A large Southern Indian bronze urli (temple bowl)
shallow circular with two lifting handles looping from the rim to the shoulder. Dia.590mm

Realised: $700


Two small cold painted bronze figures of Arab boys
in the manner of Bergman, one with a rolled rug (faulted) and a water seller. H.125mmm

Realised: $120


A small cold painted bronze figure of an Arab boy
in the manner of Bergman, loading tusks into a donkey's panier. L.120mm

Realised: $120


An early 20thC taxidermy seabird’s head
on timber shield with inset figured timber panels. H.350mm

Realised: $190


A 19thC taxidermy hound's head
on mahogany shield. H.360mm

Realised: $500


A 19thC taxidermy hound's head
named ‘Warden' on brass plaque, by taxidermists Helstrip of York, trade label to the back of the oak shield. H.290mm

Realised: $500


A 20thC finely scrimshawed ivory whales’ tooth 'Maori War Canoes at Sea 1827'
the coastal scene includes 11 war canoes with entitlement one side, a single canoe the other. L.185mm.

Realised: $1,000


A 19thC papier-mâché snuff box
rectangular form, the lid decorated with pietra dura inlay. L.80mm.

Estimate: $100 - $200


A 19thC papier-mâché snuff box
square form, the lid illustrated with two boys playing skittles. 85 x 55mm.

Realised: $95


A 19thC tortoiseshell snuff box
octagonal form, brass rim to lid, the interior hinge with pierced decoration. 85 x 60mm.

Realised: $150


A 19thC horn snuff box
primitive construction, oval form, large ring pull to the lid. L.55mm.

Realised: $60


A 19thC horn snuff box
primitive construction, rectangular form. L.80mm.

Estimate: $100 - $150


A 19thC papier-mâché snuff box
rectangular form, the lid in tortoiseshell with inlaid brass decoration. L.80mm.

Realised: $50


A 19thC papier-mâché snuff box
rectangular form, the lid decorated with a woman glaring at penitent cherubs. L.95mm.

Realised: $120


A 19thC papier-mâché snuff box
curved front, the lid decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl and steel decoration. L.90mm.

Realised: $70


A 19thc horn snuff mull
with silver rim and silver thistle decoration to the hinged lid. L.85mm.

Realised: $500


A 18thC papier-mâché snuff box
round with the lid decorated with an engraving of an amorous customer making overtures to a barmaid. Dia.85mm.

Estimate: $100 - $150


A 19thC snuff box
in the form of a small leather shoe. L.70mm.

Estimate: $100 - $150


A 19thC papier-mâché snuff box
in the form of a boot with a high polish finish, cut steel embellishments. L.100mm.

Realised: $110


A 13½" wooden Bluebill duck decoy
carved from white cedar, wide body, painted detail, glass eyes, c.1930s.

Realised: $280


A decorative 15" x 6½" Mallard drake decoy type sculpture
carved from a single wood block, painted and with glass eyes.

Realised: $180


An uncommon Mason challenge grade 15" wood decoy
hand carved and painted cedar. A Detroit Michigan type with glass eyes, c.1920s.

Estimate: $300


A vintage 16" early Canvasback hollowed wooden decoy
pegged swivel removeable head, flat wooden floor and glass eyes. Some old shot marks and age cracks, very original example, 1890s-1900s.

Estimate: $260


A large vintage 15" Mallard hen decoy
made from pressed cork with glass eyes, wooden flat base with wooden keel, unusual early type, c.1910s-1920s.

Estimate: $200 - $280


A 13" carved cedar preening duck decoy
head turned, glass eyes, hand painted. Signed to base.

Estimate: $300


A vintage oil skin covered 'Oliveros 16" Pin Tail'
stuffed with cork chips, wooden bill, glass eyes, c.1920s-30s.

Estimate: $180


A 13½" decorative wooden Mallard drake decoy
glass eyes, handmade and painted.

Realised: $140


A decorative wooden 10" Mallard hen display decoy
detailed hand finish to the decoy.

Realised: $280


A good 4¼" Watson & Hancock brass and ebonite salmon fly reel
6 pillars, straight brass foot, smooth permanent check, rims bound in German silver, c.1832-1887 address, fully embossed.

Estimate: $280


An original 4" J.M. McGowan Hercules type brass salmon reel
permanent check, horn handle, good working order, c.1885.

Estimate: $220


A good 4" Moscrops alloy and brass fly reel
smooth working check, side tensioner, maker's details to brass centre, c.1920s.

Realised: $120


An uncommon 2½" small Moscrops brass fly reel
side tensioner and with permanent check.

Estimate: $120


A good early Sharpes of Scotland fold-out landing net
dual embossing, original order, c.1940s-1950s.

Realised: $160


A 19thC Coromandel wood writing slope
with brass clashed edges. 400 x 250 x 180mm.

