An old Japanese glass fishing float
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.360mm.

Realised: $150


An old Japanese glass fishing float
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.360mm.

Realised: $160


An old Japanese glass fishing float
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.360mm.

Realised: $160


An old Japanese glass fishing float
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.360mm.

Realised: $150


An old Japanese glass fishing float
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.360mm.

Realised: $140


An old Japanese glass fishing float
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.390mm.

Realised: $150


A taxidermy 16-pointer red deer shoulder mount,
the antler spread 1040mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A taxidermy 6-pointer Samba deer head mount
some hair loss to top of head. The antler spread 580mm.

Estimate: $300 - $500


A taxidermy 16-pointer Royal Red deer head mount
the antler spread 1070mm.

Realised: $800


A collection of USA stamps
the approximately 1600 stamps dating from the 1880s to the 1980s, held in a blue Lighthouse album.

Estimate: $200 - $400


A Chinese stamp collection in album
of some 880+ stamps, includes Dragons and Junks to more modern.

Estimate: $400 - $700


A near complete New Zealand stamp collection in Tasman album
includes 2d Blue imperf. Queen, 5 x perf. 1862 Queens, etc. 1855-1988.

Realised: $800


A 19thC Swiss disc music box
Britannia model, grained paint finish and Britannia decal to the exterior, apparently working, all teeth intact, lever action wind, with thirteen discs. 390 x 260 x 200mm.

Realised: $850


Two 19thC enamel boxes
in the Bilston manner, the exterior of both decorated with various scenes, damage to both.

Realised: $320


An early 19thC bone and horn inlaid snuff box
octagonal lozenge form with circular and pinned rectangular repeating detail, thumb piece sliding rod dispenser and removable lid. L.95mm.

Realised: $170


A Georgian mahogany traveling apothecary's case
hinged lid and doors to front and back opening to reveal a fitted interior with compartments and drawers, one with three bone canisters, one engraved 'Poison'. Some losses. 245 x 205 x 300mm.

Realised: $280


A Victorian lacquer sewing box
the exterior decorated in the chinoiserie manner with Chinese court scenes, swing handles to each side, the interior with lift out compartments with some remaining bone sewing accessories, the drawer to the base with further compartments, one with a hinged cover, raised on four bun feet, some wear to the exterior gilding commensurate with age. 370 x 270 x 170mm. CONDITION REPORT: Decoration to the lid considerably worn as typically found on these, Other gilt penwork overall in good to fair condition. Some small chips to the lacquer around the hinges. Pierced filigree bone bobbin frames extant, except one for the front right cavity. bone spindle in rear section cavity slotted to hold (ribbon?), Tray lifts to reaveal lower cavity (nothing in it). Draw opens (need key), similarly sectioed with small cavities. Some loose associated implements (bodkin holder, bone darner, etc) Feet are sympathetically replaced with bronze toned bun feet to front, rear ones mismatched but not visible as set back and in from sides.

Realised: $590


A Victorian lacquer tea caddy
the exterior profusely gilded in the chinoiserie manner with birds in an outdoor setting, the interior tin lined with Chinese figures to the lid, the exterior faded to a pleasant reddish/brown. 220 x 160 x 100mm.

Realised: $280


A Regency tortoiseshell sarcophagus sewing box
fine ivory edging, the fitted interior with multiple compartments, lids and two bone reels to the top tier. Hinges faulted. 280 x 190 x 155mm. CONDITION REPORT: The hinges, one broken out and loose, one broken and reglued (roughly), some of the wire inlaid stringing standing slightly proud, small chip by keyhole escutcheon and small ding on top. Lock tongue is caught in lock mechanism. Additional online images show these aspects and are annotated with condition notes.

Realised: $460


A Victorian papier mâché jewellery box
the domed lid decorated with traditional mother of pearl and gilded decoration and with gilded decoration to the front, the interior velvet lined with fittings for a small amount of jewellery, raised on four bun feet. 180 x 140 x 100mm.

