back, fully lined and with matching hat.

Realised: $1,900


A luxurious silver fox fur jacket
fully lined and in excellent condition.

Realised: $500


A Saga mink jacket
the caramel coloured pelts in thin vertical stripes alternating with thin suede panels, mandarin style collar, fully lined.

Realised: $300


A vintage zebra skin
with head, mane and tail. 2360 X 2100mm.

Realised: $1,100


A large taxidermy coalfish in cabinet display
the bowfronted glass case detailed in gilt and black 'New Sussex Record COALFISH 24lb 2oz. Caught by J. Tait 28th April 1996 on "Catchup II" Brighton Marina.' 1220 x 230 x 520mm.

Estimate: $600 - $1,000


An old glass large fishing net float
old rope binding, hand blown glass with large glass boss. Dia.380mm

Realised: $200


Two Indian miniature paintings of princes
both wearing jama robes and turbans, one admiring a rose bloom, the other bearing a shield, his hands in a position of supplication. Each 220 x 150mm (paper size)

Realised: $420


A 19thC Indian miniature of a Mughal prince
standing wearing mustard jama and holding a large, sheathed sword. Oval 130 x 75mm

Realised: $350


An 18thC steel engraving portrait of Lord Nelson
by Earlom after the painting by L. F. Abbot , published 1798. 450 x 350mm

Realised: $200


A naive Hodegetria icon
of the Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus, Russian 18th-19thC, oil on fruitwood recessed centre panel from a triptych, remnant simple hinges to the sides. Overall 305 x 200mm

Realised: $340


A contemporary Byzantine style small icon
and a lithograph icon of Christ crucified within an orthodox cross frame. 110 x 80mm and 330 x 295mm.

Realised: $280


A contemporary Byzantine style small icon
and a European oil on panel depicting the Virgin and Christ child. 170 x 140mm and 240 x 145mm.

Realised: $180


Two Russian icons
late 19th/early 20thC, Hodegetria and Salvator Mundi, both on pine panel with some worm damage. 305 x 210 and 180 x 130mm.

Realised: $400


Two Russian icons
20thC, Hodegetria and Salvator Mundi. 240 x 170 and 175 x 125mm.

Realised: $100


A Russian brass Hodegetria icon panel
moulded with the Virgin and Christ highlighted with blue and white enamel. 115 x 80mm.

Realised: $130


An early 20thC gilded spelter crucifix
on burr veneered oval timber wall plaque. 285 x 160mm.

Realised: $130


A pair of small English strip maps
one of Kent, the other double sided of Devonshire and Dorset. 185 x 115mm

Realised: $140


Three small English county maps
Kent, Lancashire and Devonshire. Largest 210 x 260mm

Realised: $140


A Mont Blanc 100 Year Anniversary limited edition fountain pen
produced 2006 only, designed and marketed as a homage to Montblanc's original safety pen Simplo Rouge et Noire, c.1908. Black resin case with gold bands and clip, early logo, sliding sleeve case to expose 18K gold nib. Cartridge fill. With original case and booklets.

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,300


A Mont Blanc 100 Year Anniversary limited edition fountain pen
produced 2006 only, designed and marketed as a homage to Montblanc's original safety pen Simplo Rouge et Noire, c.1908. Black resin case with gold bands and clip, early logo, sliding sleeve case to expose 18K gold M nib. Cartridge fill. With original case, outer packaging and booklets with plastic wrap. As new.

Estimate: $1,100 - $1,400


A Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 146 fountain pen
burgundy resin case with gold mounts, (Germany mark, ser. no.HI1034386) cartridge fill. With black leather Mont Blanc wallet case.

Realised: $320


A Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 146 fountain pen
black resin case with gold mounts, (W.Germany mark, ser. no.KB122322) reservoir window, piston fill, 14K gold M nib, in black plastic presentation box

Realised: $300


A Mont Blanc Star Walker roller ball pen
black resin case with silver mounts. With black hard box and outer card case.

