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A decorative Russian icon with repoussé silver plate oklad, the halos with gilding framing the apertures revealing painted faces. 290 x 245mm
Estimate: $300 - $400


A decorative East European icon
Estimate: $150 - $200


A portable reliquary in the form of a pendant, double sided with particular saints' minute body remains under faceted glass in a jet frame. 34 x 55mm.
Estimate: $180 - $380


A portable reliquary, a brass frame enclosing braided gilt sections each containing particular saints' minute body remains, under glass. 115 x 140mm.
Estimate: $280 - $480


A Victorian framed holy wafer,
Estimate: $280 - $480


An early 20thC postcard album, with one hundred and twenty-four silk post cards, including many from WWI, souvenir, greetings and good luck cards, all in good condition.
Estimate: $500 - $800


A small vintage postcard album, contain one hundred shipping postcards including many from New Zealand.
Estimate: $500 - $800


An Art Nouveau postcard album, containing two hundred and eighteen vintage humorous postcards with a few Victorian and Edwardian romantic and travel postcards.
Estimate: $500 - $800


An Edwardian postcard album, containing two hundred and sixty-five postcards, including forty-one Bruce Bairnsfather 'Fragments from France' cards plus other WWI cards, vintage souvenir, travel, humorous, greetings and Japanese cards.
Estimate: $500 - $800


A vintage postcard album, contains four hundred and ninety-four posts including Bruce Bairnsfather, Mabel Lucie Attwell, early NZ, Māori and Anzac photo cards, travel cards, Asti beauties and cards with Polynesian stamps.
Estimate: $800 - $1,000


An Edwardian postcard album, contains two hundred and forty-one cards including Louis Wain, Mabel Lucie Attwell, various WWI cards, NZ rugby 1906, Māori rugby tour 1926, greetings cards, etc.
Estimate: $500 - $800


A colonial kauri apprentice chest, configured with four drawers and slots for paperwork at the base, mixed woods of kauri, totara and rewarewa, raised on plinth base. 440 x 270 x 500mm.
Estimate: $800


A New Zealand native timbers miniature scotch chest, kauri, puriri, rewarewa and other timbers, the central top drawer with concealed spring latch/release. Four handles damaged or replaced. 290 x 180 x 350mm.
Estimate: $300 - $600


A large framed map 'Scotland or North Lieutenant Sayer', (Northern Section) Printed for Robt. Sayer, London 1790, steel engraving on two sheets. 630 x 1070mm (image)
Estimate: $240 - $400


An early brass compound microscope by Benjamin Martin c.1775, the tube on a pivot hinge above a rack and pinion stage adjuster and baluster column from a folding tripod base, signed B. Martin, London. In original shagreen covered box with various additional lenses and parts. The case distressed.
Estimate: $500 - $800


A set of analytical balance scales, by Sarturius - Werk, air damped and weight loaded.
Estimate: $120 - $220


A selection of eleven old butter making items from a Welsh farm,
Estimate: $300 - $600


A vintage French glazed terracotta large wall basket,
Estimate: $360


A near pair of French cast metal figural duck's head paper clasps,
Estimate: $150 - $240


An Edwardian silver-plated brass tennis themed paper clasp, heart form, pierced and cast with crossed rackets tied with a bow. The silver plate showing the brass. H.78mm.
Estimate: $100 - $160


A set of five 19thC pewter plates, each with sailing ship touch mark. Dia.250mm
Estimate: $150 - $240


A replica muzzle loading black powder fireable deck cannon
Estimate: $4,000 - $6,000


August AUDENAERT (Belgian 1842-1953), Untitled WWI ruins scene with soldier, oil on board, signed and dated 1918, 335 x 600mm.
Estimate: $800 - $1,200


A Māori pre-European pounamu pendant, kuru type, light green tone, slightly curved form, with tapered suspension hole. Translucent with areas of white inclusion. Registered Y16354.
Estimate: $280 - $500


A pre–European Māori long toki, tapered form of rectangular cross-section, over-all in good polish, of metasomatised argillite; black with pale section at poll end. L.245mm. Registered Y20435.
Estimate: $260 - $450


A pre–European Māori stone toki section,
Estimate: $120 - $240


A set of four New Zealand botanical fine watercolour paintings by Audrey Eagle, each entitled with botanical and common names and signed, including: 'Kauri’, 'Gloxinia', 'Pigeonwood' and 'Thin Barked Totara'. 255 x 200mm image size. In original thin oak frame under glass. Two dated 1965. Copy of letter available from the artist to the woman who commissioned this set, dated 11 Feb. 1965.
Estimate: $200 - $400


