An old Japanese glass fishing float,
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.330mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


An old Japanese glass fishing float,
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.330mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


An old Japanese glass fishing float,
hand blown, with open netting basket. Dia.330mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


A Victorian biblical illumination from The New Testament,
Epistle to the Ephesians 6:13. 'Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God...', including visual references to armour, shield and sword painted in watercolour and gilt. The gilt slip frame with the verse to the bottom. Overall, 340 x 455mm

Estimate: $150 - $300


An Art Deco beaded velvet dress,
chocolate brown velvet with seed and bugle bead embroidery, requires minor restitching.

Estimate: $400


A fine Kashmir paisley shawl,
Jacquard loomed, decorated with bands of paisley motifs. 1700 x 1800mm approx.

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,200


A late Victorian tapestry wall hanging,
featuring a couple and young page boy in a forest with embroidered trees, flowers, dog and bird, within a floral border, attached to turned pole ready for hanging, back of the tapestry has some wear. 1700 x 1200mm.

Estimate: $650 - $950


A Victorian walnut vanity/jewellery box,
brass bound and decorative stringing, the interior with a top layer of silver plate and crystal dressing pots and bottles with the lower layer divided into three compartments, the lid contains a mirror in an embossed leather frame. 310 x 225 x 135mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A good Victorian exotic woods, parquetry inlaid work box,
tumbling cube pattern to the hinged lid and front, bordered with metal strip and mother-of-pearl disc inlays. Yellow painted interior. 305 x 230 x 125mm.

Estimate: $500 - $600


A set of Ives O-gauge pre-war electric loco and three carriages,
Ives Railway NYC & HR #3253 centre cab loco with #129 'Saratoga', #130 'Buffet' and #132 'Observation' carriages, in orange/brown colourway c.1928.

Estimate: $200 - $400


A model of the topsail schooner 'Huia',
she sailed around NZ, across the Tasman, and the Pacific from1894 to 1951. W.760mm. H.540mm. Together with the book 'Log of Huia'.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A vintage world coin collection,
presented in a coin collector portfolio, together with a small bag of loose coins.

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500


Six antique hand painted Delft tiles,
landscape scenes with no corner decorations, chipping commensurate with age. 125 x 125mm.

Estimate: $130 - $230


Eight antique hand painted Delft tiles,
landscape scenes with corner decorations, chipping commensurate with age. 125 x 125mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


Eight antique hand painted Delft tiles,
small simple scenes with no corner decorations, chipping commensurate with age. 125 x 125mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


Nine antique hand painted Delft tiles,
assorted scenes, chipping and crazing commensurate with age. 125 x 125mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


Eleven antique hand painted Delft tiles,
assorted scenes, corner decoration, chipping commensurate with age. 125 x 125mm.

Estimate: $180 - $280


A taxidermy male peacock,
the full body mount perched upon a gnarled branch with bracket for wall mounting. H.1800mm.

Estimate: $800 - $1,000


A vintage wooden decoy duck,
glass eyes and old painted finish. L.440mm.

Estimate: $200 - $400


A vintage French wrought iron six tier pot stand,
tapering form, old paint finish. 1390 x 370mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A vintage wrought iron five tier pot stand,
similar to above. 900 x 300mm.

Estimate: $200 - $400


A vintage brass Mr. Punch cigar lighter
the standing figure with a cigar to his mouth as the lighter, an internal tube to the base would have been fitted to a fluid reservoir. Historically such a lighter stood on the counter in a tobacconist for customer use. H.205mm.

Estimate: $1,000


A Victorian bronze doorstop,
a lion's paw on stand with tall barley twist handle. H.600mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A substantial Victorian brass trivet/footman,
two side handles, faux drawers to the front, the front legs of bulbous scrolling form. 500 x 300 x 350mm.

Estimate: $200 - $400


An early 20thC recording barograph,
incorporating an annular barometer scale, in glazed mahogany case with T. Peacock & Son Auckland label, a drawer in the base for recording papers.

Estimate: $400 - $600


A French Baromètre Néoclassique, period of Louis XVI, 18thC,
the ornate gilded sculpted wooden case in the form of columns, flowering urns, wreaths, etc., with mercury column mechanism and thermometer requiring attention. H.1100mm.

Estimate: $1,200 - $1,500


A Georgian hand painted portrait miniature,
of Lt.-Col. John Williams (from oral family history), in unmarked gold frame with enamel and woven hair to the reverse, some cracks to the glass at back, suspension ring. 60 x 75mm.

