An antique brass table easel

Estimate: $160 - $260

Lot Description

An antique brass table easel, the tubular rods with finial and ball ends. H.600mm. CONDITION REPORT: The support rail (horizontal shelf) for book or artwork is ~17mm wide, has two pins located through it that are designed to either stop artwork from sliding forward or hold the pages of a book securely open. The left hand pin has a spring to the back (similar to a spring out of a ballpoint pen), the right hand one is missing. The spring tension would keep the front flange pulled in against the open book's pages lower edge. The pins extend to enable a book 30mm (open) to be accomodated), the shelf is ~220mm wide (a larger painting/book can be successfully held on the easel [approx 50cm wide by 30cm high]). The shelf is adjustable up and down the centre rail and is designed to be secured (if desired) at a higher position, the locking bolt that performs this is missing. The patina on the brass is lacquered in some areas, worn in others.