A Victorian copper kettle
fixed handle, cramp seam to base and side.

Realised: $170


A Victorian copper kettle
fixed handle, cramp seam to base and side, old repairs.

Realised: $150


A brass and copper Dutch kettle
copper swing handled, hinged spout cover, old repairs.

Realised: $130


A Victorian oversize copper teapot
possibly used for shop display, fixed handle, cramp seam to base and side, (old dents). 550 x 490mm (includes spout and handle).

Realised: $480


A Victorian copper preserving pan
with cramped seams running up the side and base, swing cast iron handle, rolled rim, with old repairs. 280 x 230mm.

Realised: $300


A small Victorian brass preserving pan
fixed cast iron handle. 260 x 125mm.

Realised: $100


A Victorian copper preserving pan
fixed cast iron handles to each side. 310 x 130mm.

Realised: $260


A 19thC Army & Navy CSL copper preserving pan
the rolled rim with two cast copper fixed handles. Dia.380mm

Realised: $240


A Victorian copper harvest jug
half gallon, with lead marks to the rim, old repairs.

Realised: $160


A Victorian copper harvest jug
one gallon, dented and with old repairs.

Estimate: $250 - $350


A 19thC large copper jug
baluster with spreading foot, cast brass handle. Labelled to the rim 'T.R. Mason'. H.240mm

Realised: $100


A graduated set of six Victorian brass cooking pots
the iron tapered handles with copper and brass rivets.

Realised: $320


A large Victorian copper saucepan
cramp seam to base and side, long fixed cast iron handle. 290 x 140mm.

Realised: $180


A large heavy brass saucepan
long tapering fixed cast iron handle. 270 x 140mm.

Realised: $120


A heavy brass saucepan
with pouring spout and long tapering fixed cast iron handle. 230 x 110mm.

Realised: $120


A vintage brass bound oak barrel
tin lined, with lid, raised on four feet, (good for kindling or pinecones). 400 x 290 x 360mm.

Realised: $800


A brass 'Tyfon' patent marine manual foghorn
by Kockums Mek.Verkstad, Malmo, Sweden. Vertical air pump with hand plunger, connected to a trumpet, on wooden base plate. H.560mm.

Realised: $460


A Georgian banjo barometer
rosewood case with swan neck pediment, set with dry/damp dial, thermometer, convex mirror, mercury barometer with ivory set adjuster above a level dial, marked F. Marson, London. H.970mm.

Realised: $500


A comprehensive set of drawing instruments by Stanley
steel and bone/ivory handled, with ivory sector rule, two ivory rectangular protractors/scales, ivory scale, selection of French curves, etc., in brass bound oak case with two removeable tiers. 270 x 185 x 80mm.

Realised: $440


A pair of 19thC French bronze and marble lidded urn garnitures
pedestal baluster form with classical relief bands of florals and laurel leaves, pineapple finials, dark green square marble slab bases. H.240mm.

Realised: $360


A 19thC elm octagonal pillar-box tea caddy
with 'pagoda' lid surmounted by a brass finial. H.300mm

Realised: $320


An Edwardian coin collector’s cabinet
in walnut with burr panelled doors enclosing 20 sliding drawers with variously sized cut outs to display coins. With key. 295 x 265 x 300mm.

Realised: $850


A colonial kauri apprentice chest, configured with four drawers and slots for paperwork at the base, mixed woods of kauri, totara and rewarewa, raised on plinth base. 440 x 270 x 500mm.

Estimate: $800


A Georgian mahogany hinged lidded box
dovetail construction, brass bale handles to either side, probably made to house a piece of large silver. 295 x 295 x 355mm.

Realised: $220


A pair of vintage spelter candlesticks
in the manner of Bergman, the turbaned pair holding candle sconces, their costumes painted in green and gold. H.385mm.

Realised: $380


A vintage cameo shell lamp
carved with the image of three woman, on traditional tripod winged beast base. H.220mm.

Realised: $340


A unique architectural rendition of the (proposed) T.E.A.L HQ at Mechanic's Bay
in ink and watercolour monogrammed 'HLM' and dated 1949. 500 x 730mm, mounted, conserved, unframed. The Mechanics Bay was the Flying Boat base from the late 1930s - 1960s. Pan American and Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL) flew to the Pacific Coral Route, USA, and Australia from here. Teal's Solent–class flying boats, introduced in 1949, were the last trans-Tasman aircraft to fly from the bay. The HQ was converted to offices in 1974 as the Ports of Auckland Building. Cf. 'Coral Route: Tasman Empire Airways Ltd, Flying Boats & the South Pacific' by Gerry Barton and Philp Heath, 2015.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A full taxidermy body mount of a small Asian bear
with open mouth and glass eyes, standing on a tree trunk and branch section. Body L.1180mm, H.920mm.