Estimate: $500 - $800


An antique portrait miniature of a British naval gent
signed Abel? Dia.60mm. In square bird’s eye maple frame. 128 x 128mm.

Estimate: $300 - $400


A 19thC portrait miniature of a gent in formal black coat
the pinch beck frame with mourning panel to reverse, faulted, set with locks of hair. Brooch and wall suspension fittings. 80 x 65mm.

Estimate: $300 - $400


An early 19thC portrait miniature of a gent,
the oval gilt frame with watered silk back panel. 80 x 60mm.

Estimate: $260 - $360


An early 19thC portrait miniature of a gent,
Wearing a black coat, in rectangular ebonised frame with gilt mounts. 120 x 105mm.

Estimate: $260 - $360


An early 20thC portrait miniature of a young woman,
in plaited hair in a bun, the gilt mounted frame with deep red velvet infill. 130 x 110mm.

Estimate: $160 - $260


A good large 19thC Swiss music box,
the walnut hinged lid with marquetry inlay of a guitar and florals, original faux grain rosewood satinwood strung sides, winged angel mask escutcheon. The lid interior with original twelve song card, bearing ink number '42256'. Crank action mechanism with all 62 teeth intact, two levers marked 'Change/repeat' and 'Stop/Play'. 610 x 290 x 165mm. Working.

Estimate: $2,400 - $4,000


A Victorian General Officer’s sword,
an untouched example in steel scabbard. The brass hilt with crown over wreathed, crossed sword and baton motif, brass stepped pommel and back strap, wire bound fish skin grip. Finely etched blade retaining nearly all of the polished finish with crowned mirrored VR cipher to one side and sword and baton to the opposite; proof slug and retailer's mark Hawkes & Co, London at the ricasso, serial number 1874. Blade 840mm, overall 995mm.

Estimate: $350 - $500


A MLE Mk1 .303 rifle, (Long Tom),
S/No.8073, with NZ issue marks and 1901 date to butt plate tang, lobbing sight, chained mag. Stamped L.S.A (London Small Arms) over 1897 to action. License required.

Estimate: $500 - $600


A French WWI M.1917 monocular telescope with an ocular rotator produced by E. Krauss, Paris,
the rotator with three eyepieces of 15x, 23x and 30x power, inscribed with the maker's name and serial number, extendable sunshade, faulted objective lens. L.520mm

Estimate: $200 - $300


A Samoan short club,
with flattened lanceolate blade decorated with bands of notched carving highlighted with inlaid lime. L.805mm.

Estimate: $120 - $200


A Solomon Islands canoe prow figurehead (nguzunguzu),
Marovo Lagoon style, New Georgia Archipelago, collected by Sir Bruce Saunders, KBE (Australia), Honiara c.1960s/70s. Naturalistically modelled, dark stained wood with nautilus shell inlay to cheeks, chin and earlobes, eyes with tridacna shell inly. The pate carved with concentric bars, replicating hair or to assist in attaching a natural hair wig. Provenance: Private collection, Auckland. H.270mm.

Estimate: $800 - $1,600


A Solomon Islands fighting club (alofolo),
of quadrangular section tapering to a cylindrical shaft with shaped terminal, the head with flanges to two faces. Morovo Lagoon area. 19th/20thC. Provenance: Private Auckland collection. L 870mm.

Estimate: $800 - $1,000


A 19thC Solomon Islands trade axe,
Marovo Lagoon area, New Georgia Archipelago, with trade blade by Robert Sorby, Sheffield, England on a dark hardwood shaft, with shaped terminal and elongated teardrop detail at the head. L.910mm

Estimate: $900 - $1,200


A hardwood carved, Papua New Guinea ceremonial paddle
used in PNG Independence Day performances Sept 16, 1975, on stage with Prince Charles (Queen's representative) and Gough Whitlam (Australian PM), et al. With carved figure either side of the blade/shaft union and another at the shaft terminal. L.1500mm

Estimate: $600 - $800


A PNG single legged hook figure (kemangabbi),
Black Lakes region, Sepik River, H.650mm

Estimate: $120 - $220


A PNG sapi-sapi money shell stack
likely configured previously as a bilas bride-price belt. Made up of sixty-one discs cut from giant tridacna shells. H.515mm

Estimate: $200 - $400


A large clam shell ring money token (wenga), Boiken people, Papua New Guinea,
hand formed irregular disc shape from giant clam shell Tridacna gigas. Dia. ~210mm