Realised: $370


A British 1853 pattern cavalry troopers sabre
fullered, with a spear point, three bar guard, leather grip, issue white leather sword knot, steel scabbard with two hangers. Overall 1000mm

Realised: $700


A British 1796 pattern light cavalry troopers sabre
fullered, ‘stirrup’ guard with an iron knucklebow and quillon, wire bound leather grip, steel scabbard with two hangers engraved DYC 393. Overall 1000mm

Realised: $850


A Japanese WWII shin guntō sword
cloth bound rayskin covered hilt, combat leather scabbard and hilt cover, unsigned tang, 615mm blade, overall 970mm

Realised: $1,700


Military sketch by Daniel Oren(?)
'Front d'X Cavaliers Américains', [French Tenth Army front, American cavalry], ink and watercolour, signed, dated Fev 1918 and entitled. 80 x 135mm

Realised: $200


Military sketch by Franck Dupuy
'En route pour l'arrière, (Verdun)', [En route for the rear], ink and watercolour, signed, dated Fev 1918 and entitled. 75 x 115mm.

Realised: $200


A pastel portrait of Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery
by Gerard Hugh Bertrand Pinnock, signed and dated 1959. 430 x 345mm.

Realised: $240


A kidney shaped leather shot flask
embossed with game birds and rabbit, stamped 3lb, the brass charge nozzle adjustable for 1¼ or 1oz. L.230mm

Estimate: $200 - $260


A selection of German WWII insignia
including cloth badges, epaulettes and 1934 Hitler Youth badge.

Estimate: $220 - $320


A collection of various badges and medals
including RAF 73 Sqdn pocket badge, RCAF cap badge, service medals, Edw VII coronation medals, etc.

Realised: $180


A 9ct gold and ruby WWI hat badge
the 9th Reinforcements NZEF hat badge has been converted to a brooch.

Realised: $220


A 20thC Fijian culacula club
of dark hardwood, flattened cruciform blade with notched pattern on a similarly patterned shaft. L.1000mm.

Realised: $360


A mid-19thC map of New Zealand
by W. Hughes 1843, with insets of 'The Settled Portion of Western Australia' and 'Van Diemens Land'. Scattered foxing. 370 x 270mm.

Realised: $130


A rare New Zealand trilobite fossil
the two piece rock nodule showing fine detail. L.80mm.

Realised: $440


A large river worn and polished pounamu boulder/touchstone
of semi-mountainous form, the dark green tone with pale inclusions, polished top. 520 x 440 x 240. Approx. 40kgs.

Realised: $7,800


An amateur ornithologist's 1898 album of watercolours of birds
copied after Walter Buller's Birds of New Zealand. Each illustration annotated, ten leaves of watercolours, four leaves of 19thC photographs of the Canterbury Museum moa display, specimens of Diaphorapteryx hawkinsi and moa skeletons, and taxidermy kiwi. Correspondence from Buller affixed inside front cover. 350 x 250mm

Realised: $280


An extinct female adult stout legged moa skeleton display
the moa (Euryapteryx Curtus) skeleton principally from the one bird found c.1970s in a drained swamp on a private farm on the Tokorau Peninsula by the vendor and his father. Mounted on a Perspex rod with jeweller's wire and on a kauri base, with remains of an egg. H.740mm. Note: The stout-legged moa, was a mid-sized bird at home in forest fringes and scrublands. Females weighed about twice as much as males.

Estimate: $20,000


An extinct adult male stout legged moa skeleton display
the moa (Euryapteryx Curtus) skeleton principally from the one bird found c.1970s in a drained swamp on a private farm on the Tokorau Peninsula by the vendor and his father. Mounted on a Perspex rod with jeweller's wire and on a matai base, with gizzard stones and partly digested snail. H.620mm. Note: The stout-legged moa, was a mid-sized bird at home in forest fringes and scrublands. Males weighed about half as much as females.

Estimate: $20,000


A late 19th/early 20thC Maori carved tokotoko/walking stick
carved with three wide encircling bands of stylised figures flanked by koru and leaf highlights. Good colour and patina. Being assessed for registration. L.805mm. Y21152. Must be a registered collector to purchase.

Realised: $800


A pre-European Maori toki pounamu (greenstone adze)
reduced tapered haft with distinctive short, flared shoulders to the flat blade with near parallel sides, chip to blade edge, dark green tone with pale/orange/brown inclusions, in good polish. L.175, W.65mm. Registered Y21151. Must be a registered collector to purchase.

Realised: $850


An early 20thC Maori carved kauri tray
the central recessed panel with twin masks upon a field with lineal and scrolling lines highlighted with notches, framed by a wide kowhaiwhai band and outer band with notch detail highlighted with repeating paua discs. 620 x 440mm. Chip to one handle end.

