Tuesday, 12 - Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Gabby Cox was a passionate collector. In 1995 Te Papa (The Museum of New Zealand) published the book Gold & Silversmithing in Nineteenth & Twentieth Century New Zealand by Winsome Shepherd. This triggered Gabby's study and collecting early New Zealand jewellery, medals and silver culminating in what we believe to be one of the best private collections of such pieces. Now, some two plus decades on, Gabby has decided the responsibility of ownership should not remain with her and has privileged Cordy’s with presenting it for sale by auction. This is part 2 of this landmark auction, single owner collection formed over 20 years is the finest offering of New Zealand made jewellery, silver, medals, medallions and more to come to the market in one auction. It includes the most comprehensive collection of makers to be amassed in one collection. Includes: Reuben Watts, Edith Morris, Alfred Atkinson, Frank Grady, various Kohn examples, Anton Teutenberg, Fred Momey, Louis Kerr, Beaver & Co. G & T Young, James Pascoe, M. Sandstein, Wm. Littlejohn, Joseph Swindell, John Gerrard, Walsh & Co. John Cairney James King, B. Peteresen, etc etc.