Realised: $220


A Victorian perfume box
in the form of a leather vanity case, the exterior decorated with brass and mother of pearl, the interior with two small bottles, the lids painted with city scenes. Requires some attention. 130 x 70 x 100mm.

Realised: $130


A Victorian papier mâché perfume box
the exterior with traditional mother of pearl and gilded decoration, the interior velvet lined and four perfume bottles in compartments. 130 x 130 x 110mm.

Realised: $320


A Victorian silver and Berlin beadwork purse
beaded wild flowers on a black ground, German 800 standard silver frame, beadwork and clasp require attention.

Realised: $160


A vintage large Aubusson wall hanging
the field decorated with bunches of wild flowers, conforming decoration to border, multi-colour on deep cream ground. 2700 x 3520mm.

Estimate: $250 - $450


An Aubusson tapestry
central floral medallion surrounded by floral wreath, conforming floral decoration to the quadrants, the top and base. Pastel tones on a mushroom ground. 1180 x 1900mm.

Realised: $400


A vintage crewel work wall hanging
the field decorated with flowers, leaves and berries on an ivory ground, conforming border, some old wear. 2400 x 3300mm.

Realised: $350


A 19thc finely carved ivory Indonesian figural kris handle
scrolling mouth sides, fine sinuous braided hair and other detail. Good old patina. L.85mm.

Realised: $200


A good Victorian cased brass theodolite by Troughton & Simms of London
with telescopic site fitting to the top above the named compass dial framed by two levels and silvered scale. The original brass fitted mahogany case labeled 'made May 1867'

Realised: $1,300


A set of large early 20thC Spanish butcher’s balance scales
the twin weighing trays above the decorative cast metal and white marble top and based case, with glazed panels showing the decorative interior workings, animal mask and paw feet. Original makers label for 'TREBOL CASA ARCIELLO. MONTEVIDEO...'.

Realised: $750


A rare Victorian hand operated motion picture device
'The Kinora' by Bond's, New Bond Street, London. With four flip-books including '243 Winter Sports in Norway. British Biograph February 1902', '64. The Stable On Fire, American Biograph 1896.' etc.

Realised: $800


A collection of seven Victorian and Georgian copper graduated harvest measures
each of tapered form. From 1 gallon to 1/4 Gill. Some with G.R stamp. One with crown over '’N.Z G.R stamp being an official New Zealand Weights and Measures standard. Heights from 60mm to 280mm.

Realised: $850


A Regency copper samovar
compressed baluster body, lidded, white glazed porcelain handles, one chipped. On four way spreading pedestal base. H.380mm.

Realised: $280


A pair of 19thC Malby's table top globes
both 12 inch diameter, the terrestrial globe dated 1858 and the celestial globe dated 1860, both labeled and surmounted by brass polar hour circle, and within calibrated full brass meridian, the horizon band with engraved paper calendar and zodiac. Raised on turned mahogany tripod stands, slight variations, with reeded legs united by stretchers. Note: Malby & Son was one of the most prominent British globe makers of the mid 19th century. The cartography on the globes was based on the work of the map publisher ‘The Society of the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge’. The Malby firm is perhaps best known for producing in 1849 a 92cm (about 3 foot) diameter terrestrial globe for public exhibition. H.460mm. CONDITION REPORT: Terrestrial: The three legs are "turned and fluted" combined with "turned" stretchers but appear to be original to the manufacture. French polish has considerable oxidisation and chipping/rubbing to the surfaces. Appears to be walnut. The horizon band is made of two pieces with biscuit joint, the upper surface with applied paper calendar and zodiac. The paper of this band, and the paper of the globe is varnished and the varnish has considerably toned (browned), somewhat obscuring the text but imparting an ;antique' patina. Both the band and the globe have scattered knocks/dings and scratches that mar the surface, notably where some material has rubbed under the brass meridian as the globe has turned. Additionally there are scattered scratches and flaking to the varnish. There is an impact dent that has damaged the surface structure (area of Nigeria), a varnish chip nearby (area of Sierra Leone) shows the paper underneath, this paper in this area is lightly toned, in ohter area with more recent chips to the varnish the various original colour shows through. The manufacturer's cartouche has the agents name added to it 'Edward Stanfrord, Charing Cross', the date Jan.y 1858 is below the cartouche. The brass meridian is grooved to the opposite side of the scale and a fixing trunnion runs in hte groove to allow the globe to rotate on that meridian. The trunnion is meant to be secured to the centrepiece axis of the three stretchers of the base, the two small screws are missing ( an easy fix) Celestial: Very slightly lighter in weight, dimensions very similar, legs are turned rather than fluted, matching stretchers, (one stretcher is loos at the centre joint). Meridian is correctly screwed to base. Horizon ring has been damaged, split and reglued at some stage, the paper calendar/zodiac torn at that stage and repaired. There are a couple of small losses ot the paper. The varnish is comparatively lighter than the terrestrial, there are scratches to the paper gores varnish, sometimes affecting the paper surface as well. The manufacturer's cartouche is smaller than on the terrestrial, and has a couple of tables left and right of it. The date 1860 is in the text of the cartouche. Colours are terrestrial - a lightish burnt caramel, celestial - tan with yellow/green tones

