A late 18thC Indian tulwar
hand forged, curved, laminated, fullered, single edged with last section forming a double edge spear point kilij style blade. The one piece steel hilt decorated with all-over silver koftgarli of small crosses, saucer shaped disc pommel, dome ended cross guard with knuckle bow. No scabbard. L.890mm.

Realised: $180


An Indian tulwar
with large scimitar blade and typical steel hilt. L.980mm.

Realised: $180


An Indonesian kris
wood scabbard and carved horn handle (some damage).

Estimate: $100


A kris
with straight heavy laminated 15" blade, the scabbard profusely carved including a horse motif, the hilt carved as a crouching figure.

Estimate: $175


A 1900 Javan kris
with serpentine blade, some staining, timoho wood scabbard and hilt, with two small red natural stones to ferrule. Blade L.325mm.

Estimate: $175


A scimitar
with horn hilt and aluminium guard, leather scabbard. L.600mm

Realised: $120


A 19thC Indo-Persian bazu-band (forearm armour)
with tapered curve shaped steel, cloth lined interior, engraved outer face with sun-god face within a circle of radiating lines over a panel of man surrounded by animals, script to the perimeter. Some rings from the chain-mail gauntlet remain along with strap buckles. 380 x 115mm.

Estimate: $280


An Imperial German Artillerie kugelhelm
c.1867-71, black leather with brass ball finial and mounts, FR wappen plate, Reichs kokade to right. Spine and chinstrap absent. No liner.

Realised: $325


A George V military parade sword
Hobson & Sons etched steel blade, chromed scabbard and hilt.

Realised: $400


A Dutch naval officer's dress sword
c.1900, with brass lion head hilt, bullion portapee, in scabbard L.1080mm.

Realised: $400


A military officer's sword
with rayskin grip, no scabbard. L.960mm

Realised: $170


A metal sword scabbard
with one suspension ring. L.880mm.

Realised: $80


An antique .32cal double barrel pocket pistol
joined hexagonal barrels, one folding trigger missing. Endorsed license required.

Realised: $150


A Holloway & Naughton 12 gauge double barrel shotgun
hammer-less, top lever ejector, 30" ribbed game barrels engraved with maker's address, side locks engraved with maker and bold scrolling foliage. Proved for 1¼oz. loads and in working order. Modern compartmentalised case with burgundy baize lining. Firearms licence required.

Realised: $700


An old Australian Aboriginal hardwood bullroarer
of broad flat shape, notched at one end for fibre cord, L.500mm.

Estimate: $100


An old aboriginal Wunda carved wood shield
traditional elongated lozenge form, the front with a wide band of swirling incised ridges, dot-type border, the back with raised integral handle, lineal incised banding. Chipping to one corner. L.740mm.

Estimate: $550


A Pitcairn Island carved wood folk art flying fish
with open mouth, wooden pegged teeth and inlaid eyes. Maker R. Warren. L.400mm, H.200mm.

Realised: $300


A Pitcairn Island miro wood basket
oval form, carved plaited scalloped rim with turned fixed wood handle, made by Fred Christian 1937.170 x 150 x 160mm.

Realised: $1,100


A Fijian ula
20thC, with fluted head. L.510mm

Estimate: $350


A Fijian ula
20thC, with woven wrapped handle. L.510mm

Estimate: $200 - $300


A late 19thC/early 20thC Samoan wooden saw tooth club (nifo'oti)
with long teeth to one side and a single curved hook at the end. L.750mm.

Realised: $60


An old African carved ivory tusk section lamp
the hollow mildly curved tusk section carved in storyboard form with bands of various traditional animals including lions and elephants in relief. The lamp fitting to the turned plain wooden base. Overall H.290mm.

Realised: $240


An old carved ivory tusk section lamp
similar to above.

Realised: $240


An African knobkerrie
the single piece hardwood knob, with four panels of finely woven brass wire grips to shaft. L.670mm.

