Wednesday, 30 March - Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Cordy’s are pleased to announce that it is to hold its first ever Specialist Single-Vendor Gemstone Auction of around 240 lots, reflecting the evident desire for natural stones and a growing interest from collectors, jewellers and investors. While diamond sales typically win all the headlines, auction houses and stone dealers have noticed increasing demand for coloured gemstones, especially those that are natural and untreated. The demand for colour has meant that gemstones other than diamonds have attracted the attention of the buyer and stones such as amethysts, tourmalines, spinels, pink sapphires, turquoise and topaz, to name a few, are being sought after by the discerning collector. The entire collection is offered on behalf of a German émigré family resident in New Zealand since 1995. It includes items inherited from their family previously based in Pforzheim, the famous 'Gold City' and home of much of Germany's jewellery production, and from family links to Idar-Oberstein, a German city known for its cutting of fine gemstones. The collection was formed over generations with many examples collected in the post-war decades. Most importantly this collection does not include any treated gemstones.