7-inch radius brass framed sextant

Estimate: $700 - $1,300

Lot Description

7-inch radius brass framed sextant, circa 1860, marked on the arc 'Mrs. Janet Taylor & Co, 104 Minories, London', rosewood handle, polished brass and inlaid silver scale from -5º to 155º, silver vernier divided 0-10 with swivel magnifier, milled screw adjuster and clamp, 4 shades (green (cracked), amber, red, red), 3 horizon shades (green, amber, absent), fitted in square mahogany box with 7" and two 3" telescopes. Note: Janet Taylor (1804-70) a published authority on astronomy and navigation founded an Academy in 1845 for the teaching of these subjects and ran a warehouse for the distribution, production, and repair of navigational instruments. The Minories address dates to 1845-61. Provenance: The H.N.E Sheppard Estate Collection.