Realised: $260


A quality New Zealand colonial burr totara writing slope
the interior with compartments for pens and ink bottles, replacement insert and with old repairs. 390 x 230 x 140mm.

Realised: $1,000


A 19thC folio of approximately 650 autographs including Queen Victoria
and persons representing elected office, the bar, medicine, civil service, diplomatic corps, scholars, the arts (Mark Twain, Queen Emma (Netherlands), Lord Salisbury (PM), etc). With two swatches of fabric from dresses of Victoria and the Princess Royal. Provenance: Rev Gideon Smales (1817-1894).

Realised: $1,000


An impressive 19thC French crucifix
the painted porcelain figure of Christ on an elaborate inlaid wood cross, with shelf for a votive candle, (from a private chapel in Normandy). 480 x 1000mm.

Realised: $1,300


A pewter 'Portaghiaccio Impero' (Empire Ice Bucket) designed by Giovanni Patrini for Atena
'Mesa Collection', covered urn form with liner. Stamped maker's marks. H. 520mm

Realised: $500


A vintage full length ocelot fur coat with fox collar
fully lined and in excellent condition, size 8.

Realised: $1,600


A full-length black suede coat with black fox collar and cuffs
kangaroo pelt lined, in excellent condition, size large 8 to small 10.

Realised: $440


A Chanel black patent handbag
quilted with a quatrefoil repeating motif, logo mounted magnetic clasp, stitched silvered tan leather label to the interior with single zippered compartment. Double chain mounted handle.

Realised: $600


An old Japanese glass fishing float
with woven open netting cover. Dia. 370mm approx.

Realised: $200


An old Japanese glass fishing float
with woven green netting cover. Dia. 370mm approx.

Realised: $180


An old Japanese glass fishing float
with fine woven netting cover. Dia. 370mm approx.

Realised: $220


An old Japanese glass fishing float
with woven blue netting cover. Dia. 370mm approx.

Realised: $190


An old Japanese glass fishing float
with woven grey netting cover. Dia. 370mm approx.

Realised: $220


A British Naval cordite charge bucket (Clarkson Case)
leather with canvas cover, with Royal coat-of-arms decal to the side, strap handled. Suitable as a stick stand. Faults. H.470mm

Realised: $190


A late 19thc leather shot flask
brass top with sprung action for measured charge. Suspension ring to base. L.225mm

Realised: $120


An early Victorian six shot pepperbox pistol
.40 calibre, 3" barrel, under hammer ring trigger, fine foliate decoration, one side engraved " J.R. COOPER’S PATENT ". No license required.

Realised: $1,000


An early 19thC Dust of London flintlock pistol
the steel barrel with maker's name, brass fittings, captured steel ramrod. L.380mm. No license required.

Realised: $950


An English antique c.1800 flintlock seaman's pistol by Martin Brander and Thomas Potts
70 Minories, London. The lock plate with maker's names, 12" round steel barrel, the lock with roller frizzen, rainproof pan and half cock safety. Plain brass furniture including trigger guard, one-piece mahogany stock, captured ramrod. L.490mm. No license required.

Realised: $1,800


An early 19thC pepper box revolver
in distressed condition. No license required.

Realised: $300


A part 19thC Day's Patent walking stick gun
the mahogany handle with round steel section, signed enclosed action with under-hammer and folding trigger. Stock and barrel absent. L.200mm.

Realised: $700


An 18thC East India Co. blunderbuss
steel barrel, the steel lock with engraved East India Co. mark and 'DEBENHAM', brass trigger guard and fittings to the captured steel ramrod. Some faults. L.765mm.

Realised: $2,800


A George II brass barrelled blunderbuss
mahogany stock, brass furniture, steel lock, the brass barrel with proof marks, Government crown above GP and B apparently for Barker of Wigan. Captured ramrod. L.660mm.

Realised: $2,800


A c.1850 John Blanch & Son London muzzle loading hammer rifle
maker's name to the octagonal barrel and lock, brass ramrod, cap box cover to butt absent. L.1160mm.

Realised: $1,100


A C1850 John Blissett double barrel muzzle loading rifle combination shotgun
engraved maker's name and details. the stock broken and with old copper sheet repair, a.f. L.1150mm. No license required.

Realised: $550


A pair of French percussion pistols
walnut with checkered grips, steel locks, actions at fault, 22-gauge octagonal steel barrels (165mm 6½"), otherwise brass furniture all with decorative engraving, ramrods absent. Overall L.300mm. No license required.

Realised: $2,800


A Burmese silver scabbarded sword
the hilt with a similar silver section heavily engraved to confirm with the scabbard, with an elephant tusk handle. L.1290mm.