Realised: $4,800


A good 19thC ivory long handled magnifying glass
the double spiral handled with shield highlight and shell carved finial. Glass Dia.113mm. L.365mm. Two 80mm hairline cracks running from cartouche to magnifying glass.

Realised: $380


A 19thC Russian icon 'Invierea'
hand painted on board showing Christ rising, with angel and soldier figures in attendance, painted written detail including 'Platea De Georgica St Stanca...'. 425 x 315mm.

Realised: $400


A 19thC Russian icon of the Virgin Mary and Child
hand painted on board with fine detail under the old varnish finish. 300 x 245mm.

Realised: $600


A Victorian brass & leather hand bell
the triple layered looping leather handle with copper rivet fixings. Original clapper. Bell Dia.128mm. H.230mm.

Realised: $180


An antique brass table easel
the tubular rods with finial and ball ends. H.600mm. CONDITION REPORT: The support rail (horizontal shelf) for book or artwork is ~17mm wide, has two pins located through it that are designed to either stop artwork from sliding forward or hold the pages of a book securely open. The left hand pin has a spring to the back (similar to a spring out of a ballpoint pen), the right hand one is missing. The spring tension would keep the front flange pulled in against the open book's pages lower edge. The pins extend to enable a book 30mm (open) to be accomodated), the shelf is ~220mm wide (a larger painting/book can be successfully held on the easel [approx 50cm wide by 30cm high]). The shelf is adjustable up and down the centre rail and is designed to be secured (if desired) at a higher position, the locking bolt that performs this is missing. The patina on the brass is lacquered in some areas, worn in others.

Realised: $380


An early 20thC cast bronze sculpture of a naked woman
classically in awakening pose. Heavy solid cast. H.330mm.

Realised: $500


A Hasselblad H4D40 System Camera and Lenses
the body and some lenses were purchased from C. R. Kennedy (Mt. Wellington Auckland) approx. four to five years ago. Other lenses bought from The Photo Warehouse (Great North Rd). The camera shutter count is very low approx. 3000/4000. No memory card included, must have card to take photo. Includes: H4D40 body with landscape/architectural viewfinder screen plus lenses: HC80mm + hood and filters, HC210mm + hood and filters, HC50-110mm zoom + hood and filter, HC35mm + hood and filter + two batteries and a Hasselblad battery charger. All with front and rear lens caps and low shutter actuation counts. Note: Uses CF card, not present

Estimate: $22,000


A rare Day's patent under hammer percussion walking stick gun by Hubbard
c.1830, with brass escutcheon on the grip with coat of arms and engraved ‘Day's Patent, Hubbard 126 Newgate’. Hubbard worked at Newgate Street, London between 1827 and 1831. The wood with old repair. L.845mm CONDITION REPORT: Appears to be approx 26 - 28 gauge. The 44cm turn off barrel (screw joint is stuck) has overall even surface oxidation, a few surface scratch marks near the breech. Overall barrel and breech length is 56cm, it is fixed by two shaped tongues of steel to the crooked wooden butt (shaped as a walking stick). The wooden butt is pierced by a hole surrounded by an escutcheon for attaching a cord, the crook of the butt has been broken and reglued. Additionally there are the remnants of the "DAY'S PATENT JR" mark on the top of the breech, opposite the cap lock nipple. The sprung percussion hammer is pulled out and (stiff) and exposes the cap nipple and engages with the hidden fold-down trigger (the trigger action works).