A set of four New Zealand botanical fine watercolour paintings by Audrey Eagle, each entitled with botanical and common names, signed and dated 1965, including: 'Akepiro’, 'Karamu', 'Karaka' and 'Kara-papa'. 255 x 200mm image size. In original thin oak frame under glass. Two dated 1965. Copy of letter available from the artist to the woman who commissioned this set, dated 11 Feb. 1965.
Estimate: $200 - $400


The book 'Olio the Gnome' by Don Mack with illustrations by Theo Schoon, printed in Wellington 1942 (war period). A rare NZ children's title. Text in green. Named in ink by child owner to inside front cover some foxing. Some drawing by child to back cover
Estimate: $200 - $400


Mike O'Donnell (Taraiki Pottery) 'House of Manu', salt glazed stoneware three-piece sculpture, the 'House' with stylised bird form to the roof apex, inscribed roof, the end with pierced cross and lower opening with koru impressed decoration, the two flanking doorway forms with stylised open winged birds to the top, each incorporating a large sculpted volute scroll on repeating shell impressed textured ground, heavy salt glazed effects in part. The house 330 x 340 x 355mm, the doorway's H.420mm.
Estimate: $1,800 - $2,400


A Crown Lynn 'Hand Potted' vase, shape #24 with lathe banded spherical body and open flared neck, matt white glaze, printed and incised marks to base. H.185mm.
Estimate: $260 - $360


Chester Nealie anagama fired vase, small lug side handles, streaks of grey/green heavy glaze, impressed leaf patterns. Incised potter's marks and with paper label. H.255mm.
Estimate: $300 - $600


Chester Nealie salt glazed plate, variable dark and pale heavily fired glaze effects. Impressed marks. Dia.273mm.
Estimate: $300 - $600


Warren Tippett large salt glazed square lidded box, rich dark brown with abstract pierced cut side panels with blue/green glaze. 210 x 210 x 220mm. Illustrated NZ Potter 1979, copy enclosed.
Estimate: $600 - $900


Warren Tippett colourful glazed bowl
Estimate: $300 - $600


Warren Tippett rectangular dish, abstract blue and yellow zig-zag decoration on black ground with S-scroll and lineal decoration. Signed and dated '83. 317 x 195mm
Estimate: $260 - $360


Warren Tippett wax resist tenmoku bowl, leafy sprig decoration. Impressed potter's mark, Coromandel. Dia.225mm.
Estimate: $160 - $300


Warren Tippett decorated bowl, impressed band of repeating floral pattern, green and mauve glaze, two hooded handles. Dia.240mm. Labelled and dated '82. Provenance: Ex. the collection of Jacqui and Graeme Storm.
Estimate: $180 - $300


Denis O'Connor porcelain salt glazed vase, incised peanut motif to the tall rectangular neck, two-tone tan and brown ground. Impressed potters mark. H.235mm.
Estimate: $400 - $600


Denis O'Connor salt glazed bottle, broad incised panels to the oval section body, gloss pale green glaze, tan to the top and base. Impressed mark. H.230mm.
Estimate: $400 - $600


Duncan Shearer tall anagama fired bottle, fired at the ASP (Auckland Society of Potter's) kiln, one side with heavy glazed effects, wide lug handle. Impressed potter's marks. H.225mm.
Estimate: $260 - $360


Jengis Poor ceramic large bowl, hand decorated in a tapa pattern, red, black and mottled tones. Signed and dated 2008. Dia.470mm.
Estimate: $260


Two Levi Borgstrom carved wooden spoons, one a tea caddy scoop, the other with wide tapered bowl, small crack to rim, both with hook form short handles. Maximum W.105mm.
Estimate: $180 - $300


An Ashby Guild pottery lidded barrel, tapering shape on circular spreading foot, three elongated loop handles to the side. Streaked tonal blue green glaze. Impressed stamp. H.170mm
Estimate: $150 - $300


A pair of Clarice Cliff vases, shape 978, tapering conical, each modelled with two budgerigars in high relief. Printed backstamp and NZ retailer's decal. H.320mm.
Estimate: $400 - $600


A French Art Nouveau pottery bust of a young woman, titled ‘Coquelicot', signed 'Gaseau', the pedestal base moulded in relief with poppies, bronze finish with minor chipping. Impressed makers marks to the reverse. H.525mm.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,400


A Clyne Farquharson crystal vase designed for John Walsh c.1940
Estimate: $600 - $800


A Victorian crystal lidded sweetmeat dish, the fold over rim with castellated decoration, optic designs to the body and lid, double knop and round spreading foot to base. 180 x 330mm.
Estimate: $180 - $280


A Daum pâte de verre duck box and cover, the base signed 'Daum, France'. Beak restored. L.270mm
Estimate: $150 - $300