Estimate: $600 - $1,000


An 18thC steel engraving portrait of Captain James Cook
by Sherrin after the painting by Nathaniel Dance, published 1784. 290 x 235mm

Realised: $220


Louis Le Breton 'Fond De La Baie
Sarah's Bosom (Iles Auckland)' (Port Ross, Auckland Isles) lithograph c.1846. D'Urville's Voyage de l'Astrolabe, Atlas Pittoresque Plate 175. 190 x 345mm.

Estimate: $250 - $500


Rare late 19thC New Zealand wool work picture 'S.S. Te Kapu & Echo' by W. Coker
the two vessels possibly at the Wairoa river entrance with a whare on the far bank, worked in coloured wools, entitled and signed in wool, with original backing boards and frame, 420 x 560mm.

Realised: $2,200


A vintage silver gelatin photograph
'Maori Carvers at Mourea, Ohau Channel, Rotorua, 1905' by William Hammond. 180 x 245mm.

Realised: $150


George Chance (1885-1963)
'Forest Relics near Taihape', camera study (silver gelatin photograph, signed and titled. 255 x 205mm

Realised: $95


George Chance (1885-1963)
'Evening Light - Lake Taupo', camera study (silver gelatin photograph), signed and titled. 200 x 240mm.

Realised: $150


Connie Lloyd (1895-1982)
landscape, etching. 100 x 170mm.

Realised: $50


Bronze medallions for the British Empire Games 1950 and Boxing Championships Otago 1948
along with a silver boxing medallion by Mayer & Kean.

Realised: $420


A large Doreen Blumhardt floor pot
the ovoid body with brushed abstract leaf and vine decoration in dark khaki and blue on pale grey ground. H.545mm. c.1980.

Realised: $600


A Doreen Blumhardt c.1970's bowl
wax resist flying forms to the interior, tenmoku exterior, impressed potters mark. Dia. 295mm.

Realised: $120


A large and impressive Chester Nealie salt glazed vessel
the spherical body and tapered neck with remnants of encrusted shells from the firing, clear celadon type glaze showing variation from thick glassy sections to near matt. Impressed potter's mark to base. H.415mm.

Realised: $1,000


A Crown Lynn Potteries 'Legend' plate
rounded square form with gilt highlighted relief decoration of stylised iconic New Zealand imagery including kiwi, taiaha, florals, etc. on dark brown glazed ground. Gilt printed details to reverse 'E.D.B.* J.D.B. DESIGNED AND MADE ...' Uncommonly in original box with printed 'Legend' details '1.Kauri.'. 290 x 290mm.

Realised: $460


A large Hoglund glass bowl
oval with broad everted rim patterned with curved radiating narrowing black bands issuing from a black well and terminating in a black border. Etched signature. 545 x 465 x 105mm.

Realised: $550


A 1960’s Czechoslovakian glass vase by Borocrystal (Sklo Union)
mallet shape, white cased with cobalt. Original foil label. H.155mm.

Estimate: $200 - $250


A Timo Sarpeneva glass decanter
with original label. H.170mm.

Realised: $190


A Clyne Farquharson crystal bowl
leaf pattern, signature and dated etched to base. 250 x 90mm.

Realised: $340


A good c.1930's Art Deco Hutschenreuther 'The Finale' figurine by Karl Tutter (1883-1969)
showing the dancer in her dramatic final pose. Printed and impressed marks including signature. H.285mm.

Realised: $900


An Art Deco cast zinc polar bear table lamp
c.1925, by Thomas François Cartier (French, 1879-1943), iceberg-form shade absent. H.210mm

Estimate: $250 - $450


A William Moorcroft flambe vase
of baluster shape, with blue-green splashes to the wall and neck. H.160mm

Realised: $460


An Imperial Russian cobalt glass egg
engraved with a double headed eagle bearing orb and sceptre and to the reverse with a monogram of Alexander I. H.90mm.

Estimate: $2,000 - $2,400


A pair of early 19thC Russian purple glass goblets
with twelve sided tapering bowls raised on an acorn knops on tall stems from conforming twelve sided bases, decorated in gilt with pastimes scenes. H.290mm.

Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000


An early 19thC Russian cobalt glass goblet
decagonal raised on a short stem from a circular spreading foot, decorated in gilt with a scene of a couple taking tea and floral sprigs. H.150mm. A matching example sold at Christies New York Russian Art Sale 2434 13 April 2011, lot 292 for US$2500

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000


An early 19thC Russian cobalt glass goblet
decagonal slightly tapering bowl raised on a short knopped stem from a conforming spreading foot, decorated in gilt with a scene of a romantic couple in a landscape. H.155mm. A matching goblet offered on eBay 2015 for $US2925, and a similar at Sotheby's New York Russian Art Sale 26 April 2006.

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000


An early 19thC Russian cobalt glass goblet
twelve sided tapering bowl raised on a knop from a conforming twelve sided foot, decorated in gilt with a scene of a romantic couple in a landscape. H.165mm.

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000


Waterford crystal tall vase
tapered form with fluted and diamond detail, paper label and acid etched mark. H.260mm.

Realised: $160


A pair of Waterford crystal decanters
‘Sheila’ pattern. H.330mm.

Estimate: $350 - $450


A Waterford crystal decanter
‘Lismore’ pattern. H.340mm

Realised: $200


A set of six Waterford crystal large wine glasses
in the Alana pattern with fine diamond hobnail cut bodies, faceted tapering stems, acid etched mark to foot. H.175mm.

Realised: $300


A set of six Waterford crystal large red wine glasses
Lismore type pattern. Etched mark to each. H.200mm.

Realised: $280


A set of six Waterford 'Lismore' tall wine glasses
faceted tapered stems. H.212mm.

Realised: $320


A set of six Waterford 'Lismore' tall beverage glasses
long tapered bodies on short faceted tapered stems. H.195mm.

Realised: $400


An impressive large Royal Worcester fruit painted 'Bow' vase and cover by D. Shinnie
shape #1428 with a well painted front of peaches and blackberries upon a mossy ground, elaborate gilt enrichments to the handles, bows and various bands, the cover with traditional finial top, black factory stamp and painted numbers c.1990, in good overall condition and signed by the artist. H.310mm. Note: this piece is recorded as the most iconic shape in the Royal Worcester painted fruit range.

Realised: $3,400


A 1911 Royal Worcester hand painted black face sheep urn vase by Harry Davis
shape #2249, the front painted with three sheep in a dramatic alpine Scottish landscape signed H. Davis, printed mark and date code for 1911. H.235mm. Professional restoration.

Realised: $2,200


A Royal Worcester vase
Hereford cattle at the riverbank, signed John Stinton, ovoid form on round base with gilt embellishment, conforming small trumpet form neck, date mark 1910. H.300mm.

Realised: $1,800


A Royal Worcester cabinet plate
Highland Cattle on the moors, signed J. Stinton, date mark 1920, professional restoration. Dia.230mm.

Realised: $190


An impressive Royal Worcester cabinet plate
a central medallion painted with pears and grapes, the border of cobalt blue with lavish gilding, signed W. Bee, date mark 1916, professional restoration. Dia.225mm.

Realised: $150


A Royal Worcester small footed bowl
the interior decorated with various fruit and signed A. Shuck, the exterior in an egg yolk yellow ground, gilt to the rim, date mark 1925. Dia.160mm.

Realised: $240


A Royal Worcester blush ivory lizard jug
the exterior in a basket weave pattern with a lizard crawling up the side, the handle in the form of a branch, handle and lizard in green with gilt embellishment, date mark 1895. 200 x 150mm.

Realised: $130


A Royal Worcester small footed table jardiniere
decorated with roses and forget-me-not flowers, Hadley shape, date mark 1905. H.70mm.

Realised: $90


A Royal Worcester vase
decorated with wild roses, Hadley shape, date mark 1907. H.170mm.

Realised: $190


A Royal Worcester table jardiniere
decorated with roses, Hadley shape with gilded scrolling handles, date mark 1907. 150 x 115mm.

Estimate: $250 - $350


A Royal Worcester mug
decorated in wild roses, Hadley shape, date mark 1904. H.110mm.

Estimate: $150


Early 19thC Derby porcelain figure depicting music
the standing female figure modelled holding a flute in one hand, a sheet of music in the other, a mandolin by her feet, enamel and gilt decorated, the flute end broken and absent. H.205mm.

Realised: $200