Realised: $1,400


A German WWI Bavarian pickelhaube
with white metal fittings including Kaiser crest, with ' In Treue Fest ' motto to base and pikie with twist-off bayonet housing, original nine tongue leather liner. Together with leather belt, the brass buckle white metal centre 'Gott Mit Uns'.

Realised: $1,500


Japanese Type 30 trainee bayonet
for use on school training rifles, c.1930s to 1945, in scabbard. L.530mm

Realised: $140


French yataghan sword bayonet for M1866 Chassepot rifle
brass hilt, steel crosspiece with hook quillon, St. Etienne 1871 mark to spine, original steel scabbard. L.710mm.

Realised: $360


Prussian Model 1811 Blucher Cavalry Trooper's Sabre in scabbard
chromed finish the grip showing some loses. l.970mm.

Realised: $650


An old Fijian totokia long club
of traditional design, with 'pineapple' head behind a spike beak. Re-polished. L.890mm. Provenance: Gifted to Dudley Saint (b.1924) (British Colonial Service (Fiji) 1946-70, Asst. Police Superintendent and Aide de Camp to Governor of Fiji Sir Ronald Garvey 1952-58)

Realised: $1,400


A 19thC Fijian carved wooden ula
the throwing/missile club with traditional root knot ball end, plain mildly tapered shaft and grip. L.425mm.

Realised: $360


An early/mid 20thC Fijian ula
the large throwing club with ridged bulbous head, saw-tooth carved grip. L.455mm.

Realised: $240


An old Trobriand Island sword club
lime inlay to the carving, pierced row of holes to the base with fibre attached. L.650mm.

Realised: $140


A 19thC Samoan carved wood hand club
the lozenge form blade of diamond section, the grip with notch detail, good old dark patina. L.495mm.

Realised: $350


A pre-European Honolulu Hawaii stone hog-back adze
semi-polished blade, broad fleck chipped body, old label attached detailed 'Fd. in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1870 by Inspector of Works and Given to David Bell by Alex. Young of Honolulu, and in 1933 Exhibited by Miss Napier Bell...'. L.225. Provenance: Ex. the Miet Collection, Wellington, then Private Estate Collection.

Estimate: $1,600 - $2,400


A Khmer period bronze deity figure
the multi-armed deity mounted to a painted wooden block. H.230mm (including stand).

Realised: $160


A pre European Maori stone toki
type 2C, some flaking to proper right side, over-all polished with some pecking evident. L.185mm

Realised: $280


A pre-European Maori toki (adze)
with distinctive tang and pecked poll. L.155mm. Registered Y16485

Realised: $340


An early 20thC Maori carved pipe
the bowl with a carved stylised head with paua inset eyes, the silver collar hallmarked London 1901, long tapered mouthpiece. Small crack to bowl. Registered Y16372.

Realised: $320


A pre-European Maori pounamu kuru pendant
auhunga variety, with hourglass suspension hole. [Sold at auction c.1997 Sloane's Wellington lot 65 Miet Collection]. L.97mm. Provenance: Private Estate Collection. Registered Y8769.

Realised: $750


A pre-European Maori greenstone adze (toki)
the inanga variety stone with pale silvery green inclusions, flat tapered form, defined groove cut to one lateral margin, polished overall finish with rough unfinished poll. 39 x 11 x 98. Registered Y15891.

Realised: $500


A 19thC Maori carved wooden patu
dark old patina, the broad blade with outward facing relief carved figure to one side. L.370mm. Registered Y20220.