Realised: $1,900


An old Japanese katana sword blade in shirasaya. displaying a fairly straight hamon
in good polish. The tang with single hole and unsigned. With old Japanese certificate? In wooden box with silk bag. Blade L.610mm.

Realised: $1,100


An old Japanese wakizashi sword in shirasaya
near straight hamon, the tang with two engraved characters, possibly shortened. The blade in good polish, one small casting blemish, together with Japanese authentication papers. Please note: the authentication papers appear to be for a different sword.) Blade L.510mm.

Realised: $1,100


A WWII Japanese shin gunto katana sword
brown steel scabbard with single hanger. The blade in as found good condition with minimal rust. The handle (tsuka) fixed to the tang and unable to be removed, with single peg. Blade length approx. 670mm. Provenance: the estate collection of Wing Commander J. J. De Willimoff (1917-2003) RNZAF, NZ413038, MBE, DFC; with 15 Squadron in the Solomons 1943/44; commanded (Fighter) 23 Squadron at Emirau and Los Negros 1944/45; led 14 Squadron RNZAF Occupation Forces Japan 1945/47 (where he was gifted this sword); aide-de-camp to the Governor General 1950/51; retired 1951; Air Efficiency Award 1961; Reserve Force until 1972.

Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000


Memorium Cross to F/O D.V. Gilmour 36240 RAF
MiD, who was lost without trace on 16th December 1941 during a transport flight between England and Gibraltar in 24 Squadron Hudson III V9115 ( aged 26 after completing at least 36 ops, 35 with Bomber Command.

Realised: $350


A selection of German WWII insignia
including cloth badges, epaulettes and 1934 Hitler Youth badge.

Realised: $260


An uncommon Pitcairn Island carved wooden wall mounting flying fish
stamped with birthday presentation to back. Small loss to tail tip. L.260mm

Estimate: $160


A 19thC Aboriginal bullroarer
both sides with fine lineal carving in square panels. L.468mm. This is an ancient ritual musical instrument and a device historically used for communicating over great distances.

Realised: $200


A vintage Papua New Guinean tall fighting shield
painted with a central black diamond panel and with blue and white chevron designs above and below. H.1510, W.410mm. Some age splitting. Provenance: Collected in the PNG Highlands c.1970s by Australian collector Bob Hall.

Realised: $380


A pre-European Maori stone mahi (sinker)
oval form with pecked lateral groove. L.93mm.Registered Y21270.

Realised: $190


Ephemera associated with Wesleyan missionaries Gideon Smales and his son Ambrose
an 1858 map of the 'Hokianga Harbour' showing sites of Wesleyan Chapels and the Mission Station; 1846-47 John Williamson, et al press religious tracts in Māori (4); 1872 'Opinions and Testimonials (Smales - Wesleyan Conference) (2); Holy Bible/Wesleyan Hymns.

Realised: $360


A large pounamu boulder/touch stone
river worn. 27+kgs. 440 x 350 x 140mm.

Realised: $2,400


A large pounamu river worn boulder bowl
finely carved with an encircling band of kowhaiwhai decoration. 28+kgs. 410 x 340 x 170mm.

Realised: $3,000


A John Parker vase
ovoid base with pinched neck, matt black glaze, potter's mark to base, made by Parker and shown in his last exhibition before travelling to England for study. H.160mm.

Realised: $260


A John Parker porcelain vase
fine ribbed spherical base with slender neck, impressed mark under red glaze. H.120mm.

Realised: $140


A John Parker bottle vase
sang de boeuf glaze, impressed mark to base. H.190mm.

Realised: $120


A John Parker vase
spherical with bamboo form slender neck, in grey and black tones, impressed mark to base. H.180mm.

Realised: $170


A John Parker bowl
turned spire to the centre, copper/manganese metallic glazed, impressed mark to foot ring. Dia.350mm.

Realised: $400


A John Parker bowl
copper/manganese metallic glaze with bands of textured white and blue, impressed mark to foot ring. Dia.210mm.

Realised: $260


A John Parker stoneware bowl
pitted finish in deep caramel tones with bands of cream, impressed potter's mark to base. Dia.265mm.

Realised: $300


in grey and pink tones, impressed potter's mark to base. Dia. 190mm.

Realised: $100


A Ted Dutch 'Don Quixote' glazed tile
signed to the reverse. (Chip to one corner). 155 x 155mm.

Realised: $300


A Len Castle shino glazed pouring vessel
the short tapered open spout nearly joining at the top, impressed mark to base. Dia.240mm.

Realised: $280


Nicholas Brandon large pottery vase
orb form body and tapered neck, the black gloss glaze with iron-streaked highlights. Unmarked. H.430mm.

Realised: $550


A large Lawrence Ewing pottery vase
exhibition quality, orb form with inverted rim, striking speckled pale/brown glaze to the shoulder over the dark glazed body. Incised potters mark to base. H.430mm.