Realised: $250


An African spatula bladed short sword
with ivory hilt with incised banded decoration. L.460mm

Realised: $190


An African carved ivory female bust tusk section
the traditional African woman with elaborate head-dress. H.365mm.

Realised: $350


A vintage carved Dogon figure
stylised, in kneeling position holding a small figure carved in relief to her front, c.1940s. H.660mm.

Realised: $100


A carved wood house totem
the stylised face and body with headdress, age cracking. 340 x 670mm.

Realised: $100


Two pre-Colombian culture portrait busts
one with elaborate headdress. H.150mm and H.120mm.

Realised: $100


Two terracotta Buddhist portrait busts
H.110 and H.120mm.

Realised: $100


A lithograph from D'Urville's Voyage de L'Astrolabe
plate 44 'La corvette l' Astrolabe tombant tout-à-coup sur des récifs dans la baie de l'Abondance. (Nouvelle -Zélande). 260 x 400mm

Estimate: $400


An early map of New Zealand
1835, from D'Urville's 'Voyage de l'Astrolabe', engraved by Tardieu. 330 x 220mm.

Realised: $160


An early map of New Zealand from Betts's Family Atlas
[John Betts active 1844-1863], the islands labelled New Ulster, New Munster and New Leinster, a nomenclature that coincided with the Irish immigration following the Potato Famine. Foveaux Strait given the alternative name of 'Favourite Strait'. 390 x 310mm.

Realised: $220


An early map of New Zealand
published SPCK, c.1857, with provinces outlined in colour and settlements in red. 395 x 315mm. Some foxing.

Estimate: $150 - $300


A map of New Zealand by J.Rapkin
c.1855, similar to John Tallis' but without the vignettes, coloured in outline. 325 x 240mm

Realised: $120


Two volumes of 'Transactions & Proceedings of the N.Z. Institute
1885 and 1886 by James Hector.

Estimate: $160


The book 'Geology of Canterbury & Westland
N.Z.' by Julius Von Haast 1879, hard cover, ex. library copy.

Estimate: $180


Major Frederick Rice Stack (working 1857-62)
five rare tinted and hand coloured lithographs (from a set of six published in ‘Views in the Province of Auckland’, Day & Son, London, 1862.), each entitled beneath the image,185 x 385mm. 1) 'View of Auckland Harbour, New Zealand Taken During the Regatta of January, 1862 (The Race of The Maori War Canoes)'; 2) 'View of Auckland, New Zealand from the Crater of Mount Eden'; 3) 'View of Auckland, New Zealand from the Lake on the North Shore'; 4) 'View of the Frith (sic) of Thames, Waitemata, Tamaki and Gulf of Hauraki from the Howick Ranges'; 5) 'View of the Wairoa Creek (Pheasant Shooting on the Estate of Alexander Kennedy, Esquire )on the Road Leading to the Wairoa Valley'. Stack a professional soldier served in New Zealand from 1857 until 1862 ranked as Major of Brigade, a staff officer to Governor Wynyard. His view of the Auckland regatta, the first depiction of the celebration and the only contemporary one of 1862 shows the Waitemata from the North Shore. Two warships lie at anchor, the Miranda and the Fawn whilst waka taua race in the foreground. Stack also left a handwritten journal that gave more information about his work. (The) journal says that ‘the very unsettled state of the colony for nearly two years prevented the natives from joining with the Europeans in their amusements’, but ‘native tribe living near Auckland, on the Coromandel coast, was induced to bring their war-canoes and warriors to join with the Pakehas (or White Men)’ in the festivities of January 29th, 1862. The concept of competing for a cash prize, Stack tells us, was foreign to Māori sensibilities. Thus, the canoeists ‘agreed among themselves beforehand that the amount of money gained as the prize was to be equally divided among them, in consideration of the labour endured by each individual in the exertion of his utmost strength’. (O'Brien, B; Glover, K. The Agnes Cup. (accessed on 1 July 2019)

Realised: $1,000


Four framed prints from Buller's Birds
after J.G. Keulemans, 2nd edition, c.1888, including Hawk (kaiaia) and Woodhen (weka). Each 270 x 220mm

Realised: $750


Three c.1900 Maori figure glass lantern slides
includes formal image of a young Maori woman and an extensive family group and three women with cooking baskets in geothermal landscape labelled 'N.Z.' and numbered 3203. Approx. 83 x 83mm ea.

