9-inch radius ebony frame and limb octant

Estimate: $1,200 - $1,800

Lot Description

9-inch radius ebony frame and limb octant, ivory plaque to crossbar marked 'A. Johannsen & Co., 149 Minories, London', ivory scale divided -5 to 110, brass index arm, ivory vernier divided 0-20, brass thumbscrew lock and adjustment screw, screw in brass sighting lens with screw on red shade, two set of three shades and horizon glass on brass table, glass adjustment by screw and lever. In mahogany box with antique dealer's label affixed. Note: Danish born Asmus Johannsen, founded the eponymous London firm in 1859, with extensive history as Maker's to the Admiralty. Provenance: The H.N.E Sheppard Estate Collection.