A pair of 19thC Scottish engraved and mounted bullock horns
traditionally engraved with figures including a seated gent wearing traditional dress including a kilt, two women, one reading and other decorative floral and fruiting motifs, scrimshaw engraved with most black staining remaining, mounted with old cloth binding to the middle. Length from tip to tip 640.

Realised: $375


Five sperm whale teeth dating from the early 1900s and collected in the 1980s from a descendant of a worker at the Albany Whaling Station
Western Australia, one with an old attempt at scrimshaw. Average length 150.

Estimate: $1,500


A pair of large old Cape Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) horns with partial skull mount
natural dark tone, semi-polished. Width 850.

Realised: $500


A taxidermy small turtle
the shell of pale colour displaying vigorous figuring. Length 380.

Realised: $380


A small taxidermy turtle
modelled as if swimming, the shell displaying good variegated colour. Length 480.

Realised: $260


A large turtle shell
the thirteen plates depicting rich butterscotch to black mottling, small loss to one marginal plate. Length 690.

Realised: $250


An uncommon old Bolivian Jaguar skin with mounted head
the full skin including tail still with many claws and glass eyes. 2100 x 1500.

Realised: $1,550


A vintage puffer fish lamp
on turned wooden base. 350 x 170.

Estimate: $100


An old American Folk Art carved bone sculpture of a standing gent
includes a tall top hat, umbrella held under his curved left arm and plain coat with single button, stained detail to the recesses. Height 180.

Realised: $240


An old sawfish bill
the 67 graduating teeth opposing in pairs from the flat bill, ink stamp to wide end, together with a marlin spike. Bill length 975.

Realised: $425


A late 19thC Austrian Black Forest carved wood and ivory musician
the gent playing bagpipes, ivory detail including head, pipes and hands. Turned plinth stand. Height 175.

Realised: $350


A Ogden Smiths brass and steel extension gaff
turned wood handle, copper belt clip to side, the hook keeper with maker's details, c.1910.

Estimate: $100


A c.1930s large 5½" Ogden Smiths game fishing reel
black anodised metal, brass fittings, polished alloy handles, nickel Bikerdyke line guard, stamped with maker's details including the model 'Ceaos'.

Realised: $135


A Victorian 4" A.N. Allan brass salmon fishing reel
bone handle to the winding arm, permanent check, stamped with maker's details.

Estimate: $130


Two similar brass 2½" quality fly reels
permanent check.

Estimate: $110


A pair of 2 3/4" vintage alloy crank wind trout fishing reels
old silk braided line attached, good working order.

Estimate: $100


A late Victorian large brown leather fly wallet with flies
line tooled detail, over 200 small flies included, good finish.

Estimate: $120


A c.1940 leather and canvas fly wallet with flies
the interior with three canvas cast holders, two pages of nymphs to gut and two pages of small trout flies on belt, belt strapped to centre.

Estimate: $110


A good Victorian malloch black japanned metal multi-leaf salmon fly box
the interior with central swing leaf complete with 36 vintage hand tied salmon flies and 10 later type.

Realised: $140


A c.1930 good Hardy alloy fly box
maker's plaque to lid, the interior with 16 flip-top window compartments, the lid with sheepskin lining with small flies attached.

Estimate: $150


A c.1940s French khaki canvas fishing creel
stitched leatherette detail, zip pockets, removable woven wicker liner.

Realised: $150


A vintage 14" wide body wooden carved duck decoy
representing a N.Z. Paradise hen duck.

Realised: $310


A vintage 14" wide bodied carved wooden duck decoy
representing a paradise duck, black paint finish.

Realised: $200


A Czech Tokaz aluminium 4½" reel with perforated plates
bakelite handles, impressed marks to straight back.

Estimate: $100


Union Shipping Co. Chief Engineer Officer's uniform insignia
shoulder slides (slip-on epaulettes) and cuff insignia (unused).

Realised: $100


Union Shipping Co. cap badge and three sets of Engineer Officer's shoulder boards (rank epaulettes): Chief (Seagraves
Sydney), Second and Third Engineer, the badge of appliqué gilt bullion wire and enamelled metal.

Realised: $170


24 NZSCo. brass buttons
double flag insignia, 16 small and eight large.

Realised: $70


Five sets of NZSCo. Engineer's shoulder boards (rank epaulettes)
Engine Cadet, Fourth Engineer Officer(two sets), Third Engineer Officer and Second Engineer Officer (Monnery's Outfitters).

Realised: $150


Four sets of NZSCo. Engineer's shoulder boards (rank epaulettes)
Third Engineer Officer (two sets) and Second Engineer Officer (two sets).

Realised: $155


A sturdy vintage leather handmade gentleman's satchel/shoulder bag
the thick stitched brown leather with double adjustable buckle fittings, two-compartment interior, the wide adjustable belt shoulder strap with brass fittings.

Realised: $165


A Louis Vuitton 'Keepall 50' Boston bag in monogrammed fabric
Serial number MI0950 (France 1990 manufacturer).

Realised: $650


A Louis Vuitton 'Neverfull' MM Tote bag
designed by Stephen Sprouse, in monogrammed fabric complete with clutch and dust bag. Serial number CA1124 (Spain 2014).

