A Hasselblad H4D40 System Camera and Lenses

Estimate: $22,000

Lot Description

A Hasselblad H4D40 System Camera and Lenses, the body and some lenses were purchased from C. R. Kennedy (Mt. Wellington Auckland) approx. four to five years ago. Other lenses bought from The Photo Warehouse (Great North Rd). The camera shutter count is very low approx. 3000/4000. No memory card included, must have card to take photo. Includes: H4D40 body with landscape/architectural viewfinder screen plus lenses: HC80mm + hood and filters, HC210mm + hood and filters, HC50-110mm zoom + hood and filter, HC35mm + hood and filter + two batteries and a Hasselblad battery charger. All with front and rear lens caps and low shutter actuation counts. Note: Uses CF card, not present