Realised: $1,700


A Maori patiti (hatchet)
the traditionally carved mid/late 20thC handle with stylised masks and lineal and notch detail, fixed to an old forged iron bladed head. L.365mm.

Realised: $950


A good 20thC Maori whale bone wahaika
of dense whale bone with well proportioned, overlapping lobed blades, stylised mask to butt with inlaid red wax eyes, the finely carved figure with arched back and kotiate to left hand. L.325mm.

Realised: $1,800


A mid/late 20thC Maori carved wahaika
long curved form, finely detailed figure and mask to butt. L.410mm.

Realised: $300


A Maori carved whalebone wahaika
of dense whalebone with mask to butt, the large figure arms and legs wrapping around the blade, paua inserts. L.410mm.

Realised: $1,300


A pre European Maori toki pounamu (greenstone adze)
a Duff type 2B, the poll is partly ground and of irregular shape, the length of one side with evidence of groove and snap division method, flake scar to the other side, curved bevel edge in good condition. L.160mm. Provenance: Reputedly from the Taranaki area. Registered Y16359.

Realised: $1,700


A 20thC scrimshaw whales tooth signed ‘C.S. Raleigh’
finely incised decoration of a whale destroying a longboat. Inscribed with date 1877. L.130mm CONDITION REPORT: Weighs 330gms, has deep natural pulp cavity to end, polyp shapes are visible deep inside the cavity, there is a chip and crack to the base edge that follows a natural line of ivory/dentine tooth material. The polish is overall good and colour attractive, and as typically seen the tip shows more yellowish ivory enamel and the body the natural cementum/dentine. The scrimshaw engraving is a historicizing view of a whale upturning a chase boat with a square rigged ship in the background.

Realised: $700


A late 19thC carved whalebone walking stick
carved stylised eagle head handle, paua shell insert panel bands with some loses, old repair. L.835mm. CONDITION REPORT: The shaft octagonal at the top and reducing to round, the shaft of whalebone the ferrule and handle of marine ivory. the rings of baleen. Seven small arches of paua inlay missing. The handle has been broken at the 90degree angle and reglued. There is a tiny loss of a piece of the tooth material. (could be infilled with pigmented araldite as a filler). There's a bit of iron rust staining that probably comes from a steel rod joining the handle to the shaft.

Realised: $1,200


A late 19thc whalebone walking stick
turned wood plain knob handle, plain tapered whalebone shaft. L.835mm. CONDITION REPORT: The teardrop knob of mahogany. A small 1cm long cavity high on the shaft (maybe a nerve channel opening), otherwise in good condition.

Realised: $550


A rare and historic '1863 Government of New Zealand Imperial Peck'
the bronze measure engraved with its official measure. Note: The NZ Weights & Measurements government department, now Trading Standards, administers and enforces trade measurement in New Zealand. In doing so they ensure that weighing & measuring equipment and all goods sold by weight, measure or number are accurate.

Realised: $3,400


A rare and historic graduated set of six '1863 Government of New Zealand' imperial bronze measures
from 1/2 gallon to 1/2 gill, of cylinder form, each engraved with its official measure. The largest H.155mm. Dia.155mm. Note: The NZ Weights & Measurements government department, now Trading Standards, administers and enforces trade measurement in New Zealand. In doing so they ensure that weighing and measuring equipment and all goods sold by weight, measure or number are accurate.

Realised: $2,400


A large format vintage photo of a Maori princess
the striking portrait detailed with huia feather, moko kauae and piupiu. Dia.350mm. In original gilt frame with some molding loss.

Realised: $240


Olive Jones (1893-1982) studio pottery ovoid vase
lustrous matt green glaze, incised signature. H.155mm.

Realised: $440


Olive Jones (1893-1982) studio pottery ovoid vase
blue gloss glaze, incised full signature to base. H.95mm.

Realised: $110


O.C. Stephens pottery vase
uncommon sponged dark khaki green glaze on mottled bright orange. Printed signature mark to base and hand numbered '123'. H.90mm. Note: A similar example illustrated pg.55 'New Zealand Pottery' by Gail Henry 1999.