Rogaska crystal tapered modernist vase, with five optical curving bands. Engraved makers mark and paper label. H.250mm.
Estimate: $160 - $300


Rogaska crystal Crown of Thorns vase, flared spiky top. Etched mark to base. H.250mm
Estimate: $140 - $260


Waterford crystal trumpet vase, fluted and diamond decoration. Etched mark. H.254mm
Estimate: $160 - $300


A set of six Waterford crystal champagne glasses, etched marks. Repeat diamond cut panels.
Estimate: $280 - $400


A set of six Waterford crystal champagne glasses, etched marks. Half diamond cut.
Estimate: $280 - $400


Waterford crystal set of six Lismore hi ball glasses, faceted base, etched mark. H.142mm.
Estimate: $260 - $460


Waterford crystal set of six Lismore iced beverage/beer glasses, tapered base, etched mark. H.162mm.
Estimate: $260 - $460


A Waterford 'Lismore' pattern crystal decanter, mallet bodied with conforming stopper. H.335mm
Estimate: $200 - $260


A 19thC drabware jug attributed to Ridgway or Meigh, decorated with anthropomorphic chimps in European and Eastern dress, smoking, drinking and gambling, some wearing plumed hats. A Bacchus mask moulded beneath the spout. H.135mm
Estimate: $100 - $200


An early 20thC grocery shop display stand 'MARGARINE', glazed porcelain, circular slightly dished with carrying handles/cut outs. Chip under base. Dia.320mm
Estimate: $150 - $260


An early 20thC grocery shop display stand 'PURE BUTTER', glazed porcelain, circular slightly dished with carrying handles/cut outs. Dia.320mm
Estimate: $150 - $260


An early 20thC grocery shop glazed porcelain scales platter, oblong slightly dished, printed with shopfitters advertising decal. 375 x 280mm. Old chip to base.
Estimate: $100 - $150


An early 20thC grocery shop display stand 'BACON', glazed porcelain, oblong slightly dished with carrying handles/cut outs.405 x 305mm
Estimate: $150 - $260


An early 20thC grocery shop display stand 'CHEESE', glazed porcelain, circular slightly dished with carrying handles/cut outs. Dia.320mm. Old chip to base.
Estimate: $150 - $260


A Copeland salt glaze china Aesthetic period teapot, with pewter mounted cover and decorated with bamboo and birds. Registry mark c.1874. Small hairline at spout. W.255mm
Estimate: $100 - $200


A salt glaze china Victorian period teapot, with pewter mounted cover and decorated with prunus and basket weave. Unmarked. W.230mm
Estimate: $100 - $160


A 19thC KPM flower trough, pierced and gilded embellishment to the rim and base, scrolling side handles, the front with Angelica Kauffmann style garden scenes, the back decorated with wildflowers, on deep pink/puce ground. 370 x 200 x 280mm.
Estimate: $180 - $280


A rare pair of Doulton Lambeth flasks decorated by Hannah Barlow, the disc bodies incised sgrafitto to either side with ponies and horses, stags and hinds. The flasks raised on circular spreading bases (two chips to one and small flake to other) and with short cylindrical necks with silver mounts and ring caps to cork stoppers. Impressed factory mark and date 1876 along with monograms for Barlow and assisting artists Emily E. Stomer and Emma Martin. Silver hallmarked for London 1876 by Jane Brownett. H.255mm.
Estimate: $1,500 - $2,500


A Chinese Qianlong blue and white phoenix roundel patterned bowl, with cafe-au-lait glaze to the exterior, four -character mark under the base. Dia.240mm
Estimate: $500 - $600


A Chinese export porcelain Vert Imari decorated large charger, decorated with a woman and child. Double blue circle mark to the back. Dia.410mm
Estimate: $700 - $900


A vintage Chinese gilded bronze of a sage upon a deer, the sage (Shou Lao) with ruji sceptre and scroll, the stag with heart form spotted highlights. Repair to one antler. H.565. L.550mm.
Estimate: $300 - $600


A rare Chinese silver mounted and horn swagger stick, the handled embossed with fingers in a landscape, the mildly tapered horn stick showing semi translucent properties. L.778mm.
Estimate: $4,000 - $6,000


A c1900 horn handled walking stick, the Malacca cane tapered shaft with engraved silver plate ferrule and tapered curved fibrous horn handle. L.855mm.
Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000


A Japanese Meiji period mixed metals plate, depicting a night-time cormorant fisher. Patination required. Engraved trademark for Nogawa workshops, Kyoto. Dia.305mm
Estimate: $200 - $400


A quality mid/late 20thC gilded bronze standing buddha, the right hand in Shuni mudra, in traditional robes with long drape. Raised on lotus throne. A gem set to the forehead. H.215mm. The hand pose gesture is used to improve intuition, alertness, and sensory powers. It also purifies your emotions and thoughts.
Estimate: $280 - $400


