9½-inch radius lacquered brass lattice framed sextant

Estimate: $700 - $1,200

Lot Description

9½-inch radius lacquered brass lattice framed sextant, circa 1820, marked on the arc 'Heather, London', rosewood handle, polished brass and inlaid silver scale from -5º to 140º, silver vernier divided 0-10 with swivel magnifier, milled screw adjuster and lock clamp, 4 shades (red, red, amber, green), 3 horizon shades (green, amber, red), fitted in mahogany keystone box with 5" telescope with crosshairs, two 3¼" telescopes, (odd tube), and red shade eyepiece. With manuscript log of voyages of the sailing vessels Waimea and Waitangi on voyages London to Auckland 1886/1887. With envelope manuscript 'Captain John Spence, Mariner with Anchor Co., Nelson. Wgtn Harb Bd pilot. Retired to Plimmerton... This sextant was used to survey Wellington Harbour. With associated photos (3). Provenance: The H.N.E Sheppard Estate Collection.