Estimate: $200 - $400


A breast ornament of mother of pearl shell (kina), Papua New Guinea,
asymmetrical crescent-shaped, pierced with suspension holes, bound with shell mounted stringwork necklace. late 19th/early 20thC. Gold lipped pearl shells were highly valued among most of tribal PNG, being traded from the coast to the Highlands where their value was greatly inflated. Private Auckland collection. Ex Tauranga missionary collector, 1950s PNG. W.190mm

Estimate: $300 - $500


A breast ornament of pearl shell (kina), PNG,
symmetrical crescent-shaped, suspended on shell mounted stringwork, late 19th/early 20thC. Private Auckland collection. Ex Tauranga missionary collector, 1950s PNG. W.170mm

Estimate: $300 - $500


A Solomon Island kapkap
the disc of tridacna gigas (giant clam) shell overlaid with a filigree tortoiseshell design of a frigate bird and fish. Minute chips to disc. Dia.120mm

Estimate: $300 - $500


An unusual stone adze blade
Massim region, PNG, curved beak form with ridged scale pattern to the upper surface and lashing heel to the lower side of the bulbous head. L.220mm

Estimate: $300 - $500


A vintage East African Masai tribal antelope hide shield,
oval form with bound curving branch frame, painted in orange/red and black on white, leather bound. H.1100mm.

Estimate: $250 - $350


An African Assegai thrusting spear,
with slender leaf shaped blade on a tapering wooden shaft with plaited wire socket fitting. L.1180mm.

Estimate: $120 - $200


An African knobkerrie,
with long tapering shaft and spherical head. L.790mm

Estimate: $100 - $200


A group of six African cast brass gold weights (abrammuo),
probably Akan people Ghana. Inspired by or for use as weights. Tallest 75mm

Estimate: $200 - $300


An African gold weight, cast brass kori bustard bird shape,
possibly Asante. H.100mm

Estimate: $100 - $200


A shaman's astrological calendar engraved on a water-buffalo rib bone, Batak people, Sumatra, Indonesia,
engraved to both sides, L370mm

Estimate: $100 - $200


A Sumatran warrior's ceremonial armband,
of four raffia bound pig's tusks with an attached small wooden figure Dia.140mm, H.130mm.

Estimate: $100 - $200


An Australian aboriginal hollow log bone coffin (Lorrkan/Larrikitj),
from Central Arnhem Land, painted with totemic snakes and designs in earth pigments on stringy bark wood. Artist unknown. Dia.~180mm, H.1490mm

Estimate: $700 - $1,400


A large and impressive New Zealand nephrite/pounamu water worn 'floater' boulder
showing pale rind and mid/deep green main body tone. Roughly oval form with peaked highlights to the top. Approx. 117 kgs. Note: It takes many 1000's of years of wear to achieve this floater form. Nephrite registers 6 to 6.5 on the moh hardness scale.

Estimate: $12,000 - $15,000


A 20thC Māori hardwood carved taiaha, of plain restrained short form. L.1090mm.

Estimate: $300 - $500


An unusual raukaraka pounamu mere,
named after the fruit of the karaka tree because of the orange colour that the oxidized stone has taken from the earth’s minerals. The butt carved with a koruru profile head. Pierced suspension hole. L.325mm

Estimate: $1,200 - $1,500


A kawakawa pounamu mere,
dark green stone with white flecking, spatula shape with triple ridged butt knob pierced with suspension hole. L.335mm

Estimate: $1,400 - $1,800


A kawakawa pounamu mere,
with diagonal striations of various colour through the stone. L.340mm

Estimate: $1,200 - $1,400


A double-sided pounamu hei tiki,
inanga variety nephrite, modelled with chin tilted to the shoulder, serrated edged paua inlaid ring eyes, hands to thighs. 20thC. H.98mm.

Estimate: $1,400 - $1,600


A contemporary pounamu mere by Malcom Brown
dark kawakawa variety stone. L.300mm

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,200


A well carved 19thC Māori koruru gable mask,
with two pairs of contorted manaia figures forming the topknot, above steeply sloping oval eyes with chiseled circles to hold paua pupils (absent), and open mouth with extended tongue. The back surface with adzed finish. H.635mm. Being assessed for registration.

Estimate: $2,800 - $5,000


A late 20thC Māori carved whale's tooth rei puta pendant
finely detailed with open heart form mouth, paua ring inset eyes. L.105mm.