A quality vintage Japanese woven flower basket
Estimate: $100 - $200


A quality vintage Japanese woven flower basket
Estimate: $100 - $200


A quality vintage Japanese woven tall flower basket
Estimate: $140 - $240


A 20thC Khmer inspired statue of a female divinity, finely detailed, with serene face, almond shaped eyes below her arched brow. Long pendulous pierced earlobes, finely braided tresses and secured by a braided band with a mango leaf shaped accent. Raised on ebonised rectangular stand. H.715mm.
Estimate: $1,200


A cased set of four .925 silver handled reflexology implements, the faux ivory tools with Art Nouveau handles.
Estimate: $120 - $200


An unusual silver Art Deco cigarette case by Asprey & Co, London, the lid engraved with a map of Western Europe and the Mediterranean, with the capital cities named. The cartography detailed with various plain and machine engraved grounds. Black onyx thumbpiece, the interior with a hinged solid retaining bar. London 1936. 115 x 82 x 10mm. 189gm.
Estimate: $200 - $400


An Edwardian mother-of-pearl and silver jewel casket, panelled body, the silver lid embossed with a Reynolds angel. Silk and velvet lined two ring interior. Compressed ball feet. Chester 1905. 73 x 46 x 40mm.
Estimate: $200 - $300


An Edwardian silver hat pin cushion stand, the top with the portrait bust of a maiden in profile. Chester 1908. H.74mm.
Estimate: $160 - $260


An early 20thC rare silver tennis themed pin cushion, the stand as two crossed rackets centred with balls flanking the cushion. Birmingham 1912. By Adie & Lovekin Ltd. H.50mm.
Estimate: $300 - $600


An Edwardian silver and tortoiseshell jewel box, in the French style, the top inlaid with silver pique work, raised on four scroll legs. Birmingham 1909. 100 x 85 x 40mm.
Estimate: $200 - $400


An uncommon Edwardian silver dog handled boot hook, the pug type dog with glass eyes, with collar and leafy and floral bands, steel shaft. L.230mm. Birmingham 1907, by Crisford & Norris Ltd. Minor faults consistent with age.
Estimate: $200 - $320


An Edwardian silver Art Nouveau photo frame, waterlily leaf and flower repeating embossed border on maroon velvet. Velvet back with wooden strut. 180 x 185mm. Birmingham 1902 by William Devonport. Minor faults consistent with age.
Estimate: $260 - $400


A Victorian silver teapot, squat circular with domed hinged lid, floral chased and engraved; boxwood handle and finial. London 1848, probably by Walter Morrisse. 458gm.
Estimate: $460 - $550


An Edwardian silver teapot, fluted oval shape with repousse decoration. Birmingham 1909 by Deakin & Francis. 300gm
Estimate: $300 - $400


A Geo. III silver baluster cream jug, with serpentine rim, acanthus capped double scroll handle, foliate engraved body, gilt washed interior, raised on circular foot. London 1765 by Wm. Kinman (Grimwades mark 3210). H.105mm. 70gm
Estimate: $140 - $220


A Geo. III silver baluster cream jug, with serpentine rim, acanthus capped double scroll handle, foliate repousse body, raised on circular foot. London 1770, maker's mark: NS/AN. H.105mm. 70gm
Estimate: $140 - $220


A small Vict. silver mug
Estimate: $150 - $220


An early 1900 German 800 silver mounted claret jug, undecorated body with plain silver top, monogram to lid, German silver marks. 130 x 110mm.
Estimate: $180 - $280


A set of early 20thC Portuguese silver cutlery, by Muva Moreira e Filio, Oporto 1886 - 1938. 2330gm incl. steel blades,
Estimate: $1,750 - $2,000


A French silver patisserie serving slice, with hourglass blade with engraved decoration on short hourglass stem and neo-classical decorated handle. Maker's mark for Henry Lapeyre, Paris 1895-1923, L.320mm
Estimate: $120 - $200


A pair of early 19thC silver sugar nips (scissors)
Estimate: $100 - $200


A Vict. silver pie spoon
Estimate: $140 - $200


A set of four Geo III silver tablespoons, Old English pattern, monogrammed I.C.E., London 1800 by Wm. Eley and Wm. Fearn. 260gm
Estimate: $300 - $400


A Vict. silver pie spoon, fiddle pattern
Estimate: $160 - $220


A pair of Geo III Scottish silver pie spoons
Estimate: $200 - $300


A Wm. IV silver pie spoon, fiddle pattern, London 1830 by Cornelius Bland. 76gm
Estimate: $120 - $200

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