Estimate: $2,000 - $2,500


A pair of vintage mandolins
both with labels inside from Naples makers, one requires restringing.

Realised: $300


Brian Knowles (Leicester
England) handmade vintage acoustic guitar, rosewood body with book matched back, finely inlaid multi-banded rosette. Maker’s label to the interior.

Realised: $2,600


Brian Knowles (Leicester
England) handmade vintage acoustic guitar, rosewood body with book matched back, finely inlaid multi-banded rosette. Maker’s label to the interior, dated 1979.

Realised: $2,600


Brian Knowles (Leicester
England) handmade vintage acoustic guitar, rosewood tuning keys, exotic pale wood body with book matched back, finely inlaid multi-banded rosette. Maker’s label to the interior, dated 1984. Split to back of case. In hard storage/travelling case

Estimate: $400 - $800


Brian Knowles (Leicester
England) handmade vintage lute, rosewood tuning keys, rosewood and maple nine panelled body, very finely fret-cut sound hole/rose. Maker’s label to the interior. In hard travel/storage case.

Estimate: $1,400 - $2,000


A Regency miniature oil portrait of a man
150 x 95mm

Realised: $240


An 19thC miniature portrait of a man
watercolour, oval in ebonized papier maché frame, with gilt metal thistle, shamrock and rose hanger. 135 x 115mm

Realised: $120


An 18thC miniature portrait of a man
oils on card, oval in ebonized papier maché frame, with gilt metal oak leaf hanger. 125 x 105mm

Realised: $180


A 19thC miniature portrait of a man
on ivory, oval in ebonized papier maché frame, with gilt metal oak leaf hanger. 125 x 105mm

Estimate: $120 - $220


An 19thC miniature portrait of a naval officer
on ivory, oval in ebonized papier maché frame. 120 x 105mm

Realised: $120


A 20thC miniature silhouette portrait of a man
black and gilt, in maple frame. 155 x 140mm

Realised: $100


A 19thC miniature silhouette portrait of a man
black and gilt reverse painted on oval convex glass, in ebonized papier maché frame, with gilt metal oak leaf hanger. 165 x 135mm

Realised: $170


A Georgian miniature oil portrait of a woman
oval 65 x 45mm

Realised: $200


An early 20thC miniature portrait of mother and daughter
watercolour, oval in ebonized papier maché frame. 235 x 255mm

Realised: $100


A good pair of 18thC miniature portraits of a man and wife
on ivory, oval images together in one ebonized papier maché frame, with gilt metal leaf and chain hanger. Bequest inscription dated 1831 to reverse 125 x 105mm.

Realised: $3,200


An early 19thC miniature portrait of a woman
watercolour, in ebonized papier maché frame. 165 x 135mm.

Realised: $200


A 19thC European finely painted porcelain plaque
the young woman with elaborate coiffure and period dress, holding a floral bouquet. 230 x 155mm, within a worn velvet frame with brass slip. 390 x 320mm.

Realised: $800


A fine Kashmir paisley shawl
Jacquard loomed, decorated with large paisley designs and small floral details. Signed to the centre. 1550 x 3500 approx.

Realised: $1,300


Nine bullion cloth badges of the RAMC; Royal Lancers; etc.
framed and glazed, overall, 570 x 490mm.

Realised: $200


A sword stick cane
black leather covered cane, with chromed blade, the bone handle with silver plated ferrule and pommel. L.990mm

Realised: $650


A sword stick cane
beech enclosing an etched single edged blade with turned beech handle. L.950mm

Realised: $480


A walking stick gun
steel with black paint finish, screw on horn handle, brass muzzle tip and screw out brass tube. Operating parts missing. Overall L.960mm

Realised: $320


A Martini-Henry Enfield rifle
the breech marked VR Enfield 1887 above Crown I.V. Proof marks to barrel, length 33", stock with military rondel and some losses. License required. CATALOGUE CORRECTION: The triangular bayonet listed as part of this lot is no longer included.

Realised: $850


An 1890'S Webley & Scott & Son 12g double barrel shotgun
side by side steel barrels. Hammer action, pin fire. Serial #73254. License required.

Realised: $650


An antique French or Belgium percussion pistol
180mm octagonal steel barrel of 18 bore. Overall L.330mm. No license required.