Realised: $100


A 1930/40s New Zealand Maori carved treasure box of rectangular form
all-over decoration, the lid with central stylised mask flanked by radiating panels and script initials 'A F.'. Reputedly the work of an Elam student pre-WWII. 330 x 170 x 115mm.

Realised: $200


A rare model colonial kauri gum chest of drawers
the two drawers with bun handles and hand form pulls, shaped panelled sides, raised on four claw feet, the top with fancy upstand back and oversized turned finials, highlights of cherub and florals encased within panels. 120 x 100 x 190mm. Mounted on original faded velvet plinth with circular ebonised base, under glass dome. Some loses and restoration. Provenance: From the estate of R.K. Garlick (arrived in New Zealand in 1862) who was the owner of one of the first gum trading shops in Fort Street. The Garlicks lived in 'Ferndale'; one of Mt. Albert's stately homes. The Garlick & Lyon gum merchants store established in the 1880s had a 90ft frontage and cost £4,500 to set up.

Estimate: $1,800


An impressive 19thC figured kauri boxed and covered album
'Sketches, Scraps, Ferns & Fancies', the book form outer case with mottled kauri covers and photo set cartouche of a young Maori woman opening to reveal the album with tooled leather spine and figured kauri covers carved with entitlement and applied with leaves and oval cartouche with silver engraved leaf incorporating the scripted initials 'CB', the album of mainly decorative fern displays, many with botanical names together with a portrait photo, other photos including buildings, people, etc., three pages of signatures including Charles Blomfield, Nelson, August 31st 1891, Annie Vaile, Colegrove, Woolley Charles Spurgeon, etc., large format George Valentine photo 'The Great Wairakei Geyser', printed image and list of 'Officers, 1887' pertaining to 'The Auckland Tabernacle Baptist Church', scraps, etc. The album 355 x 280mm.

Estimate: $1,600


A historical Maori kahu kiwi (kiwi feather cloak)
entirely covered with kiwi feathers and highlighted with spotted and orange feathers, all fixed to the finely woven candlewick ground, coloured wool used as border highlights and plaited short lengths at the top corners. 830 x 680mm. Provenance: 'The cloak was said to have been made by the people of Huntly for presentation to the Prince of Wales during the 1920 Tour, The Royal Train did not make its proposed stop so the cloak was never presented. It was gifted to a gentleman in 1956 where it remained until now'. Registered Y20999

Realised: $5,000


Four Anton Teutenberg (1840-1933) Maori decorated pressed copper furniture handles
the pair of shaped oblong plates with bail handles centred with the portrait of a Maori chief, the two door pulls with long escutcheon back plates with conforming decoration. Illustrated 'Teutenberg, A Master Engraver & His Work 2007', Plate LXIX.

Realised: $350


A rare and New Zealand historic 1856 ship's bell from the ship 'Tasmanian Maid'
later commissioned as the gun-boat 'Sandfly' employed during the New Zealand Land Wars, finally reverting back to her original name with later civilian owners. The bell with original period engraved name and date 1856 and gimbal bracket, later clapper and complicated woven rope lanyard. Bell dia.195mm. Note: The Tasmanian Maid, a paddle steamer, built 1856, arrived in Nelson in 1857 to give service as a coastal trader and passenger vessel. With the outbreak of the New Zealand Land Wars at Taranaki the Tasmanian Maid was commandeered by the Colonial Government and renamed Sandfly, she was converted to a gunboat with two 12 pounder Armstrong guns added. She was used for the transporting of troops, refugees, supplies and other military duties. She also gave service during conflict in the blockade of the Firth of Thames and the Tauranga campaign, where she is recorded as firing her guns. In 1861 she was released from military service, renamed Tasmanian Maid, and returned to the Nelson area. In 1868 she struck rocks off the Sugarloaves, off the Taranaki coast and sank. It is convention that the bell at launching stays with the ship and does not change with a change of name. Further details available together with photograph copy of a sketch of the ‘Sandfly’ taken from a sketch book of Edward Arthur Williams held by the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.

