A 20thC scrimshaw whales tooth signed ‘C.S. Raleigh’

Estimate: $400 - $800

Lot Description

A 20thC scrimshaw whales tooth signed ‘C.S. Raleigh’, finely incised decoration of a whale destroying a longboat. Inscribed with date 1877. L.130mm CONDITION REPORT: Weighs 330gms, has deep natural pulp cavity to end, polyp shapes are visible deep inside the cavity, there is a chip and crack to the base edge that follows a natural line of ivory/dentine tooth material. The polish is overall good and colour attractive, and as typically seen the tip shows more yellowish ivory enamel and the body the natural cementum/dentine. The scrimshaw engraving is a historicizing view of a whale upturning a chase boat with a square rigged ship in the background.