Realised: $800


A WWI Bruce Bairnsfather wall plate
special Grimwades backstamp. Dia.250mm.

Realised: $90


A Pitcairn Island carved wood flying fish sculpture
traditional form with pinned flaring wings, one detailed 'From Pitcairn Island', the other 'Made by Aubrey Young'. On turned stand. L.310mm.

Realised: $280


An old Samoan model paopao (outrigger canoe)
the dugout with fine carved detail, holes for lashing the outriggers, now absent. Carved from one piece of wood. L.1070mm.

Estimate: $200 - $400


A 'Terra Nova British Antarctic Expedition' carved box
the lid carved with a penguin standing upon a globe section framed by the words 'Terra Nova British Antarctic Expedition'. 150 x 150 x 60mm. Together with a note of provenance: 'This box was given to my mother (Mrs P. Geary) by a Mr?. McDonald who went on one of Robert Falcon Scott’s expeditions. It was made by some of the explorers on the expedition.' Note: There were two McDonald's on that expedition, one a fireman the other an able seaman.

Realised: $2,600


A large and impressive New Zealand nephrite/pounamu water worn 'floater' boulder
showing pale rind and mid/deep green main body tone. Roughly oval form with peaked highlights to the top. Approx. 117 kgs. Note: It takes many 1000's of years of wear to achieve this floater form. Nephrite registers 6 to 6.5 on the moh hardness scale,

Estimate: $12,000 - $15,000


A good pounamu (nephrite) boulder
natural contoured shape, weighing over 30kg.

Estimate: $4,000 - $8,000


A large pounamu carved boulder
surface carved with a Maori mermaid and smaller companion figures. 24+ kgs. Approx. 560 x 330mm. Tan orange rind partial exterior.

Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000


A large Maori carved whale bone pendant
figured with a warrior, mere raised, above a sperm whale, crashing wave behind. W.100mm, H. 100mm. Signed to the reverse Rua.

Realised: $1,500


Samuel Charles Brees hand coloured steel engraving
'Town of New Plymouth at Taranaki, c.1847. 90 x 195mm

Realised: $170


An 1874 Wanganui A&P Assoc. Harrop & Neill silver medal
awarded for '1st Prize Long Woolled Ewe Hoggets, A.C. Lees'. Cast to the front with animals within a mountainous landscape and maker's name. Dia.43mm.

Realised: $1,000


An 1873 Wanganui A&P Assoc. Harrop & Neill silver medal
awarded for '1st Prize Ewe Hoggets, Findlater & Lees'. Cast to the front with animals within a mountainous landscape and maker's name. Dia.43mm.

Realised: $1,100


A rare 19thC NZ silver fireman's gallantry medal
stamped maker's mark to rim 'Brown' (probably Geo. Brown, Harrison Place, Wanganui), presentation engraved recto from the Wanganui City Council to T.E. Thompson, 1891; obverse with a unique engraved pictorial of an axe wielding fireman upon a ladder. Suspension bar and hinged pin back. See online newspaper clipping image. The UFBA presented him a medal for this act but it is not inconceivable that he was given other awards also. Note that the act took place in March 1890, but they did not make an award until September 1891.

Realised: $800


A Doreen Blumhardt tall octagonal vase
with rich dark tenmoku glaze and inverted rim. Impressed mark, c.1970/80. H.415mm.

Realised: $380


A Doreen Blumhardt tall vase
octagonal bottle form, with slender tapered neck, pale grey-green glaze, impressed mark, c.1970/80. H.505mm.

Realised: $300


Warren Tippett specimen vase
brushed iron glaze to the wide pale blue band, Impressed mark. H.125mm.

Realised: $80


Warren Tippett shallow bowl
brightly glazed decoration including a blue fish. Initialled and dated '82. Dia.228mm.

Realised: $320


Denis O'Connor salt glazed bottle
with applied sculpted relief disc form. Impressed potters mark to reverse. H.230mm.

Realised: $600


Denis O'Connor plate
heavily wood fired stoneware, incised diamond panelled decoration to the centre. Impressed mark. Dia.240mm

Realised: $280


A large Helen Mason sculpted slab form vase
pale blue/grey internal and dribbled glaze. Impressed potters mark and signed and dated 1981 to the base. H.360mm. Note: Helen Wilmot Mason MNZM (1915 –2014) was co-founder, editor and writer for the New Zealand Potter magazine.

Realised: $900


A René Lalique 'Poissons' opalescent glass bowl
designed 1921, marked 'R. Lalique'. Dia.233mm.