Realised: $5,000


A vintage hand coloured photograph
U.S.M.Co - Devonport Ferry, Takapuna, Milford bus. In original oak frame. 290 x 365mm.

Realised: $120


Seven early 20thC photographic images of N.Z. alpine scenes
includes six photo postcards of Mt Cook, Tasman Glacier, etc., the central photo of The Hermitage, all in common oak frame.

Estimate: $100 - $160


The booklet 'Why the All Blacks Triumphed'
- A Daily Mail Story of the 1905 All Blacks Tour of the U.K. by J.A. Buttery, published by The Daily Mail, London, 1906. A very rare publication covering the All Blacks winning of every game except the single loss of 3-0 to Wales in disputed circumstances. The cover absent, now with brown paper cover enclosing the 102 black and white printed pages.

Estimate: $280


A rare ‘N.Z. 'All Blacks' 1924’ vintage photographic team postcard with signatures
the front with team image, each named below, the reverse with 30 individual ink signatures including Morris Brownlie, Cyril Brownlie (the first man to be sent off in a Test Match), Cliff Porter (Captain), George Nepia (fullback, one of the stars of the tour playing in all 32 games and scoring 77 points), Bert Cooke, Mark Nicholls (top point scorer) and others including the Tour Manager, S.S. Dean. Note: The 1924-25 All Blacks team that toured Britain, Ireland and France were known as The Invincibles after it won all 32 of its games overseas. the team scoring 838 points and conceding only 116. 88 x 140mm. Provenance: Gifted to our vendor's father, a Dunedin resident, (mountain climber, gymnast and bank manager) by 'the mother of one of the All Blacks from that team.’

Estimate: $1,200


A 1981 'The Springbok Tour' poster
'To All Police Officers: ...', detailing respect for the way the N.Z. Police officers conducted themselves during the tour and detailing 'At the last test in Auckland you will be confronted by people who will be anxious - many of them desperate - to provoke you to actions unworthy...don't let them!' Presentation inscribed in pen. 505 x 405mm.

Realised: $140


A good New Zealand inlaid woods box
rectangular form with banded and panelled inlay including burr totara, rewarewa and paua; blue silk lining. 260 x 180 x 95mm

Estimate: $350


A vintage Feltex picture rug
'Auckland Harbour Bridge', woven in colours with image of bridge and landscape, coat-of-arms bottom left and tiki images to the top corners. 670 x 1300mm.

Realised: $400


Len Castle branch pot
press moulded stoneware with saturated iron under-glaze with rutile overglaze, swollen sides, the darker glaze pooling at the rectangular top rim, impressed mark c.1960s. H.440mm.

Realised: $2,200


Len Castle large stoneware square section bottle vase
the striking dark tenmoku glaze with dark red/brown highlighting the shoulders, impressed mark to base, under glaze. H.415mm. Provenance: the collection of Ron Sang. Illustrated Len Castle Potter 2002 by Sang Architects and Company Ltd, pages 210 and 212.

Realised: $2,200


Len Castle flared bowl
1960s, ribbed exterior, good dark tenmoku glaze with golden iron spotted highlights. Early impressed mark. Dia.340mm.

Estimate: $600


Len Castle early square section stoneware bottle vase
the pale grey glaze with iron spotted highlights, darker at the edges, early impressed mark. Small flake chip at corner. H.295mm.