Realised: $140


Denis O'Connor salt glazed bottle
the encircling wide wavy band with pale red glaze, pierced scared decoration, on dark glazed ground. Impressed potter’s mark to reverse. H.188mm.

Estimate: $400 - $600


A late 19thC Arts & Crafts studio pottery lizard vase
the bottle form body with swollen neck, the body with two sculpted applied lizards. Illegible impressed marks. H.310mm.

Realised: $240


Tatsuzō Shimaoka (Japanese 1919-2007) stoneware studio pottery dish
inlaid rope pattern with pale slip. Short foot. Impressed potter’s mark. Dia.208mm. Provenance: Ex. The collection of Len Castle.

Realised: $300


An Arts & Crafts copper box commemorating the HMS Foudroyant
the hinged lid embossed with an image of the ship and her dates 1798 and 1897. The ship's name to the front, Raised on four splayed copper riveted legs. 260 x 170 x 120mm. Note: It is recorded that many items were made from materials recovered from the wreck, see: Cabinet at Monmouth Museum made of the wreckage of the Foudroyant and containing objects also made from the ship.

Realised: $280


An uncommon Clarice Cliff Reynard the Fox sculpture
designed 1936, variable green 'art glaze', double marked and with incised illegible signature. L.230mm. CONDITION REPORT: Good condition, no repairs, cracks, chips, restoration. Craquelure visible to the clear overglaze , more noticeable in the khaki areas rather than the celadon areas. The mark stamped twice, once under the glaze and distorted in the glazing, again on top of the glaze in typical black stamp. Rare. The same glaze appears on the 1936 boar bookends.

Realised: $300


Clarice Cliff Bizarre ‘Patina Country' large conical bowl
printed marks to base. Dia.235mm CONDITION REPORT: Heavy glaze craquelure to the well with some staining, visible in one quadrant of the outside between the feet. Blue 'horizon' to right of tree trunk some loss of paint. Overall craquelure to exterior cream glaze. No repairs, restoration, cracks, chips.

Realised: $500


'Mamma Sirena Su Piatto' - a ceramic group by Helen König Scavini for Ars Lenci
c.1936, modeled as a mermaid and her mer-baby riding on a turtle, signed Lenci, Made in Italy, Turino, XI-XIII, X. H.320mm, small chip on fin. Sitting on a circular base, signed Lenci, Made in Italy Torino 11-XIII-☆ and with paper label inscribed 495/A. Dia.455mm. Ref: CONDITION REPORT: Small flake chip on the fin of the mermaids' left calf (coloured in with some pencil/felt tip ?). Minute frit on the tip of the mer-baby's right foot/fin. Considerable accretion of surface dirt in crevices and hard to clean areas (hands and fingers, between legs [would clean easily with soak]) Signed on both the figure group and the platter with slightly different codes. Incised signature 'gael' ? to the back edge of the tortoise shell. Dropbox video available:

Realised: $4,600


An Art Deco facetted clear glass decanter and six glass set
oval cylindrical form with heavy base sections. Some minor chipping.

Realised: $375


A very large Gallé copy cameo glass vase
the double overlay mauve and green cut-away in various floral designs. Inverse trumpet form. H.635mm.

Realised: $1,065


An Art Deco bronzed spelter ‘La Danse' lady lamp
the young semi naked woman with bob haircut standing on one leg supporting the lamp in her right hand. Labeled to base. Raised on turned dark marble base. Lacking shade. H.485mm.

Realised: $3,400


A set of six Waterford crystal champagne glasses
etched marks. Plain star cut.

Realised: $400


A set of six Waterford crystal champagne glasses
etched marks. Fine diamond and repeating oval cut

Realised: $380


A set of six Waterford crystal champagne flutes
etched marks. H.230mm

Realised: $550


A Victorian Spode blue and white mazarin
decorated with a scene from the Caramanian series, based on Luigi Mayer’s ‘Views in the Ottoman Empire’ impressed mark to base. 330 x 230mm.

Realised: $340


Two old Wedgwood graduated jugs
decorated in the Fallow Deer pattern. H.120 and 150mm.

