Wednesday, 29 September - Wednesday, 6 October 2021

This Single Vendor estate stand alone collection includes 200+ lots of mainly New Zealand interest including USSCo. etc crested and branded china, silver ware, printed material, artworks and much more. A lifetime of collecting has amassed many hard to find and uncommon items that are rarely seen on the market, essentially to be sold at NO RESERVE. From one member of John Goodison's family.... "It's hard to pick out specifics about John because he was our Dad. From a Collector perspective, John has been collecting for well over 50 years. He alway collected because he thought it was 'interesting', and because of the story and history that was behind it. He proudly displayed all the items he collected in his own little private museum, everything organised on shelves and in display cabinets, some labeled with details, some not. If he was asked about a particular piece, he loved nothing more than painting a picture of how and where that came from and was used. He lived and breathed his collection. John always had an interest in shipping. He spent many years in the Merchant Navy, travelling both internationally on routes to Japan and US, and nationally around all the ports of New Zealand. While the ships were in port and most of the crew were doing what Sailors did, John was on the road visiting Charity shops, 2nd hand shops, Antique shops and garage sales. You would also find him rummaging through every inorganic collection he could get to, bringing back more interesting stuff. This is really just a snapshot of Dad. Besides his collection he loved and was the centre of a huge family."