Estimate: $1,100


Len Castle Crum Brickworks early salt glazed stoneware beer flagon
lustrous dark golden tones from the Manganese slip, finely modelled top and strap handle. Impressed potter's mark. H.270mm. Illustrated: Len Castle, Making the Molecules Dance, Lopdell House Gallery, page 126.

Realised: $1,200


Len Castle Crum Brickworks salt glazed vase
the ovoid body with ring neck, two salt gems (drips) highlight the shoulder, early impressed mark. H.230mm.

Estimate: $750


Len Castle swollen ovoid shino glazed flask
strap handle, ball stopper, glowing red/brown glazed shoulder. Impressed mark. H.300mm.

Realised: $900


Len Castle ovoid vase
c.1950s, pale thick glaze with dark encircling bands and spotted highlights, early impressed potter's mark. Hole drilled to base for lamp cord. H.204mm.

Realised: $300


Len Castle large stoneware brush pot
the cylinder body with a wide band of incised ribbed decoration, variable ash glaze. Impressed mark. H.295mm.

Realised: $400


Len Castle large ovoid flask
two-thirds glazed with black tenmoku showing golden speckled highlights, strap handle, impressed early mark c.1960s. Very small flake chip to rim. H.322mm.

Realised: $300


Len Castle stoneware hanging form oval sculpture
multiple raised domes to the concave centre, open sections, umber rubbed, impressed mark. L. 375mm.

Estimate: $350


Len Castle bowl
the tenmoku glaze with chun overglaze to the well, unglazed ring foot, an impressed early potter's mark to base. Dia.295mm.

Realised: $350


Five Len Castle spice pots
the two larger named 'Bay Leaves' and 'Ginger', three smaller, each with tenmoko glaze to the body, pale grey to the shoulder, cork stoppers, four double marked for Len Castle and Andrew Van der Putten.

Estimate: $150


Six Len Castle various spice pots
three with grey over tenmoko, each with impressed potter's mark.

Estimate: $180


Karen van der Sluis
square bottle vase, with dark tenmoku glaze, incised mark to base. H.350mm.

Estimate: $140


Crewenna Pottery large ale jug
the tenmoku ground with wax resist curving leaf design, strap handle, unmarked. H.335mm.

Estimate: $250


Crewenna Pottery flagon
dark tenmoku glaze with stylised decoration in lustrous dark red/brown tones, turned wooden topped cork stopper and tap. Potter's mark to base of strap handle. H.320mm.

Estimate: $200


Mike O'Donnell (Taraiki Pottery) 'House of Manu'
salt glazed stoneware three-piece sculpture, the 'House' with stylised bird form to the roof apex, inscribed roof, the end with pierced cross and lower opening with koru impressed decoration, the two flanking doorway forms with stylised open winged birds to the top, each incorporating a large sculpted volute scroll on repeating shell impressed textured ground, heavy salt glazed effects in part. The house 330 x 340 x 355mm, the doorway's H.420mm.

Estimate: $2,200 - $2,800


Roy Cowan large winged floor pot
slab built with pale iron spotted glaze, the open flat top rim and winged handles with lustrous red/brown glaze, ribbed construction evident to the interior. Small chip to bottom corner of one wing. H.700mm, W.685mm.

Estimate: $1,800


Crown Lynn Frank Carpay Handwerk vase
ovoid form with lavender swirls and encircling blue bands, on a cream ground, Tiki mark and HANDWERK to base. Tiny frit to base. 170 x 220mm.

Realised: $600


Crown Lynn Frank Carpay Handwerk vase
ovoid form with repeat scalloped scale pattern in black on a white ground, Tiki mark and WERK to the base, repair to rim. 170 x 190mm.

Realised: $625


A pair of early Crown Lynn stylised polar bear bookends
green glaze, printed mark and incised fractional number to base. Ex Helen Slater collection. H.100mm.

Realised: $450


A large Crown Lynn white swan
impressed mark and number to base, hairline crack to base. L.310mm

Realised: $170


A Crown Lynn earthenware Expo '70 table dish of oblong shape
designed by Dave Jenkin, (Maori motifs Legend of Maui) in pale grey and black on a cream ground. Printed marks. L.305, W.185mm.