Realised: $1,850


A vintage knee-length raccoon fur jacket
with shawl collar in a contrasting fur, fully lined and in good condition.

Estimate: $250


An ocelot fur knee length jacket
fully lined and in good condition.

Realised: $700


A full length polar fox coat
the collar trim with paws attached, together with matching hat.

Realised: $750


A full length ocelot fur coat
shawl collar, cuffed sleeves and n good condition.

Realised: $650


A full length Dutch mink coat
dark chocolate brown, together with matching hat.

Realised: $425


A full length Dutch mink coat
the caramel tones with matching hat and leather belt.

Estimate: $550


A fur muff
in chocolate tones, carrying handle and small zippered compartment.

Estimate: $150


A fox fur throw
red fox pelts, lined. 1440 x 920.

Realised: $850


A pair of vintage steel gent's shoe moulds and stand
the toe tops stamped '10-4', the stand with a slotted tall fitting upon a circular base with mounting holes to the flange.

Estimate: $100


A late Victorian oak smoker's cabinet
with glazed doors opening to reveal drawers, compartments and racks. 410 x 190 x 450.

Estimate: $400


An Edwardian oak smoker's cabinet
with double carved doors and hinged lid opening to reveal an interior fitted with drawers, compartments and racks, the lid with presentation plaque. 370 x 195 x 280.

Estimate: $260


A fine pear wood walking cane
the handle carved as a sinuous stalking panther. Length 860.

Realised: $625


A Ceylonese ebony walking stick
the handle in the form of an elephant, the shaft carved with wrythen twist and other designs, ivory eyes to the elephant.

Realised: $130


A carved antler handled wooden walking stick
carved in relief with a stylised curving whale's tail, paua disc set to the top.

Estimate: $225


An ivory handled Briar walking stick
the handle carved with a lion's head finial on a plain haft fitted with a cast brass ferrule to the highly textured stick. Length 960.

Realised: $500


An ivory and ebony walking stick
the plain curved ivory handle with woven gilt wire ferrell on a plain tapering ebony shaft. Length 890.

Realised: $600


An old tribal walking stick
the shaft with entwined snake in relief, stylised mask with mother-of-pearl inlays, two finely woven fibre bands.

Realised: $170


A 19thC gilt brass and ivory small pocket telescope
three-draw, the widest lens with exterior diameter of 56. Crack to ivory.

Realised: $260


A Victorian William Harvie & Co. of Birmingham copper ship's lantern
the 'At Anchor' lamp with original kerosene fitting, bow front glass and form, brass riveted fittings and flat back with adjustable screw. Height 370.

Realised: $425


A Ross 'Eclipse' monocular microscope with assorted lens
in mahogany box, case requires attention.

Realised: $100


A Victorian copper kettle
brass fittings, turned ebonised handle, acorn finial.

Estimate: $110


A Victorian copper helmet shaped coal scuttle
together with a pair of tongs and a small shovel.

Realised: $170


A pair of cast iron and copper Art Nouveau fire dogs
together with a fireside set comprising tongs, shovel and poker.

Realised: $130


A Victorian brass and cast iron trivet
decorative pierced base with turned wood handle. Paint effect finish to stand. 200 x 370 x 210.

Realised: $140


A hand made Italian copper wine bucket
the exterior decorated with trailing grape vines, the interior with lift-out compartment with room for two bottles of wine, brass side handles, maker's stamp to top. 430 x 250 x 180.

Realised: $375


A pair of Victorian bronze Art Nouveau curtain tie-backs
sinuous scrolling flowers, the back with registration diamond.

Realised: $550


A 19thC rosewood work box
the lid painted with a scene of Parliament Buildings, London, signed (the glass panel damaged), the fitted interior with sewing accessories, postcards and original printed ephemera. Length 300.

Realised: $270


A Georgian mahogany two-compartment tea caddy
of sarcophagus shape with bone key escutcheon and brass 'basket of fruit' handle. Length $300.

Realised: $150


A Victorian glass dome
with original turned wood stand and velvet base. 170 x 400.

Realised: $120


A Victorian oak desktop stationery compendium
the sloping front opening to reveal slots for letters and paper and cavities to hold a glass inkwell and glass paperweight. Width 320.

Realised: $160


Three optica (zograscope) engravings
hand coloured, view of Paris, gardens and townscape. Each approximately 270 x 370.

Estimate: $300


A rosewood and brass stereoscope viewer
by Mayall, London, along with a large selection of stereoscopic cards.

Realised: $290


A Victorian mahogany cased set of drawing instruments
the case lid with inset plaque dated 1889.

Estimate: $100


A Royal Doulton kerosene lamp
the body decorated with swags and birds in mushroom tones on a grey ground, brown ceramic base, frosted decorated shade. Height with chimney 570.

Realised: $235


A good 19thC pictorial and epithet sampler
dated 1837. 250 x 320.

Realised: $275


A Victorian 1852 alphabet sampler
worked in tones of red, blue and olive dominant, includes alphabet, numerals, verse, house, birds and animals. 470 x 340.