Realised: $600


A large and impressive Muriel Moody salt glazed figure of a reclining woman
one elbow and knees raised, attractively salt glazed with blue and dark olive green/brown tones, old repair to foot. 880 x 445 x 330.

Realised: $4,200


Isobel McBeath 'The Widow' bronze sculpture group
five piece including seven figures, on stained kauri plinth base with attached plaque with artist's name 'Belmac' and title. Note: McBeath was born in Lower Hutt in 1939, and is recorded as exhibiting with the AFA, Wellington, 1981/82. 310 x 195 x 290mm.

Estimate: $460


A pair of Stephan Rondel candlesticks
cast aluminium, tripod base forming a heart pattern supporting a slender column and candle sconce, impressed mark to base of one drip tray, paper label to the base of the other. 150 x 120mm.

Realised: $250


A large Grace Seccombe (Australian 1880-1956) sculpture ‘Billy Bluegum’
a crinkly eared koala, glazed in colours. Unmarked. H.205mm. Note: See similar example in 'Australian Art Pottery: 1900 - 1950', by Kevin Fahy, Casuarina Press, 2004, pg.328 plate 430

Realised: $500


British Arts & Crafts Carlo Manzoni ‘Minerva Ware’ pottery vase
painted marks to base 'Hand drawn & painted', monogrammed and dated 1897 and other marks. H.200mm. Note: Manzoni joined Harold Rathbone and Conrad Dressler, founders of the Della Robbia Pottery, in December 1893, within a few months of its establishment. He left in June 1895 to open his own Minerva Ware works at Granville Pottery in Staffordshire, before returning to Della Robbia in June 1898.

Realised: $260


Thomas Samuel Haile (British 1909-1948) stoneware mug
c.1940, iron brushed surrealist design, impressed SH mark. Minor chipping to rim. Note: Haile was born in London and left school at the age of fifteen to work at a shipping firm. He attended evening classes at Clapham School of Art and in 1931 won a scholarship to study painting at the Royal College of Art. However, he later transferred to study pottery, believing that his attitude did not fit with the academically focused painting department. Haile seemed to have found his ideal expressive medium in ceramics and although he is primarily remembered as a potter, producing some of the most original works of the time, Haile always considered himself a painter. He joined the British surrealist group in 1937 but with the onset of war he emigrated to America. Following his enlistment into the U.S. Army he was forced to return to Britain in 1944. He died in a car accident in 1948.

Estimate: $120 - $200


Colin Pearson (British 1923-2007) attributed studio pottery vase
salt glazed, the ribbed arch fin-type top above the angular body. Some chipping to fin. Unmarked. H.250mm, Dia.250mm.

Estimate: $460 - $600


Michael Cardew and Henry Bergen for Winchcombe Pottery bowl
an encircling exterior band of trellis and floral brushed panels, gloss peach glaze to the terracotta body. Three impressed marks to the base. c1930. Dia.240mm.

Estimate: $2,000 - $2,600


A rare French Art Deco Boch Freres vase
brightly enamelled floral decoration with gilt enrichments and handles. Printed mark. H.165mm.

Realised: $700


A L.C.T. Tiffany favrile glass goblet
c.1900, raised on a baluster stem, iridescent gold tone. Signed and detailed to the base '3157 M L.C.T. Tiffany Favrile'. H.170mm. D100mm

Realised: $500


A Steuben Aurene Iridescent flared bowl
American c.1900, iridescent gold interior, pearlized white exterior, unsigned. Dia.350mm

Realised: $240


A Steuben Aurene Iridescent glass bowl
c.1900 American, inverted rim, raised on three small knob feet. Signed to the base 'Aurene, 23-86'. Dia.270mm

Realised: $200


A c.1900 Bernard Moore flambé glaze vase
deep lustrous red glaze to most of the body, one handle repaired, underglaze blue potters mark to base. H.295mm.

Realised: $170


An Italian Art Deco alabaster statuette of an Egyptian dancer
with gilded detail to her accoutrements and jewellery. Signed. Restored. H.380mm.

Realised: $600


A Moorcroft Macintyre Florian ware vase
tube lined poppy pattern, marks to base, small professional restoration to interior of rim. 140 x 220mm.

Realised: $1,300


An uncommon William Moorcroft Hazeldene tobacco humidor
squat spherical form with traditional trees and landscape in blue/green tone, with original lid fitted with brass screw-down fitting, two chips to internal lip of lid, full signature in green and with printed and impressed marks. Dia.150mm, H.100mm.

Estimate: $1,400


An impressive William Moorcroft flambe vase
in the Leaves and Berries pattern, impressed marks and signature to base, with paper ‘By Appointment’ label, dated 1935. (Previously valued by Tanfield Potter at $25,000). 300 x 340mm.

Realised: $7,000