Estimate: $1,800


A rare and important 19th century American boxing poster promoting the appearance of 'Herbert A. Slade The Māori Champion Heavy Weight Pugilist'
at the 'Opera House', undated other than 'Wednesday evening February 28', probably connected to Slade's exhibition tour of the USA with John L. Sullivan, the Opera House probably the one in Ogden, Utah, a lithograph from a photography by John Wood, New York, printed by H. A. Thomas, New York. This poster hung in Bill's Gay Nineties Restaurant, a New York City landmark, for many years. Age toning and staining, damages professionally restored, framed and glazed, 750 x 560mm. (29½ x 22”). Herbert Augustus Slade (1851-1913), also known as "Māori" Slade was a New Zealand boxer of Irish and Māori descent, who fought many of the leading heavyweights of his era including Joe Coburn, Jem Mace and Charlie Mitchell. He challenged John L. Sullivan for the heavyweight championship of the world at Madison Square Garden, New York, on 6 August 1883. Sullivan won in the third round. Given the issues of race in America at the time it was most unusual for a native person to be allowed to fight for the championship. Indeed, it was the first such match featuring a non-white contender. Slade later went on an exhibition tour with Sullivan and settled in the United States. He died in Utah in 1913. Slade may be considered New Zealand's first international sports personality and has been inducted into the Māori Sports Hall of Fame. See for more details.

Estimate: $8,000 - $10,000


A pair of C.F. Goldie books
'His Life & Painting' and 'Prints, Drawings & Criticism', in original Solander cases, pub Alister Taylor 1979.

Estimate: $500 - $800


Michael O'Donnell (Tarariki Pottery) 'Gingko & the Flying Fish', panel of twenty tiles mounted on board, signed, titled and inscribed. 350 x 1200mm

Estimate: $1,200 - $1,500


A large Crown Lynn swan
matt white, impressed mark and incised #170 to base. W.315mm

Estimate: $350 - $600


A rare 1920's Shimy Bros. art glass Egyptian perfume bottle
the long amber rectangular section bottle enamelled with an historical Egyptian tomb figure. Maker's name to the top and details to the reverse. Shimy Bros. Artistic Perfumes Port-Said, Cairo, Luxor, Egypt.'. The lid with faceted amber glass top above the decorative gilt metal screw fitting with long glass dipper. L.193mm. In original faded velvet fitted box. Note: Both Ahmed Soliman and the Shimy Brothers were the leading Egyptian perfumers who catered to the higher end of the tourist trade. Shimy Brothers perfumes were compounded in Egypt, but the bottles were imported high quality Czechoslovakian crystal in assorted colours.

Estimate: $500 - $700


A WMF Art Nouveau silver plate and glass claret jug
stamped to the handle. H.310mm

Estimate: $280 - $340


A Moorcroft Flamminian vase,
inverted baluster form, in a deep pea green with three tube lined Celtic foliage roundels to the top decorated in blue, signature to base with registration number. (Minute chip to base). 140 x 220mm.

Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000


A Clyne Farquharson crystal vase,
leaf pattern repeating to body, open tapered beaker type form, engraved signature to base. H.200mm.

Estimate: $500 - $800


An Archibald Knox Liberty Tudric pewter biscuit box
stamped marks and # 0237, with stylised leaf and entwined tendril decoration. Twin bar form handles to the lid. 115 x 155 x 122mm.

Estimate: $600 - $1,000


Set of six Waterford crystal whisky glasses
restrained facet cut decoration to the lower body, acid etched mark to base of each. H.100mm.

Estimate: $400 - $600


A set of six Waterford champagne coupes,
in the Sheila pattern.

Estimate: $300 - $500


A set of six Waterford champagne coupes,
in the Shelia pattern.

Estimate: $300 - $500


A large oval Serves porcelain plaque,
decorated with a classical romantic garden scene within a gilt and bleu celeste border, in ebonised wood frame. 300 x 420mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A 19th/20thC German porcelain eight-piece part monkey band
four by Sitzendorf, two by von Schierholz and one Dresden. Some faults. The tallest 140mm.

Estimate: $1,000 - $1,800


An early Frankenthal porcelain figure group after a 1730s design by J.J. Kändler of Count Bruhl's Tailor,
sitting astride a billy-goat, wearing a floral painted and gilded coat, his trade accoutrements about him, including an iron and scissors hanging from the animal's horns and a pincushion on his rump. Crowned blue monogram mark. Restoration to right hand. L.215mm, H.230mm

Estimate: $1,500 - $1,700


A Japanese Meiji period Imari footed bowl,
the interior and exterior decorated with panels of potted flowering plants and birds with medallions of ho-ho (phoenix birds), in traditional Imari tones with gold embellishments, with wooden stand. 250 x 130mm.