Realised: $375


Barry Brickell
a large chalice, with deep bowl raised on conical base, impressed mark. H.330mm

Realised: $300


Andrew van der Putten pottery flask
ovoid form, the top with rich dark khaki green glaze, strap handle with maker's mark at the base. H.310mm.

Realised: $80


Anneke Borren tall lustrous brown vase
stoneware, the dark glaze with black brushed decoration, waisted form, potters mark to base, made 2009. H.315mm.

Estimate: $120


An early Doreen Blumhardt slab vase
poured glaze and iron sand highlights, rolled rim, impressed potters mark to base, c.1970's.

Realised: $200


Peter Stichbury large flared pottery bowl
the chun type glaze with pale grey effects to the interior over tenmoku, impressed potter's mark to foot, the bowl slightly elliptical. Approx. Dia.330mm.

Estimate: $100


An unknown N.Z. studio pottery large shallow bowl
glazed in an island landscape design on dark tenmoku ground, impressed potter's mark 'S'. Dia.363mm.

Estimate: $75


A Jane Brenkley carved box
the exterior carved and painted with roses, the interior lined with wallpaper, photos and the usual carved verse and picture to the lid, signed and dated 1955. 330 x 210 x 150mm.

Realised: $500


A Jane Brenkley carved box
the exterior carved and painted with roses, the interior lined with paper, photos and the usual carved verse and picture to the lid, signed and dated 1955. 265 x 215 x 180mm.

Realised: $480


A Rik Land bronze sculpture
woman kneeling, 2/35, signed and dated to base. L.340mm.

Realised: $800


A small bronze Tyrannosaurus Rex by Terry Keenan
a NZ sculptor who worked in the 1970s and 1980s. 140 x 210mm.

Realised: $160


A bronze Maori fishhook
held by a mythical being, by Terry Keenan. 60 x 110mm.

Realised: $140


A bronze kiwi sculpture
walking with a mythical figure, by Terry Keenan. L.130mm.

Realised: $100


A bronze rat
by Terry Keenan. H.60mm.

Realised: $70


A bronze rat
by Terry Keenan. 40 x 50mm.

Realised: $130


A bronze snail
by Terry Keenan. L.80mm.

Realised: $120


New Zealand/Pacific artist unknown
double portrait carved sandstone bust, the two women with long hair, heads together in loving pose. 480 x 210 x 320mm. Possibly the work of Iosefa Tupuana’i Leo (1963-2014) was born in Samoa and taught himself to carve while living in Auckland in the 1980s.

Realised: $350


Peter Viesnik paperweight
from the Sea Garden series, signed and dated.

Realised: $80


Peter Viesnik paperweight
signed and dated to base.

Estimate: $50


A Garry Nash hand blown art glass vase
flattened teardrop shape, emerald green overlaid included yellow stripes and white splashes near the foot and neck. Unsigned, c.1999. Ex. The maker’s family collection. H.295mm.

Realised: $250


Garry Nash art glass volcanic type series lava vase
tall flattened ovoid form with yellow lipped rim, signed and date matt crackle red exterior with yellow highlights, dated '98 to base. H.315mm.

Realised: $250


A Hoglund glass vase
decorated in iridescent peacock blues, marked at base. 150 x 120mm.

Estimate: $90


A large WMF silver plated centrepiece vase
mounted with a three dimensional figure of a woman in Grecian dress to the swollen base. With original glass liner. H.490mm. Provenance: The Estate of Emeritus Professor Brian Coote CBE, FRSNZ (1929 - 2019)

Realised: $750


A WMF Jugendstil copper vase
shouldered tapering shape, hammer finish and overlaid with four stylized stems of laurel leaves and berries running from the shoulder to the flaring foot. H.390mm. Provenance: The Estate of Emeritus Professor Brian Coote CBE, FRSNZ (1929 - 2019)

Realised: $325