Realised: $225


A miniature portrait of Maria Pauline Bonaparte
Princess Borghese, after the painting 'The Beautiful Greek' by Salomon-Guillaume Counis, in piano key ivory frame. 140 x 120.

Realised: $210


A miniature full length portrait of a gentleman in a 17thC Swiss court costume
oval image in ebonised frame. Height 130.

Realised: $140


A fine Indian miniature painting
depicting a sadhu, acolytes and a woman seated before a fire and surrounded by ritual objects and elements. Painted in monochrome with gilt highlights. 220 x 135.

Realised: $110


A boxed Hornby train set
together with five boxed Hornby railway O-gauge rolling stock and a Level Crossing.

Realised: $180


An old silvered bronze diesel locomotive identification plate
oval and in relief, red painted recesses, four fitting holes. Note: 'Rosie' and A. & G. Price Diesel Locomotive was built in 1957, records show her current location as Shantytown, she was in NZR Service from 1957 to 2005. 405 x 250.

Realised: $410


A vintage bronze diesel locomotive registration plate Ds215. Ds215
was built in 1953 by Drewyn/Vulcan and was in NZR Service from 1953-1982. 260 x 420.

Estimate: $250


A 1940s Pennzoil oval metal double sided lollipop gas station standing sign in original conforming frame on 'Pennzoil' stand
the sign in colours of yellow, red and black, showing some distress, the frame and stand with original orange/brown paint showing some distress, the circular base with X-form support with cast maker's details. The sign 780 x 460, height overall 1280.

Estimate: $600


Vintage enamelled tin advertising sign 'We Sell Crystal [Ice-Cream]' c.1940s/50s
blue ground with cone ice cream. 600 x 445. Later framed.

Realised: $197


An English enamel street sign
'Tachbrook St., City of Westminster'.

Realised: $140


The bronze bust of a young girl
her head turned to one side. Height 350.

Realised: $425


A 19thC circular copper plaque
decorated in relief with a Roman youth, signed 'Crawford', in original ebonised frame. Diameter 160.

Estimate: $100


A rare N.Z. kauri picture frame
of oblong shape with carved Maori designs. 340 x 300.

Realised: $500


A large piece of twig coral
some losses.

Realised: $210


A kauri gum boulder
semi-polished finish. 5.7 kilos.

Estimate: $1,900


A small kauri gum boulder
semi-translucent and hand polished. 1.115 kilo.

Realised: $200


A small kauri gum boulder
of unusual opaqueness and graining. 1.44 kilo.

Realised: $200


A small kauri gum boulder
translucent and semi-polished. 550gms.

Realised: $380


A small kauri gum boulder
translucent and hand polished. 1.5 kilo.

Realised: $800


A N.Z. greenstone river worn boulder
single cut allowing to stand as of mountainous form. 200 x 180 x 100. 5kgs.

Realised: $225


A rare American 'Melodia' portable paper-roll driven organ by the 'Mechanical Orguinette Co.
New York', with a selection of paper rolls In working order. Width 310.

Realised: $395


A pair of large Indonesian carved wood puppets
with painted details and beaded fabric costumes; each raised on teak plinth stands. Height 780.

Realised: $140


A Goanese carved wood Christian shrine figure
carved in low relief, depicting a standing figure holding a palm leaf and chalice. 495 x 285.

Realised: $160


A carved oak Madonna and Child
from Oberammergau. Height 420.

Realised: $250


A Zimbabwean Shona carved stone rhinoceros sculpture. Length 480.

Realised: $120


An antique 'Schloss Stauteneck Bavarian Woodsman's axe
with a massive steel blade socket fitted to a simple timber haft. Length 1000.

Realised: $310


An album of early N.Z. stamps
many with extra detail typed regarding history, varieties, etc., includes: ½d. Newspaper stamp 1873-1895, various First Sideface 1874-1882, Second Sideface issue 1882-1900, advertising printed to reverse, 1898-1907, Pictorial including 'Official' issues, 1d. 'Universal', King Edward VII including Officials, King George V. Provenance: This album and the following are from one Estate Collection, all presented with various printer's details and multiple examples of each stamp with varieties noted.

Realised: $775


An album of N.Z. commemorative stamps
detailed as 'Groups 1 & 2. S1-S84 (up to 1959)'. Includes Auckland Exhibition 1913 mint set and used minus 6D, 1925 Dunedin Exhibition, 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V., etc. Provenance: As above.

Realised: $625


An album of N.Z. stamps
includes 1936 Pictorials, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, mint and used examples of the QEII 1958 2d overprint with star, etc.

Realised: $275


An album of N.Z. stamps
includes Ross Dependency issues, Express Delivery, Air Stamp issues 1931 and 1935, Postage Dues and other modern issues including Antarctic Research, N.Z. military history, etc.

Realised: $275


Two albums of N.Z. Christmas stamps
from 1969 to 1980s.

Realised: $80


Four albums of N.Z. Definitive stamps
many plate and value blocks, varieties, etc.

Realised: $375


A complete N.Z. Health stamp collection in two albums
includes, mint and used examples of all issues, miniature sheets, etc., 1931 Red and Blue Smiling Boys included.

Realised: $300