Estimate: $150 - $350


A Japanese Meiji period Imari footed bowl,
the interior and exterior decorated with ho-ho (phoenix birds), the centre of the bowl decorated with a kylin and cloud motifs, in pale blue, red, green and gilt embellishments, with wood stand, character mark to base, (chip to rim). 240 x 100mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


A Japanese Meiji period Imari bowl,
the deep footed bowl decorated with floral motifs in traditional Imari colours, scalloped rim, with wooden stand. 250 x 135mm.

Estimate: $200 - $400


Four Japanese Meiji period Imari plates,
the centre decorated with a fishing scene, the border with floral panels, ho-ho birds and stylised dragons, the exterior with Japanese motifs, in traditional Imari tones with rich gilt embellishment, scalloped rim, four-character mark to base. Dia.210mm.

Estimate: $200 - $300


A pair of Japanese Meiji period Imari dishes,
the interior decorated with sacred cranes amongst the foliage, in traditional Imari tones with gilt embellishments, character mark to base. 200 x 120 x 45mm.

Estimate: $100 - $150


A Japanese Meiji period Imari footed bowl,
the interior and exterior decorated with outdoor scenes, panels of flowers and blue and white motifs, in traditional Imari tones with gold embellishments, character mark to base. 250 x 110mm.

Estimate: $150 - $250


A Japanese Meiji period Imari footed bowl,
the interior and exterior decorated in garden scenes, with panels of stylised flowers, in traditional Imari tones, leaf mark to base, with wooden stand. 180 x 90mm.

Estimate: $100 - $150


A pair of Japanese Meiji period Imari footed bowls,
the interior and exterior decorated with panels of floral motifs, precious objects and shishi, in traditional Imari tones with gold embellishments, four-character mark to base. 250 x 95mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A rare and fine Japanese Meiji period bronze moon vase,
Lost wax cast, c.1880, of circular elliptical form with internal hidden cylinder support for vase, together with accompanying adjustable bronze link chain. Dia.370mm.

Estimate: $400 - $800


An impressive Japanese Meiji period Imari lidded urn,
the exterior extensively decorated with chrysanthemums and other flowering plants, with two medallions featuring young Japanese boys playing, in traditional Imari tones and gilt embellishments, chip to interior of lid and small chip to base, with wooden stand. H.500mm.

Estimate: $500 - $1,000


A keyaki wood 'zeni-bako' temple offering box,
from the early Meiji period, with original key.

Estimate: $200 - $400


A 1930s Japanese oak cabinet,
hexagonal with glass doors, for retail of personal seals, later electrified as a lamp. 400 x 700mm.

Estimate: $850 - $1,250


An old Japanese keyaki wood tokobashira post,
from a traditional tea ceremony room, hand carved accentuating the natural knots in smooth decorative relief. 130 x 140 x 1900. Note: The tokobashira post is noted as a 'Unique or aesthetically appealing wooden pillar which is placed on the left side of the tokonoma. A simple, natural but unique look is always sought in the room.' See photo for traditional tea ceremony room elements.

Estimate: $600 - $1,200


An early Japanese figure of the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (Kannon),
carved and pigmented soft wood, seated cross legged with upturned soles, the forearms placed asymmetrically with hands in apana mudra. Scattered distress to paint surface. 570 x 380 x 800mm

Estimate: $800 - $1,600


A Chinese porcelain famille rose vase
ovoid shape with trumpet neck and everted scalloped mouth, exotic dragons form handles to the neck, the body and neck painted with figures from history along with calligraphic inscriptions and panels. H.420mm.

Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000


A Chinese porcelain panel,
a lake and mountain scene with calligraphy to one corner, in ebonised frame suspension hook. 250 x 350mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A provincial Ming bowl,
the small conical bowl decorated with phoenix birds to the interior and exterior in underglaze blue. 155 x 75mm.

Estimate: $300 - $600


A cinnabar lacquer box,
the lid carved with an outdoor garden scene, the sides with floral carvings, scalloped rim, Qianlong mark to base. 310 x 90mm.

Estimate: $1,600 - $1,800


An uncommon early 20thC silver butterfly form trinket / potpourri box
the hinged lid embossed and pierced with florals, raised on four compressed ball feet. Edinburgh 1910 by Hamilton & Inches. 130 x 75 x 48mm.

Estimate: $500 - $700


An Edwardian silver pin cushion, in the form of the gentleman's shoe, the pin cushion lifts to reveal a small cavity beneath, some damage to the cushion, Chest 1910. L.125mm. Original oak base.

Estimate: $300 - $400