14-inch radius mahogany octant

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,600

Lot Description

14-inch radius mahogany octant, marked 'Thomas Given 1803' on ivory plaque on the crossbar, with ivory scale divided -2 to 99, black lacquered brass index arm engraved 'Gurden Salharp', ivory vernier scale divided 0-20, brass thumbscrew lock to back and screw adjuster to front, brass two hole sighting vane with swivel shutter, blacked brass mirror, plug in shades (green, red, red), horizon glass adjustment by lever and adjuster screw, shade and horizon glass on brass table. Ivory cap to crossbar and writing plaque to verso. With green painted oak stepped box (chiseled slightly to fit), with old repairs and 19thC instrument maker's labels affixed. Provenance: The H.N.E Sheppard Estate Collection.