Realised: $190


Three pieces of Victorian blue and white china
Queen Victoria commemorative mug, an invalid cup and an Imperial Measure mug, some old damage.

Realised: $70


A Victorian Spode blue and white two handled warming plate
decorated with a scene from the Caramanian series, based on Luigi Mayer’s ‘Views in the Ottoman Empire’, impressed mark to base, old crazing. Dia.300mm.

Realised: $100


An c.1900 Royal Crown Derby Imari banquet dinner service
includes 13 dinner plates, 8 + 6 side plates, 12 wide bowls, 5 graduated ashettes and 4 various tureens (3 lidded and 2 with trays). Pattern 3615. Some faults.

Realised: $750


A Royal Doulton 'Reynard the Fox' 16 piece coffee service
comprising coffee pot, hot water pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, six coffee cans and saucers, each with angular handles moulded as a horse riding whip, extending to braided lash forming part of the base, the body of each decorated with a fox painted in colours and moulded in low relief, the fox depicted in various poses, reserved against a white ground, coffee pot H.200mm high, green printed factory marks. Restoration to pot spout and faint crack to cup.

Realised: $750


A Royal Worcester lidded two handled specimen vase painted by James Stinton
with deer in a highland landscape with a stag to the front with a landscape, and a vignette to the rear, signed. Printed marks c.1929, including Maple (for Maple & Co retailers) and 263/H (Hadley shape 263 H.225mm. CONDITION REPORT: In good condition, no chips, cracks or restoration. There is some very slight rubbing to the gilt commensurate with age and as to be expected. The gilding is of two tones as typically found. The application of the maker's stamp is incomplete as it sits on/above a circular aperture on the foot where the date code is just visible (the open diamond mark we think). The shape is a classic Hadley shape.

Realised: $3,200


A Royal Worcester fruit painted vase by Morley
trumpet neck, singed. Printed marks including Maple and F111. H.150mm. CONDITION REPORT: In good condition, no chips, cracks or restoration. The gilding is of two tones as typically found. Marked underneath for Maple & Co retailers, date code (3 conjoined circles) for 1932. Signed Moseley for the renowned fruit artist A.G.(George) Moseley. Additional photos

Realised: $400


A late 19thC Chinese carved ivory carved case
the finely detailed panels with figures, buildings and gardens, slide-off lid. 96 x 58mm.

Realised: $360


A Chinese carved table screen
with carved jade panel of sinuous vines with bird in carved wood frame and stand. 210 x 90 x 210mm.

Realised: $3,800


An old Oriental tall carved wooden figure of Shou Lao
traditionally represented with large forehead, peaches and staff. Floor standing H.890mm.

Realised: $360


A fine Chinese porcelain famille rose statuette of the Bodhisattva Puxian
seated on a six-tusk white elephant. Gilt seal Qing Jiaqing mark under the belly. Fingers of left hand professionally restored. W.220mm CONDITION REPORT: > The seal mark is in gilt under the belly of the elephant. The marK in gilt on a very shiny glaze is difficult to get to capture in a photograph it. See attached images. Additional images show close up detail of the face and the hand/finger that has been restored. This piece we think is a museum quality copy of the original, not a piece that is of the period of the seal mark 1796-1820

Estimate: $700 - $1,000


An old Chinese oval scalloped famille rose bowl
the orange red highlighted florals including insects, gilt highlights, minor chipping to rim. L.273mm. CONDITION REPORT/NOTES: the seal mark in red appears stamped rather than hand painted on the porcelain. The stamp has not been printed fully on the dish. There are a number of small and tiny chips and frits around the edges of the dish. See additional images

Realised: $340


A Chinese Qing porcelain bottle vase
flattened hexagonal section, decorated in underglaze blue and famille rose enamels highlighted with gilt. H.295mm.

Realised: $500


A 19thC Chinese blue and white lidded pot
with shishi finial, finely painted with leafy tendrils, the handle lugs with captured wire handles. Dia.165mm. H.165mm

Realised: $1,600