Realised: $900


An Art Deco chrome and bronze elephant table lamp
the quarter round frosted glass panel with palm leaf design, conforming chrome upstand, mounted with two bronze elephants. H.240mm.

Realised: $1,500


An Art Deco cold painted spelter figured lamp base
lacking shade. H.270mm including lampholder

Realised: $400


A vintage Art Deco style chromed desk lamp
the lamps within a narrow fitting supported by twin arms on stepped base with black marble section. H.400mm approx.

Realised: $650


A French Art Deco large Dinanderie vase
copper with brass overlay in a repeating grape bunch and leaf design. H.222mm.

Estimate: $550


A French Art Deco Dinanderie copper and white metal vase
geometric and ring inlaid design to the large squat ovoid body. H.220mm.

Estimate: $400 - $550


A mid-century Austrian Hagenauer stylised bronze bust of an African woman
head turned in profile, dark patina with polished head band and single earring highlights, stamped marks to base. H.155mm.

Realised: $600


Large-scale Art Deco face vase of a woman
after Franz Hagenauer. Fine quality manufacture, all metal construction, heavy in the hand, unmarked, c.1980s. H.520mm.

Estimate: $1,600 - $2,600


A good French three-piece Art Deco ormolu and marble clock garniture set
the peak domed top clock with stylish ormolu mounts, the dial named 'Au Lingot D'or', the tazza garnitures with shallow circular bowl form tops raised on conforming four bar ormolu mounts. The clock H.245mm. c.1920s.

Estimate: $1,800


Keith Murray for Wedgwood large blue glaze vase
multiple concave bands to the spherical body, printed KM circular mark. H.233mm.

Realised: $3,200


Keith Murray for Wedgwood large
flared bowl, step-cut sides, gloss white glaze. Printed KM circular mark. H.163mm. Some tiny flake chipping.

Realised: $700


A Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Marigold' large bowl
designed 1929 - 1931 with striking orange florals on blue ground. Dia.240mm.

Realised: $2,200


A c1930 Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Diamonds' part coffee set
includes 'tankard' form coffee pot with restored lid, sugar, and cream plus three coffee cans and saucers, one can restored, one with crazing. The coffee pot H.190mm.

Realised: $1,300


A Doulton Lambeth Art Nouveau jardinière
by Louisa Ayling, repeating triangular floral relief panelled decoration. Impressed and incised marks. H.185mm.

Realised: $320


A miniature Moorcroft ‘Wisteria’ pattern vase
baluster form, impressed marks and M45. H.95mm.

Realised: $220


A cobalt blue glass egg engraved in the Russian Imperial manner
with a double headed eagle bearing orb and sceptre and to the reverse with a monogram of a member of the Russian court. H.90mm.

Realised: $300


Three Waterford Lismore pattern decanters
set in a brass fitted, mahogany tantalus.

Realised: $850


An Italian Murano glass bird
the colourful body mounted upon a cresting wave form base. H.260mm

Realised: $300


A pair of porcelain studies of hunting hounds
probably Continental, marked with Chelsea-style gold anchor mark. L.320mm

Realised: $200


A Royal Worcester equestrian steeplechase study
'Foxhunter and Lt.Col. H.M. Llewellyn C.B.E.', modelled by Doris Lindner, with wooden stand, from a limited. ed. of 500. H.295mm. L.300mm.

Estimate: $500


A Royal Doulton children's bathroom set
'Into the Land of Dreams' series, introduced in 1919 and withdrawn by 1942; jug, basin, toothbrush holder and a small soap dish.

Realised: $400


An early 20thC Royal Doulton hand painted specimen vase by A. Eaton
tapered form, painted with goats in a landscape, signed by the artist. H.170mm.

Realised: $220


An impressive Royal Doulton flambe vase
cylindrical form, decorated with Venetian scenes in silhouette, printed mark to base. H.345mm.

Realised: $280


A Royal Doulton flambe leaping trout figure
signed Noke, printed mark to base. H.320mm.

Realised: $260


A Royal Doulton Sung flambe vase
ovoid form decorated with deer in the forest in silhouette, Noke signature, Sung and Doulton marks to base. H.240mm.

Realised: $550


A Royal Doulton flambe vase
baluster form with wide trumpet neck, Egyptian oasis scene in silhouette, printed mark to base. H.255mm.

Realised: $200


A pair of Royal Doulton flambe vases
ovoid form, veined pattern, printed mark to base, (one with chip to neck). H.300mm.

Estimate: $400 - $600


A Royal Doulton flambe model of two penguins
printed mark to base. 130 x 160mm.

Realised: $380